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Achill & Corraun Area , NW: Croaghaun Subarea
Feature count in area: 16, all in Mayo, OSI/LPS Maps: 22, 30, CBW, EW-ACC, EW-ACC
Highest Place: Croaghaun 688m

Starting Places (16) in area Achill & Corraun:
Achillbeg Island, Achillbeg Mid West Beach, Barneygappul Strand, Belfarsad Bridge, Breanaskill, Bunanioo Church, Cartron River, Clare Island, Doogort Beach, Fiodián na Circe, Keem Bay, Lough Acorrymore, Lough Gall, Minaun Mast, Rossnafinna Island, Tobercolman Cross Cemetery

Summits & other features in area Achill & Corraun:
Cen: Minaun: Minaun (Achill Island) 466m
N: Slievemore: Krinnuck (Achill Island) 214m, Slievemore (Achill Island) 671m
NW: Croaghaun: Benmore (Achill Island) 332m, Cornaclea Hill (Achill Island) 269m, Croaghaun (Achill Island) 688m, Croaghaun SW Top (Achill Island) 664m
S: Knockmore Achill: Achillbeg Island N Top (Achillbeg Island) 109.7m, Achillbeg Island S Top (Achillbeg Island) 108.5m, Knockmore (Achill Island) 337m, Tievereivagh (Achill Island) 286m
SE: Corraun: Knocklettragh 452m, Corraun Hill 524m, Corraun Hill Highpoint 541m
SW: Clare Island: Knockmore (Clare Island) 462m, Knocknaveen (Clare Island) 223m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Croaghaun SW Top, 664m Mountain Cruachán (mullach thiar theas) A name in Irish,
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For origin of name, see Croaghaun., Mayo County in Connacht province, in Arderin, Vandeleur-Lynam, Irish Best Hundred Lists, Croaghaun SW Top is the third highest mountain in the Achill & Corraun area and the 172nd highest in Ireland. Croaghaun SW Top is the second most westerly summit in the Achill & Corraun area.
Reachable "On Foot " Y
Grid Reference F55360 05842, OS 1:50k mapsheet 22/30
Place visited by: 298 members, recently by: keith.dillon, benjimann9, rhw, knightsonhikes, taramatthews, orlaithfitz, Carolineswalsh, AndyJ123, SeanPurcell, ToughSoles, Kaszmirek78, Timmy.Mullen, JohnHoare, Krzysztof_K, bagoff , Island visited by 558 members.
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Longitude: -10.205626, Latitude: 53.98169, Easting: 55360, Northing: 305842, Prominence: 39m,  Isolation: 0.7km
ITM: 455337 805855
Bedrock type: Quartz pebble conglomerate and schists, (Keem Conglomerate Formation)
Notes on name: This is a lower top just 600m W of Croaghaun itself. A little caution is required on the summit in poor visibility due to the precipice to the N. Offshore winds, which can blow walkers towards or even over the cliffs, are not unknown here.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: CrghSW, 10 char: CrghnSWTp

Gallery for Croaghaun SW Top (Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)) and surrounds
Summary for Croaghaun SW Top (Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)): A cliff-top perch
Summary created by Harry Goodman, scapania 2011-10-20 10:47:14
   picture about Croaghaun SW Top (<em>Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Croaghan SW Top from Croaghan summit. Achill Head background right.
Park at the end of the road at beautiful Keem strand (A (F560 042)) and head up the steep slope west and then SSE to the cliff edge on Moyteoge Head around B (F557 037). Once there it is worthwhile walking about 200m SE to the old signal station at Pt 198, for the sweeping view around the S and W coast of Achill. Follow the rough track along NW for about 1.5k to C (F545 048), enjoying the views. From here, if you have a good head for heights and plenty of time, a detour can be made out to rugged Achill head to the west, otherwise, head down NE to the broad col with Croaghaun D (F547 050) past two small loughs and then go very steeply up heathery slopes to reach the south west top, from where the ground opens up in front of you to reveal the ocean far below. Return by way of ascent or more likely, having done the hard work, contour NE around the high rim of the almost sheer NW face for about 600m with little ascent to the top of Croaghan. Take particular care in windy or misty conditions. Return by way of ascent down to the col and follow the stream back down SE past Pt 194 (E (F549 048)) to the starting point on Keem Strand.
Member Comments for Croaghaun SW Top (Cruachán (mullach thiar theas))
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   picture about Croaghaun SW Top (<em>Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Ghostly face on Croghaun SW Top
wicklore on Croaghaun SW Top
by wicklore 23 Mar 2009
This is Croghaun SW Top in all its glory. It is a very worthy climb with spectacular views east over Achill and beyond, and west almost to New York. (I said almost!) Plus there is the added bonus of being on the only summit in Ireland with a giant ghostly face on its seaward facing cliffs. (Or is it just me that sees it?) Linkback:
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   picture about Croaghaun SW Top (<em>Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Serenity
wicklore on Croaghaun SW Top
by wicklore 23 Mar 2009
If lucky enough to be on Croghaun SW Top on a good day the views south and south east are spectacular. On the left are the cliffs of Minaun with Croagh Patrick in the distance beyond. On the right is Knockmore on Clare Island, and further back is the Mweelrea range on the right with the Sheeffry's to the left. Croghaun could indeed be a candidate for a remote and isolated mountain-however the sprawl of holiday homes in Keel and around Achill Island are visible to the east taking away somewhat from the remote feeling. Also there was a constant stream of jet trails in the sky as this must be a major route for cross-Atlantic air traffic. But don't despair-just don't look up or to the east! Linkback:
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   picture about Croaghaun SW Top (<em>Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Summit of Croghaun SW Top
wicklore on Croaghaun SW Top
by wicklore 23 Mar 2009
The question has been asked if Croghaun SW Top really qualifies as a separate summit. I can tell you that after the steep climb up to it, and with a drop of 664 metres to the sea below just feet away it certainly felt like a seperate summit. From Croghaun or Achill Head it appears to be pyramid-shaped. My photo shows a close-up of the bulbous summit. Be warned-a steady easterly wind blows here, even during the excellent weather last Thursday. This easterly wind will easily help unwary walkers over the edge to oblivion. I would certainly classify this as a separate summit, albeit an easy to reach offshoot of the main Croghaun summit. Linkback:
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   picture about Croaghaun SW Top (<em>Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Croaghaun
gerrym on Croaghaun SW Top
by gerrym 28 Aug 2007
As with most others I started this walk from the carpark at Keem, the road to here has to be mentioned for its unhindered drops to the sea below. From the ample carpark at the blue flag beach a 20 minute climb reaches the old signal tower at the start of a long line of cliffs ending in Achill Head. From here there are unending views over the Atlantic, to the big hills of Connemara (Mweelra, Sheffrey Hills and Twelve Bens) and the Nephin Begs and cliffs of Menawn. Ahead there is 3 km of cliffs jutting skyward, with the sound of the waves pounding below and the wind howling atop the ridge. On reaching Achill Hill it looked a promising side trip, but not in the wind today, another time definitely. Drop steeply downhill to cross a stream not far above sea level - the climb ahead taunting all the while have been dropping and it has been rising. Fascinating sitting watching the Atantic swell here as it drops and rises about 2-3 metres against the rocks, exploding into white spray.
After the stream the ascent of Croagaun begins on grassy slopes. The wind was really howling and i found it difficult to walk upright at times - out to sea the wind lifted spray from the crests of waves high into the air. Pass a large isolated boulder and the ground changes in character, becoming more rocky. Great perspective of Achill Head from this height. Views out to a small island with a light house which is just off the map so i don't know its name. There is a level area before a short rise to the SW top and the cliffs of Croagaun come into full spectacular view. From the clear top earlier in the day cloud was now floating around the summits. The views are fantastic, especially 2000 ft down to the Atlantic below, although i nearly had to lie down to peer over the edge in the wind. Continued on to the summit itself. Linkback:
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   picture about Croaghaun SW Top (<em>Cruachán (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
skyehigh on Croaghaun SW Top
by skyehigh 21 Mar 2005
Surely this is some of the most spectacular coastline anywhere? Linkback:
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