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Loch Lomond to Strathyre Area
Feature count in area: 151, by county: : 149, Stirlingshire (CoH): 1, Central (CoA) Stirling (UA): 1,
Highest Place: Ben More 1174m

Starting Places in area Loch Lomond to Strathyre:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Loch Lomond to Strathyre:
Am Fireach 712.9m, An Caisteal 995m, An Garadh 714m, An Sidhean 546m, An Stuchd 669m, Ardnandave Hill 715m, Ardnandave Hill West Top 702m, Beinn a'Choin 770m, Beinn a'Chroin 941.4m, Beinn a'Chroin Far East Top 765.8m, Beinn a'Chroin West Top 938m, Beinn a'Chroin [Beinn a'Chroin East Top] 940.1m, Beinn an Fhogharaidh 616m, Beinn an t-Sidhein 572m, Beinn Bhan 569m, Beinn Bhreac 687m, Beinn Bhreac 579m, Beinn Bhreac 700m, Beinn Chabhair 932.1m, Beinn Chochan [Beinn Bhreac] 703m, Beinn Dearg 427m, Beinn Dubh 508m, Beinn Ducteach 589m, Beinn Ducteach North Top 497m, Beinn Ducteach West Top 499m, Beinn Mheadhonach 516m, Beinn Stacach East Top 684m, Beinn Stacach [Ceann na Baintighearna] 771m, Beinn Tulaichean 946m, Beinn Uamha 596m, Beinn Uamha North Top 582m, Beinn Uird 597m, Ben A'an 454m, Ben Glas 653.9m, Ben Gullipen 414m, Ben Ledi 879m, Ben Lomond 974m, Ben More 1174m, Ben Venue 729m, Ben Venue East Top 727m, Benvane 821m, Binnean nan Gobhar 586m, Binnean nan Gobhar NE Top 573m, Bioran na Circe 722m, Breac Leac 742m, Caisteal Corrach 590m, Cam Chreag 812m, Carn Mor 478m, Ceann na Baintighearna 701m, Ceann na Baintighearna East Top 587m, Ceann na Baintighearna Far East Top 575m, Cnoc na Nathrach 483m, Conic Hill 361m, Craig Leven 230m, Craig of Monievreckie 400m, Creag a'Bhealaich 673m, Creag a'Bhocain 509m, Creag a'Bhragit 923m, Creag a'Phuirt 732m, Creag an Fhiog 574m, Creag Bhreac Mhor 742m, Creag Chaorannach 636m, Creag Innich 521m, Creag Loisgte 547m, Creag Mac Ranaich 808.6m, Creag Mac Ranaich South Top 808.4m, Creag Mhor 658m, Creag na h-Airighe 610m, Creag na h-Iolaire 836m, Creag na h-Iolaire [Meall Reamhar North Top] 619.2m, Creag nan Speireag 625m, Creagan nan Sgiath 697m, Cruach 514m, Cruach Ardrain 1046m, Cruach Ardrain SW Top 1045m, Cruachan 536m, Cruachan South Top 524m, Cruinn a'Bheinn 632m, Cruinn Bheinn 545m, Gualann 461m, Maol a'Chapuill 515m, Maol a'Chapuill West Top 513m, Maol an Fhithich 659m, Maol Breac a'Bhealaich 599m, Maol Mor 694m, Meall a'Chapuill 517m, Meall an Fhiodhain 817m, Meall an Fhiodhain West Top 789m, Meall an Lochain 661.7m, Meall an t-Seallaidh 852m, Meall Cala 674m, Meall Dhamh 814m, Meall Gainmheich 566m, Meall Gaothach 606m, Meall Monachyle 648m, Meall Mor 747m, Meall Mor East Top 737m, Meall Mor Far East Top 719m, Meall Mor Far West Top 661m, Meall Mor nan Eag 624m, Meall Mor West Top 661m, Meall na Dige 966m, Meall nan Tarmachan 719m, Meall nan Tarmachan West Top 690.2m, Meall Reamhar 670.5m, Meall Reamhar 845m, Meall Reamhar 676.3m, Meall Reamhar 555m, Meall Sgallachd 707m, Mullach an t-Samhraidh 579m, Parlan Hill 666m, Ptarmigan 778m, Sgiath Ghorm 482m, Sgiath Mhor 504m, Sron Gharbh 709m, Stob a'Choin 869m, Stob a'Choin Duibh 543m, Stob a'Choin Duibh 645m, Stob an Duibhe 727m, Stob an Eighrach 613m, Stob an Fhainne 655m, Stob an Lochain 555m, Stob an Lochain [Creag a'Bhealaich] 684m, Stob an t-Suidhe 563m, Stob Bealach Gaoithe 574m, Stob Bealach na Frithe 840m, Stob Bealach nan Corp 553m, Stob Binnein 1165m, Stob Breac 688m, Stob Breac Far South Top 649m, Stob Breac South Top 681m, Stob Caol 734m, Stob Coire an Lochain 1068m, Stob Coire Bhuidhe 857m, Stob Coire Chaorach 592m, Stob Creag an Fhithich 714.8m, Stob Creagach 906m, Stob Garbh 959m, Stob Garbh Bhealach 642.4m, Stob Garbh SE Top 925m, Stob Glas 833m, Stob Glas 710.4m, Stron Lochie 501m, Stuc Odhar 638m, Stuc Odhar NE Top 580m, Stuc Odhar South Top 603m, Taobh na Coille 715m, Taobh na Coille South Top 692m, The Stob 753m, The Vine 507m, Twistin Hill 723m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Stob Breac South Top, 681m Mountain
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Grid Reference NN44700 15900, OS 1:50k mapsheet 57
Place visited by: 2 members, recently by: IainT, chalky
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Longitude: -4.512011, Latitude: 56.309983, Easting: 244700, Northing: 715900, Prominence: 26m,  Isolation: 0.4km
ITM: 815790 1068223

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Stb681, 10 char: StbBrcSthT

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