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Welcome to MountainViews
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Credits and Acknowledgements

Lists of the summits, islands and coastal features for Ireland.

These lists are currently maintained by MountainViews, the group of people who have come together to develop the MountainViews service.
The list in use started with various sources such as

  • The 600m Summits of Ireland 2001 (from Joss Lynam, created from earlier lists which had the cooperation of Rev CRP Vandeleur)
  • The 500-Metre Tops of Ireland Michael Dewey and Myrddyn Phillips
  • The 400-Metre Tops of Ireland Myrddyn Phillips
  • The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland E. D. 'Clem' Clements
  • The Irish HuMPS (For Binnion data) Jim Bloomer
  • Oileáin - the Irish Islands Guide David Walsh
  • The Database of British and Irish Hills (for British data)
Extensive revision and extra data has been accepted from many people including Brian Ringland, Paul Donnelly, Simon Stewart, John FitzGerald, Paul Tempan, Denise Jacques, Colin Dalton, Brendan O'Reilly, Mark Brennan, Peter Walker, Gary Smith, Bryan McCabe, Pat Healy, David Walsh, David Purchase.

Place Names.

Irish forms of mountain names were originally compiled by Paul Tempan, along with translations and notes on the summits and their names (2004-). This work is ongoing, including extensive revisions in 2020. The main sources for names are Ordnance Survey maps (OSI and OSNI/LPS) and the databases of An Brainse Logainmneacha / The Placenames Branch and of the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project. Others are gathered from place-name surveys (see article in Resources), and some are the result of original research by Paul Tempan

From November 2014 an enhanced system "Propose Place Database Change" was introduced allowing users to propose changes to the database of summits that MountainViews holds. Changes can be proposed to over 30 fields ranging from names to mountain area to geology. As of August 2015 over 150 changes had been proposed with most accepted. In May 2017 some 549 islands were added sourced from Oileáin by David Walsh.


The creation of pronunciation files in English and Irish, currently for places such as summits, has been organised by Paul Tempan from 2020. The files have been created by people including: Hannah Ní Shearcaigh (Kerry).

Further information.

Popularity information as of 2012 is based on the over 1400 people using MountainViews to record what summits they have climbed. (2002-)
Mountain rating information as of 2012 is based on around 8000 ratings of summits (in seven categories) by MountainViews members. (2002-). Position information is continuously being revised by the online GPS measurement system.(2004-)
For some summits positions and heights have been determined to .1m using differential GPS for which thanks to John FitzGerald, Martin Critchley and Simon Stewart.

List Definitions. offers a family of lists of differing degrees of challenge.

Easier Challenges
The "County Highpoints" list includes the 27 County Highpoints of Ireland, not all of which are summits.
The "100 Local" list includes the first 100 summits we list nearest to where you have told us your location is. The purpose of this is to provide a list whose completion requires less travelling.
The "Highest Hundred" list includes summits with a prominence at minimum of 100m and has been introduced to give a height based list, not too long, with a spread of locations for Ireland.
The "100 Rated" uses information from each of thousands of individual rating entries provided by members to rank summits and provide a unique and hopefully useful selection.

Harder Challenges
The "Vandeleur-Lynam" list includes those summits of at least 600m with a prominence of 15m. Its definition follows the practice of and agreement with the late Joss Lynam.
The "Arderins" list includes those summits of at least 500m with a prominence of 30m. The name Arderin was chosen as a representative member of these summits, near the centre of the island of Ireland and whose name means Height of Ireland. Some summits are both Vandeleur-Lynams and Arderins.
The "Arderin Begs" list includes those summits of at least 500m with a prominence of between 15 and less than 30m.
The "Carns" list includes those summits of at least 400 but less than 500m in height with a prominence of 30m.
The "Binnions" list includes those summits under 400m with a prominence of at least 150m.

Other lists
The "900m" list has the same summits as a 3000 footer list, the height of the Scottish Munros (3000 foot= 914.4m). This list is short and oddly bunched in one main area in Ireland with no summits north or west of Wicklow and is included for historical interest as it doesn't make much of a long-term challenge or interesting agenda.

All lists can be sorted by any of their fields such as "height" or "popularity". For most of the height based lists it is possible to further select by area.

For analytical tools for viewing lists see the Resources | Listings section.

As of May 2017 a basic list handling islands has been introduced. However this has various ambiguities which will be improved in time. Records of islands or island highpoints logged as being visited will be retained. Site Development.

Mountain Views is an online service developed by Simon Stewart (website: Hillwalking in Ireland) and others using data from a variety of sources. The software is copyright Simon Stewart and was developed with open source tools starting from the launch in June 2002.  Help from Eoin O'Sullivan is greatfully acknowledged. Additional data about map boundaries came from Tom of Megalithomania.
Digital elevation data used to construct the topographical maps ("SRTM data") came from a NASA shuttle mission of 2000.
The derivation of heights from SRTM data was made available by Bob Osola, see
Some graphing is done using JpGraph, see
From spring 2017 Vanush "Misha" Paturyan has actively assisted in the maintenance of the server and associated software that MountainViews uses.

Map credits

Mapping data for roads, placenames and water features was supplied by Ordnance Survey Ireland. This material is copyright Ordnance Survey Ireland and we would ask you to respect this copyright. We would like to thank Hugh Mangan of Ordnance Survey for helping us obtain this mapping in 2005 and a number of people for access to MapGenie from 2011 onwards including Brian Madden, Tony Murphy and Aoife Shinners of OSi.

We also thank the Open Street Map community for their huge assistance.

Relief shading derived from CIAT-CSI SRTM (zoom levels 0-7): Users are prohibited from any commercial, non-free resale, or redistribution without explicit written permission from CIAT. Original data by Jarvis A., H.I. Reuter, A. Nelson, E. Guevara, 2008, Hole-filled seamless SRTM data V4, International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), available from
Relief shading derived from ASTER GDEM (zoom levels 8-18): ASTER GDEM is a product of METI and NASA'.
Geological information about bedrock at summits for Ireland. Original sources: Geological Survey of Ireland, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland. Compilation: Brendan O'Reilly.


As of Jan 2020 around 1300 have contributed to MountainViews. There are some nearly 10,000 mountain comments, 3000+ GPS tracks, and over 6000 photos etc.  Thanks to all!

Contributors are acknowledged individually under "Community | Contributors Hall of Fame";
Should you have almost any skill relevant to website design and development do get in touch. No committment. For a chat contact at admin -at- We would love to hear from you.