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Mayo Islands Area
Feature count in area: 103, all in Mayo, OSI/LPS Maps: 22, 23, 24, 30, 31, 37, 38, CBE, CBW, EW-ACC
Highest Place: Inishturk 189.3m

Starting Places (43) in area Mayo Islands:
Bundorragha Estuary Cross, Bunnageeha, Bunnahowna Bridge, Bunnahowna River, Burrishoole Loop, Cartron River, Delphi Resort, Dernasliggaun, Erris Head, Fee Lough SW, Foher, Furnace Lough E, Glencraff Road End, Glendahurk Bridge, Illaunroe North, Illaunroe South, Inisturk, Killary Boat Tour Pier W, Leenane Hotel, Lettergesh Beach, LFeeagh E Treenbeg Cottage, Lough Fee East, Lough Feeagh, Lough Gall, Minaun Mast, Muck Lough NW, Mulranny Post Office, Murrisk Fishermans Monument, Nambrackkeagh Lough, National Famine Memorial, Owengar Bridge, Owenwee River, Portacloy Bay, Proesoon, Prospect Lough Road, Rossnafinna Island, Sean Scoil an Talaimh Bháin, Silver Strand Road, Skeaghatimull, St Patricks Church, Termon Hill Road, Tobercolman Cross Cemetery, Tower Hill South

Summits & other features in area Mayo Islands:
An Teach Beag 84m, An tOighean 78m, Annagh Island (2) 23m, Annagh Island (1) 14m, Ballybeg 5m, Barranagh Island 7m, Bartragh Island 26m, Bills Rocks 5m, Black Rock (3) 71m, Caher Island 25m, Calf Island (2) 25m, Carraig na Faola 45m, Carrickawilt 9m, Carrickmoylenacurhoga 10m, Carricknaglamph 16m, Carricknaweelion 20m, Carrigee 11m, Clynish 42m, Collan Beg 25m, Collan More 46m, Cone Island South 15m, Crovinish 23m, Derrinish 21m, Dorinish Beg 15m, Dorinish More 25m, Dún Briste 50m, Duvillaun Beg 14m, Duvillaun Mór 60m, Eagle Island 55m, Erris Head Island 55m, Finnaun Island 5m, Freaghillan East 13m, Freaghillan West 19m, Frehil Island 17m, Gaghta Island 8m, Govern island 10m, Heath Island 5m, Horse Island (2) 25m, Illanambraher 25m, Illanataggart 28m, Illanballa 5m, Illancroagh 8m, Illanmaw 15m, Illannaconney 13m, Inishaghoo 14m, Inishbee 29m, Inishbiggle 34m, Inishbollog 18m, Inishcannon 25m, Inishcarrick 21m, Inishcooa 27m, Inishcoragh 24m, Inishcorky 14m, Inishcuill 26m, Inishdaff 31m, Inishdalla 5m, Inishdasky 31m, Inishdaugh 23m, Inishdeashbeg 15m, Inishdeashmore 19m, Inishdegil Beg 12m, Inishdegil More 32m, Inishdoonver 26m, Inisheeny 22m, Inisherkin 30m, Inishfesh 26m, Inishgallon 45m, Inishglora 22m, Inishgort (1) 29m, Inishgowla 28m, Inishgowla South 21m, Inishilra 18m, Inishimmel 15m, Inishkea North 24m, Inishkee 26m, Inishlaghan 5m, Inishlaughil 43m, Inishleague 27m, Inishlyre 26m, Inishmolt 16m, Inishnacross 36m, Inishoo 29m, Inishquirk 44m, Inishraher 33m, Inishturk (1) 189.3m, Inishturkbeg 51m, Inniscottle Island 26m, Island More 42m, Kid Island 86m, Knocknaskea (Inishkea South) 72m, Leamareha 7m, Moynish More 37m, Muckinish 36m, No Name Island 8m, Pig Island (1) 55m, Roeillaun (1) 30m, Rosbarnagh Island 37m, Rosmore Island 28m, Rossnafinna Island 5m, Rusheen Island 9m, Shanvallybeg 20m, Stags of Broadhaven (central) 97m, Stags of Broadhaven South 94m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Inishturk (1), 189.3m Hill Inis Toirc (1) A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Inis Toirc [], 'island of the boar'), Mayo County in Connacht province, in Binnion, Irish Islands Lists, Inishturk is the highest hill in the Mayo Islands area and the 1417th highest in Ireland. Inishturk is the most southerly summit in the Mayo Islands area and also the most westerly.
Reachable "On Foot " Y
Grid Reference L60575 75196, OS 1:50k mapsheet 37
Place visited by: 53 members, recently by: oakesave, miriam, eamonoc, ryanguinness10, Tomaquinas, Fergalh, Tifred, tphase, philmchale, gerrym, rgctobin, justynagru, Aongus, mdoc1969, jlk , Island visited by 66 members.
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, I visited this island: NO
Longitude: -10.112217, Latitude: 53.707958, Easting: 60576, Northing: 275196, Prominence: 189.3m,  Isolation: 12.7km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 460556 775213
Bedrock type: Mudrock, sandstone, tuff, (Sheeffry Formation)
Notes on name: The highest point on Inishturk is in the townland of Mountain Common. The peak is unnamed on the OS 6 map, though the names Knockleckan and Knocknagormore appear to the west near the coast.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Inshtr, 10 char: Inishturk

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   picture about Inishturk (1) (<em>Inis Toirc (1)</em>)
Picture: Inishturk. Panorama shot by John Paul Tiernan. I'm in the middle for scale.
A little-visited outpost
by lennyantonelli 17 Sep 2012
About 14km from Roonagh quay, Inishturk vies with Tory for the title of our most remote inhabited outpost. The last census gave the population as 53.

There were just four people on the ferry when I went over in July. Two trails are marked from the main village, a cluster of cottages around the island's beautiful, natural harbour. The trails are described on

We followed the purple trail from the harbour, out of the village and up through a gate onto rough commonage. Just after the gate, you can turn right and take a quick hike up the clifftop for a precipitous view, fulmars circling in the void below.

We headed back down from the cliff and followed the purple trail onwards to wee Lough Coolaknick, then veered the trail off up to the SIgnal tower on the hill above, right beside the the island's highest point. Views from the islands off Connemara and Mayo always present a spectacular panorama of the mountains from the Bens and Maamturks in the south, and north to Clare Island, Achill and the Nephins.

Next we headed west over rough commonage to the 100m+ cliffs at the back (west side) of the island, then followed the cliffs south west — this, the island's wild and exposed side, is its highlight. It's a shame the marked trails only briefly visit it. But terrain is quite knobbly and confusing — one second I was sure I was well in from the cliff's edge, a few steps forward and I was standing on the edge of oblivion. And the cliffs cut in and out of the coast, so proceed carefully.

Once we passed the promonotory of Dromore Head we turned inland, following a stream and some small lakes up to a stone wall. We turned left here, following the wall (keeping it on our right) through the damp grassy interior of the island until it rejoined the purple trail and landed at the island's wild and rough GAA pitch. We followed the trail back to a paved boreen, but took a short detour to visit Portdoon — a beautiful natural harbour accessed only by a currach-wide channel through rocky cliffs. Legend has it Danish pirates used this cove as a base to ambush ships passing along the coast.

From here's its a straightforward road walk back to the pier — if you fancy a swim you'll pass two stunning beaches on the way, and the pub too. Our route took us a leisurely 4-5 hours.

A few final things: The lack of big hills keeps our western islands relatively dry, with showers usually passing over quite quickly, then letting loose on inland mountains. So if it's raining in the hills, consider the islands rather than turning home.

OSI Discovery Series 37 offers scant detail for little Inishturk, but there's a highly detailed map available on the island — try the boat, or the development office (same building as the pub/shop), the post office or any of the B&Bs for it.

The route mapped here almost exactly matches my own, and will show you most of the island Linkback:
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   picture about Inishturk (1) (<em>Inis Toirc (1)</em>)
Picture: Trig, looking towards the Co. Mayo coastline.
Mountain Common on 2.3.2012
by FilHil 5 Apr 2012
A lovely day trip to Inishturk to ascend Mountain Common. Take the island ferry from Roonah quay (R378, west of Louisburg Co. Mayo). It is advisable to check the time table with the operator, especially when traveling off season.

There is a signposted walk called Inishturk Loop. Start on the tarmac road to the top of the village, go through the metal gate and continue on the stony track till the western edge near the cliffs. No houses around, only stunning views!

At an old stone wall make your way over the ridge, a moderate grassy slope, to the top of Mountain Common. The old signal tower (ruin) is on a rocky outcrop and a provides good marker as well as shelter from the wind.

The views to the west (the Atlantic) are quite spectacular. The photo depicts the trig, looking towards the Co. Mayo coastline, Caher island (uninhabited) in between. Linkback:
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   picture about Inishturk (1) (<em>Inis Toirc (1)</em>)
Picture: Pirate Queen approaching Inishturk
Your ferry awaits!
by paddyhillsbagger 20 Apr 2012
The road to both Inishturk and Clare Island ends at Roonagh Quay where you take the ferry to the islands to begin your climb. Phone A (G08685 15003) or log on for sailing times. My day on Inishturk was spectacular not only for the lovely climb, but the wildlife and fauna that abounds there. Choughs, Wheatears, Plovers, Puffins and cliffs filled with nesting Fulmars and Auks. The ferry trip across also revealed Gannets, Razorbills, Great Northern Divers and a solitary Manx Shearwater. The plant life was also rich, but despite taking photos, I've yet to identify many of them. A visit to the Inishturk Community Centre for refreshments and information leaflets and chats with the islanders is a must too. A truly spectacular day out! Linkback:
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   picture about Inishturk (1) (<em>Inis Toirc (1)</em>)
Picture: Tale of the Tongs art installation.
Art beside lake, col and hill.
by simon3 7 Jul 2014
There's just a few places where the built environment flashes into view and actually enhances the landscape. Oulart Hill of the modern megalithic tomb is one.

Another is "The Tale of the Tongs" a creation of Travis Price III in collaboration with The Catholic University of America's School of Architecture and Planning. It consists of a glass house with open ends and surrounding glass pillars each with one of the six family names of the island.

There's an article about it at (L1584 7956)/list/An-Irish-Island-Gets-a-Most-Meaningful-Installation which also includes pictures of the installation at night and some irreverent comments. Apparently the place is lit at night. Linkback:
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   picture about Inishturk (1) (<em>Inis Toirc (1)</em>)
by Damian120 6 Jan 2018
On the island, there are two well-marked walking/hiking trails. The trail-head is located at a gable wall 50m from pier. From the trail-head follow the surfaced road for 100m past the church (on your right). There is the shorter trail that sweeps around the island past Loch Cúil a Chnoic in an anti-clockwise direction but the longer trail is superior, offering up some wonderful scenery from the cliffs at the rear of the island.

One of the island’s most interesting sights, “The Spirit of Place Sculpture”, designed and built by American architect Travis Price. This is the first point of interest – planted in a fascinating and panoramic location for a post-modern piece of sculpture. It's a poignant dedication to the families of Inishturk and the ideal place to sit down and gaze out at the sea.

The Signal Tower is directly above the Travis Price sculpture and it's a steep climb to the top but the rewards are amazing with breathtaking scenery. Achill Island, Croagh Patrick and the north Connemara mountains in one uninterrupted sweeping vista. The signal tower itself was built during 1805-1806 by local labour and rises 722 feet above sea level. There were 82 towers built finishing on Malin Head no 82. Inishturk was no 57. The system used was a heliograph or steel plate polished to reflect the rays of the sun to passing ships, the first Morse code to discourage Napoleonic invasion during the Napoleonic Wars (18 May 1803 – 20 November 1815)

The Cliffs: These are only on show if taking the longer trail. This is as rugged as it gets and thankfully one of the island inhabitants had the foresight to erect a seating bench right at the cliffs! On a fine summer's day in Ireland - it doesn't get any better than this. It's idyllic.

Inishturk Football (GAA) Pitch: Surrounded by rocky mountains on three sides, it's a football pitch that appears out of nowhere as you’re coming up the road. A natural amphitheatre – it is perhaps one of the most unique sporting facilities in the country.

Port An Dun: Another noteworthy site worth visiting. A natural secluded lagoon that provided the ideal cover for the Norse raiding parties. Port An Dun is right of the football pitch and many take a dip into its tempting waters on a fine day.

Two great beaches near the Inishturk Community Centre: Tranaun and Curran beaches. Unspoilt with crystal clear blue water another ideal place to swim or just watch the sun go down on what locals claim to be the best views around.

Caher Island: Charter a boat (50 euro approx) and visit the nearby wondrous uninhabited Caher Island. The island has an Early Christian monastery with the remains of a chapel in an enclosure and several carved slabs Inishturk Community Centre: The ideal place to finish up the day (sitting outside) with a pint of Guinness surrounded by a striking kaleidoscope of natural beauty Linkback:
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