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Glenbeigh Horseshoe Area , N: Glenbeigh Subarea
Feature count in area: 20, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 70, 78, 83, EW-R
Highest Place: Coomacarrea 772m

Starting Places (24) in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Ballaghasheen Coilte, Ballaghasheen Pass Viewpoint, Cahernaman, Caunoge Boreen, Cloon Lough NE, Cloon Lough SE, Coolnahornan Bridge, Coomaclarig Bridge, Coomaglaslaw Outflow, Coomasaharn Lake, Coosatemple Cove, Coulagh Bridge Road, Drung Hill Layby, Gleensk Forest, Gleensk Viaduct, Glenbeigh Village, Lissatinnig Bridge Boreen, Lough Brista Wood, Lough Cappanlea OEC, Lough Caragh SW, River Behy Road, River Ferta Source, River Owroe Source, Roads Lough

Summits & other features in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Cen: Glenbeigh Horseshoe: Been Hill 651m, Beenmore 660m, Beenreagh 495m, Coomacarrea 772m, Drung Hill 640m, Keamconneragh 593m, Macklaun 607m, Meenteog 715m, Mullaghnarakill 665m, Teeromoyle Mountain 760m
N: Glenbeigh: Callahaniska 219m, Coolroe 414m, Curra Hill 275m, Seefin 493m
S: Caunoge: Caunoge 502m
S: Knocknagapple: Colly 679m, Knocknagapple 466m, Knocknagapple NW Top 458m, Meenteog South-East Top 565m
W: Mount Foley: Mount Foley 355m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Curra Hill, 275m Hill
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, Kerry County in Munster province, in Binnion Lists, Curra Hill is the 1223th highest place in Ireland. Curra Hill is the second most northerly summit in the Glenbeigh Horseshoe area.
Grid Reference V65433 90354, OS 1:50k mapsheet 78
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Longitude: -9.962317, Latitude: 52.049284, Easting: 65433, Northing: 90354, Prominence: 170m,  Isolation: 2.7km
ITM: 465410 590408
Bedrock type: Purple sandstone & siltstone, (Ballinskelligs Sandstone Formation)
Notes on name: Laghtshee is the name of a burial cairn near the eastern end of this hill. This name is misspelt Faghtshee on the Discovery map. A height near the western end is named Stookaniller. The true summit is unnamed on maps but is locally known as Curra Hill.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: CrH275, 10 char: Curra Hill

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gearoidmurphy on Curra Hill
by gearoidmurphy 11 Jan 2009
This known locally as Curra Hill is a pleasant hillwalk with views of Dingle Bay and the mountains of the Coomasaharn horseshoe. There are 3 starting points the first is a small track off the Kerry way path in Glenbeigh wood (A (V663 908)) heading uphill in a westerly direction. This uphill section can be quite slippery underfoot in wet weather especially the forest and rocky areas below faghtsee so care should be taken. The rest of the walk is straightfoward following a narrow sheep track along, passing the Laghtsee cairn on your left after the slope levels out, to gain the spot heights of 275, 274 and 261. The area of final spot height is used by paragliders and hangliders during the summer to launch off the mountain. Descent is easy following a the large dirt road beside the final spot height to meet the small tarmac road at (B (V638 898)) This walk takes approx 2-3hrs at easy walk pace including the roadwalks to get from the starting to finishing point . The second route is the reverse of the first. The third route is a new one starting on the north side of the mountain at (C (V651 909)). Heading from Glenbeigh village down to Rossbeigh enter a field via gate just beyond Barrviewlodge B&B. Walk to the top right corner of this small field and you should see another gate with a path heading in a easterly direction (Please fasten the gates after you and don't bring dogs up here as this mountain is grazed by sheep). Head along this path around 150m until you reach a disused quarry. Just beyond this quarry is a newly installed metal footbridge which allows hillwalkers to access the mountain. It crosses a stream at (D (V653 909)). After crossing the bridge head up hill to gain 275 spot height. Descend by either through the forest path or the paragliders track. Linkback:
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   picture about Curra Hill
Picture: Near the summit
Cloudy Climb
by andreos97 27 Jan 2018
Fantastic walk, personally feel it's best starting your approach from Glenbeigh village and heading up through the forest (A (V663 908)) as it's quite well signposted. Once leaving the cover of the trees, we were very open to the elements but continued upwards roughly following the trail. We then continued over the top of the mountain and descended to (B (V638 898)). You can then turn right and walk down the cliff-side road to Rossbeigh Beach. Again, you are very open to the elements here and we were caught in a storm approaching from the Atlantic but it didn't take away from the enjoyment of the hike whatsoever. The views toward Seafin, the Reeks, Rossbeigh itself and the rest of Mid Kerry is breathtaking. A very underrated hike. Linkback:
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   picture about Curra Hill
Picture: drung from Laghtshee area
rossbeighed on Curra Hill
by rossbeighed 19 Mar 2009
I climbed this last summer.this is part of a long stretch of mountain from glenbeigh to rossbeigh beach.
actually this was the very first mountain I climbed as an 11 year old way back in 1981! It was also nearly my last as I had a serious tumble on the steep face just above rossbeigh but lucky for me my da miraculously grabbed me before I would have went head first into rossbeigh hotel 900 feet below!.
lesson: don't jump on steep slopes..especially in 80's sneakers
so rather than let history repeat itself 27 years later I drove up around the back of the mountain starting at rossbeigh. about half a mile up the road turns south. take the next left for about 100 yards until you get to a gate. from there the walk up the dirt road is about 20 mins until you get to the top.
although less than 1000 feet high, the bottom of the mountain starts from sea level so you still get a great impression of height and a great view. mixed memories about this one... Linkback:
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