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Welcome to MountainViews
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Track Sharing: Upload your track.

Often files on a GPS Unit can be browsed and
uploaded directly on a PC or Mac.
Note 1: Uploading data requires that you have got the data from your GPS device available as a "GPX" file. The GPS device may be a standard outdoor GPS unit from Magellan, Lowrance or Garmin etc. It may be an application running on a smartphone. Many applications also can output GPX files.

There are various ways of getting the data into a file that MountainViews can use such as a) directly reading from the device where it has a "Mass Storage" mode b) directly reading from a mobile phone or c) using a program such as GPSU, Gartrip, Geolives some of which are free.

For a and b) connect the device and browse to it
For c) using your program download the data from the GPS device then save the data as a ".GPX" file. This is a standard file format used by most software and manufacturers such as Garmin. The .GPX file must include time and date information for use with MountainViews.

Or browse to a local GPX file location such as "C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\My Documents\My GPSU\Glendoo.gpx" and click "Upload GPX".

After 3 or 4 seconds the page should refresh to show the tracks present in the file divided by day, presented at the bottom of the page. Please check uploaded routes for quality and usefulness. Save those you want to share. (Or they will be deleted in about a day).

You can optionally add formatted text and up to 5 photos. Additionally, please "rate" your shared tracks, which helps other people find what they are looking for.

NOTE 'new' 2016 system:
  • After uploading tracks you must 'Save' what you want to store. In the 'old' system for uploading tracks you needed to mark what was not to be stored.
  • You can choose the main activity in the uploaded file. Later you can "Refine" individual days in the track to a different main activity.
  • Leave main activity at "Auto" for the "old" form of processing.

- Specify main activity. (Auto may get the activity incorrect or not process properly for various reasons for example if the uploaded track includes driving. In this case specify the activity.)

Sample GPX files for you to try

In case you don't have a .gpx file to hand, try one of these; for example click on "Sample 1".
Note: File can take 3 or 4 seconds to be processed.
Sample 1 Simple visit to one summit (csd)
Sample 2 Two days summiteering in Kerry, Ireland (simon3)
Sample 3 Two days in Snowdonia (simon3)
Sample 4 Several days walking in Dolomites, Italy (djacobs)
MountainViews acknowledges and thanks the members who supplied sample .gpx files as listed above.