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Glenbeigh Horseshoe Area , Cen: Glenbeigh Horseshoe Subarea
Feature count in area: 20, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 70, 78, 83, EW-R
Highest Place: Coomacarrea 772m

Starting Places (24) in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Ballaghasheen Coilte, Ballaghasheen Pass Viewpoint, Cahernaman, Caunoge Boreen, Cloon Lough NE, Cloon Lough SE, Coolnahornan Bridge, Coomaclarig Bridge, Coomaglaslaw Outflow, Coomasaharn Lake, Coosatemple Cove, Coulagh Bridge Road, Drung Hill Layby, Gleensk Forest, Gleensk Viaduct, Glenbeigh Village, Lissatinnig Bridge Boreen, Lough Brista Wood, Lough Cappanlea OEC, Lough Caragh SW, River Behy Road, River Ferta Source, River Owroe Source, Roads Lough

Summits & other features in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Cen: Glenbeigh Horseshoe: Been Hill 651m, Beenmore 660m, Beenreagh 495m, Coomacarrea 772m, Drung Hill 640m, Keamconneragh 593m, Macklaun 607m, Meenteog 715m, Mullaghnarakill 665m, Teeromoyle Mountain 760m
N: Glenbeigh: Callahaniska 219m, Coolroe 414m, Curra Hill 275m, Seefin 493m
S: Caunoge: Caunoge 502m
S: Knocknagapple: Colly 679m, Knocknagapple 466m, Knocknagapple NW Top 458m, Meenteog South-East Top 565m
W: Mount Foley: Mount Foley 355m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Beenreagh, 495m Hill An Bhinn Riabhach A name in Irish,
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poss. Ir. An Bhinn Riabhach [PDT], 'the brindled peak', Kerry County in Munster province, in Carn Lists, Beenreagh is the 583rd highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference V66091 85374, OS 1:50k mapsheet 83
Place visited by: 55 members, recently by: Krzysztof_K, chelman7, bryanmccabe, Grumbler, annem, John.geary, Bissboy, Fergalh, marcel, eamonoc, tsheehy, FrankMc1964, David-Guenot, nolanlyn, dodser
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Longitude: -9.950756, Latitude: 52.004751, Easting: 66091, Northing: 85374, Prominence: 100m,  Isolation: 1.7km
ITM: 466070 585433
Bedrock type: Purple mudstone & siltstone, (Valentia Slate Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Bnrgh, 10 char: Beenreagh

Gallery for Beenreagh (An Bhinn Riabhach) and surrounds
Summary for Beenreagh (An Bhinn Riabhach): A fine hill with an impressive rocky summit
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2013-06-04 16:59:40
   picture about Beenreagh (<em>An Bhinn Riabhach</em>)
Picture: The Glenbeigh Horseshoe from Beenreagh
Park at Behy RvRd (V645 863), where there is just room to squeeze one car on the grassy verge. Go through gate and proceed SSE along the track for 1km tot he end of the track, then head SE across the mostly flat open countryside, the going underfoot marshy in places. After about 600m you will reach more sharply rising terrain at A (V652 852). Turn east and head directly up the slope, which is mostly low heather, slippery in places. After 1 km you will reach the summit, which is marked by a long, narrow rocky ridge.
Member Comments for Beenreagh (An Bhinn Riabhach)

   picture about Beenreagh (<em>An Bhinn Riabhach</em>)
Picture: The view from Beenreagh
Hill with a view
by kernowclimber 20 Jun 2014
On a fine day, the view from Beenreagh offers a stunning panorama. Lots of people skip this top when tackling the classic Glenbeigh Horseshoe route. But to do so is to miss out on a summit that offers more than just great views, for the long, rocky ridge resembling a Stegosaurus' back, provides some grand scrambling opportunities. We came at this top from Coolroe and then tacked the entire Horseshoe. A video of the entire route can be seen at: Linkback:
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Wet Summer walking in Glenbeigh
by Geo 26 Aug 2012
This summit perhaps may not be climbed as part of a classic horseshoe walk around Glenbeigh, but when you have a group of six walkers, of whom three are avid MV list tickers, it's very hard to ignore! We parked to the left of the boreen leading to Coomasaharn lake at B (V63868 85530) where there is a piece of open waste ground, easily identified by a large yellow timber disc in the middle (for all the world making it look like an unfinished roundabout!)
When the cars were safely locked up we walked back the boreen about 400m NE crossing the river Behy in the process, then took a very rough and extremely waterlogged track South. Our plan was either to tackle Knocknaman, Macklaun or Beenreagh first on our way to Meenteog and we chose the latter as the weather looked promising.
When the track peters out it's a matter of carefully picking one's steps SE across the boggy valley bottom which rises gently then steeply bringing one to the top in a little over an hour in our experience.
From here we took off South to Macklaun as the so-far promising morning turned into a howling squall from the NW which lasted til we were the far side of Meenteog on the col to Coomacarrea. Linkback:
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   picture about Beenreagh (<em>An Bhinn Riabhach</em>)
Picture: The ridge of Beenreagh.
simon3 on Beenreagh
by simon3 9 Jan 2009
Beenreagh is a high ridge some 1.6km long, itself in the middle of the sinuous ridge leaving the Glenbeigh horseshoe through Macklaun and finishing near Glenbeigh at Seefin.

It has a series of rock outcrops of which the most interesting and well worth a look and a scramble is the summit, made of broken slabs. While you are at the summit there you may think that the outcrop 160m NE is a bit higher. According to my GPS measurements however it was about 3m lower.

Our photo shows the long bumpy ridge of the top from the slopes of Macklaun. The summit is left of centre above the wall. In the back ground over Dingle Bay is a wonderful view of the western Slieve Mishes. Starting from the right, in mist is Baurtregaum then Caherconree then the lower summit of of Lack Mountain, then above the summit of Beenreagh, the summits of Moanlaur and Knockmore. Linkback:
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