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Post details Post   (Contract pics)
Colin Murphy
2021-02-01 11:48:13
"At the summit of A’Mhaighdean." from Colin Murphy Contract pics
Picture: At the summit of A’Mhaighdean. (Contract pics)
Grandmother, 81, bags all of Scotland's Munro
Grandmother, 81, bags all of Scotland's Munroes.
2021-01-29 17:00:43
"" from BleckCra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Hill Suited?
Here in the North we have a 10 mile COVID thingy. Me, I'm so lucky to live exactly 10 miles from the Mournes. To the millimetre. Your Honour.
So that's another day the weatherman is talking out of his hat. He averred it was to be cloudy/sunny, sunny/cloudy all day. As it was, vis was down to 40m on the tops and the air hung heavy with that atomised, aerosol water that's all the rage nowadays. Invisible though.
The kind where no one needs a top layer until it is too late and pints of water cascade into one's underwear.
Two thirds of the way off the Trassey Track and a third on - to them - three wee girls. Little of stature, puppy of build, huge of personality. Late teens. Three wee chickens.
"Mister do you know the way to ... eh ...?"
I waited - but nothing came ...
..."the way to ... eh ...?"
"You could be in trouble," I said "if you don't know the way to it or what it is."
They giggled.
"Slieve Bearnagh!" and pronounced it like Armagh.
I explained with some grandpaternal advice and knew they hadn't a notion. Not a one. But as the day was middling ordinary I doubted if they'd come to much harm, it was only mid day and there were a few others on the hill already.
A coat, a hat and boots. Eyeliner applied with emulsion brushes and one with enough brown slap to sink a battleship.
That was it. Not one thing more. No bags. Nuttin'.
But they would ascend Slieve Bearnagh and descend it in much better form than I.
I on the other hand had on Zamberlan boots, full length gaiters, Bridgedales, long johns, Ronhills, technical base, windproof middle and showerproof top, gloves and a 2' buff. In the bag I had a lightweight waterproof top layer, top layer trousers, a 4 season mountain jacket, winter gloves, 2 hats, goggles, spikes, a survival bag, a foil blanket, a first aid kit, and a thing for taking stones out of unicorns' hooves.
I started this mountain lark when I was little older that these wee girls - with a pair of oxfam trousers, a jacket that couldn't breathe if you fed an airline into it and a bumbag free with after shave.
What happened?
It was always de trop to be over dressed and quite fashionable to be underdressed.
Somewhere enroute I seem to have gone wrong.
2021-01-26 16:53:51
"Looking north towards Brandon Peak, Gearhane and Mount Brandon" from liz50 Contract pics
Picture: Looking north towards Brandon Peak, Gearhane and Mount Brandon (Contract pics)

5km from home
What would you consider the top 5km radius from home to be for a hillwalker? I am quite happy with mine as I live at the bottom of the Brandon range near Dingle in Co Kerry. It has been particularly good recently due to the falls of snow.
Colin Murphy
2021-01-21 16:25:59
"" from Colin Murphy Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Vote for MV's Photo of the Year 2020!
Vote for MV's Photo of 2020! Despite a very restricted year in terms of hillwalking (and everything else), nevertheless many people did get to venture out and also take some fine pictures of the countryside.

Take a look at two collections of photos via the links below, which were shortlisted from members’ photos during 2020. We request your help in choosing 2020 Pictures of the Year for International and Irish pictures.
Copy and paste the links below to see the shortlists.

Pictures of Ireland link:

International Pictures link:

Closing date for voting is January 28th, so no time to lose!

Instructions for voting:
The pictures in each collection are numbered.
Send an email to:

Title: Photoaward

Include something like this in the email body for your choices:

Choice from John Smith:
Irish Picture of the Year 2020:
My choice. Picture Number XX

International Picture of the Year 2020:
My choice: Picture Number XX

Happy voting ...

MountainViews Committee
2021-01-20 14:20:32
MountainViews Community - Awardees 2021


Arderin + Arderin Beg:

County Highpoints:

Highest 100:

Local 100:

As normal we want to acknowledge also a number of Special and Contributor awards:

Special Awards:
Declan Murphy of the Mi/MV Arderin group for getting the Arderins accepted in MI

Grainne McLaughlin of the MI Hillwalking Committee for getting the Arderins accepted in MI

Alan and Margaret Tees, for getting the Irish Peaks book out

Helen Lawless, of the MI Staff for meticulous work in relation to the Irish Peaks book.

Contributor Awards:
Fergalh, articles and reports on UK summits

Markmjcampion, completing the Highest Hundred Short Summaries, further work on these and many other contributions

Paul Tempan, major revisions to the placename information

Melohara, ongoing work to sort out the subareas

Hopefully we will get to present these awards sometime in 2021.
2021-01-20 11:59:02
MountainViews Community - Gathering 2021
Our annual gathering normally takes place in February each year. Last year around 100 of us were in attendance. Given the pandemic situation this will not happen this year.

The MV Committee have been agonising as to how we could mark the 2020 walking year and celebrate the achievements of our members. We considered using Zoom or some similar technology, but felt that this removes the mixing and mingling that is an integral part of the event.

Accordingly, we have decided to defer the Gathering until later in the year, at which stage we may be able to hold it in person. Obviously this will depend on how the pandemic and any control measures develop. The Committee will keep an eye on this and update you as necessary.

In the meantime, congratulations to all those who completed lists in 2020 and thanks to all those who helped us with the site and contributed to the wider world of hillwalking in 2020. A list of Awardees for 2020 will follow.

MV Committee
January 2021
2021-01-14 13:13:31
"" from madfrankie Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

View across the Irish Sea
From @Sam_Greenwood_ on Twitter: Yesterday’s view from Howth in Dublin to a snow capped Snowdon in North Wales is just incredible. It’s 140 kilometres away.
Photo by Niall O’Carrol
2021-01-13 12:05:45
2020 List Completions
I am currently working towards working out our list completions for 2020. Here is what I have so far:

Vandeleur-Lynam: Eamonoc,Geo,Ilenia,Millsd1,Mountainmike

Arderin: Ilenia

Arderin + Arderin Beg: Ilenia

County Highpoints: Aidy,Brendanbarrett,Dergish,Helenha,Jasonmc,Karoloconnor,Kitchen,Marty_47,MichaelG55,RockyCaver,SenanFoley,Sfoley

Highest 100: Eamonoc,Fergalh,Geo,Ilenia,No1Grumbler

Local 100: Eugeneryan959,Briankelly,Abcd,MichaelG55,Daingean,Mountainmike

As yet we are unsure how we are going to commemorate those who completed lists in 2020, given the pandemic - but something will occur to us!

If you have completed a list in 2020 and your name is not here, drop me a line on the site, or at
2021-01-05 10:36:55
"Les Roches de Borée (1315m) in the Massif du Mézenc, one of the little gems included in this brand new summit list" from David-Guenot Contract pics
Picture: Les Roches de Borée (1315m) in the Massif du Mézenc, one of the little gems included in this brand new summit list (Contract pics)

Another summit list for Massif Central
Just finished working on my second list for the Massif Central (France). This one includes all summits between 1000 and 1499m with a prominence of 100m or more. Note that at the time I'm writing this I haven't climbed any of them yet, so the list is still prone to evolve. Here is the link:
2020-12-02 20:55:21
"" from timredfern Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Spotted on Letter hill
It's a juvenile snowy owl! Spotted Wednesday lunchtime, November 25th right on top of the hill.

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Summit Comment
Goat Scar: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
From Kentmere Pike continue south east and a short detour out to the fence to the east leads to this unmarked summit

Summit Comment
Shipman Knotts: The view North
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
From Goat Scar head south again following track and eventually you reach the summit which is a few small stones on an outcrop beside the wall. Afterwards descend south along the track until you...

Summit Comment
Kentmere Pike: Long trek but gentle descent
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
From Harter Fell follow the track south over the minor peaks of The Knowe and Brown Howe and soon a wall will start follow this on a gentle descent. Eventually you will reach the summit marked ...

Summit Comment
Harter Fell (Mardale): The pass and the ascent afterwards from the Northwest
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
For those who want to split the horseshoe in half, there is the option of walking north from Kentmere village through the valley to this pass and than take either the western or eastern ridge b...

Grand Canal: Grand Canal Dock to Sallins
Onzy 16 hours ago.
walk, Len: 36.1km, Climb: 117m, Area: Dublin Islands (Ireland) ||

Summit Comment
Harter Fell (Mardale): Steep descent to Pass followed by a steep ascent back ont
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
From Mardale Ill Bell we descended south east to the Nan Biel Pass and than a steep ascent lead to a flat summit. This summit is marked with a small cairn

Summit Comment
Mardale Ill Bell: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 11 hours ago.
From Lingmell End I headed back North to Mardale Ill bell summit to meet Onzy. The summit is marked with a large Cairn on the edge of some sheer cliffs

Summit Comment
Lingmell End: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 12 hours ago.
We left Thornthwaite Crag and headed North East at junction, where we split briefly me to head to Lingmell end and Onzy to High Street. I headed East for a short while and than out onto spur th...

Summit Comment
Thornthwaite Crag: The view south along the ridge
Fergalh 12 hours ago.
There is a great view all the way back along the ridge and as far as Windemere from this peak

Summit Comment
Thornthwaite Crag: Straightforward ridge walk along track
Fergalh 12 hours ago.
From Froswick we continued north along the ridge for a long stretch until we reached the summit marked with a small tower like cairn

Summit Comment
Froswick: The view from the south
Fergalh 12 hours ago.
The western ridge of the horseshoe can be seen in this photo

Summit Comment
Froswick: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 12 hours ago.
Leaving Ill Bell once again head north along the track and a short descent followed by an ascent leads to this summit marked with a small cairn

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