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2020-09-14 13:30:27
Hillwalking Programme on BBC Alba
It's a half-hour programme on every Monday evening at 7pm and repeated during the week as well. It's called "Tir is Teanga" and is well worth a look. Of course all the mountains are Scottish and it's done largely through the medium of Scots-Gaelic (which means if you want to read the subtitles you miss out on the scenery). Well worth having a look at it though, because the presenters are not averse to traipsing up and down hillsides in all kinds of weathers.
2020-09-10 13:40:11
"" from pdtempan Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

Mullaghcarn walk - correction to start time
The walk from Gortin Glen Forest Park to Mullaghcarn on Sunday 27th September, part of Feile Pheadair Joe 2020, begins at 11am, not at 10am as advertised in the September MV newsletter. Apologies, my mistake. Full programme of Feile Pheadair Joe 2020 available here. Ta clar Fheile Pheadair Joe 2020 ar fail anseo:
All the best
2020-09-06 16:52:03
Rocky Mountaim above Annalong Valley
Parked at the walled gates on quarter/head road; walked towards quarter road bend and took first lane on left; continued up thro gates etc until forest on right ends; then took wall on right up to the small tower at the start of wall; walked on left side of wall up to the highest point before descent then turned left and climbed ricky mountain- come to cairn on shabby flattish top; beautiful views of Annalong Valley; evidence of old quarry shelters; was weekday and only met two other people
2020-09-01 17:28:24
Irish World Record
Noticed this article on the BBC website. Well done Ian Bailey.
2020-08-27 17:26:20
How to access spences mountain in the Mournes
There is a paucity of comments on climbing spences mountain and Blaeberry mountain in the Mournes - help!
2020-08-27 14:26:32
The Hill of Uisneach opened again on 20th Aug
The Hill of Uisneach reopened on 20th August for Public Tours.
All tours places must be booked online.
Due to Covid-19 regulations, for the safety of guests and staff, tour numbers are limited
2020-08-24 14:32:56
Irish Peaks
I have to agree with noucamp - this is a beautiful book and well worth getting. It's a coffee table book, rather than something you will stick in your backpack. There are lots of great photographs. Much of the book is taken up with details on each of the 100 highest mountains in Ireland. There are details including maps suggesting routes up each of them. But there is also lots more in the book to interest any hillwalker. The book can be ordered through the Mountaineering Ireland website.
2020-08-19 22:59:23
Irish Peaks - published by Mountaineering Ire
My copy of "Irish Peaks" published by Mountaineering Ireland arrived today. It is a masterpiece, a beautiful book stuffed with useful information.
Well done and congratulations to all concerned
2020-08-10 13:32:01
"2 Happy Summiteers on Knocknadobar. " from liz50 Contract pics
Picture: 2 Happy Summiteers on Knocknadobar. (Contract pics)

3 lists completed by 2 Mountainviewers in 1 w
On a perfect August day in Kerry we undertook a momentous walk encompassing both Kells mountain summits and the 2 Knocknadobars. Millsd1 completed the VL list on Kells mountain and Geo completed both the 100 highest and VLís on Knocknadobar. Congratulations to both on a magnificent achievement
2020-07-29 12:23:49
Vandals in Gleniff
Apologies in advance for the rant but I had the misfortune to come across three seemingly abandoned teenage boys at the head of Gleniff Valley on Monday that were busy literally dismantling one of the old buildings stone by stone and throwing fragments of our fragile built history into the field beyond. Thankfully it was not the iconic schoolhouse, but rather a smaller structure very close to that point.

Upon reading these lads the riot act (in the name of anyone with any appreciation for anything) I was surprisingly informed that their parents were off "climbing the mountain" and that they'd been left to their own devices. The devil clearly finds work for idle hands.

If anyone of these parents uses MountainViews I'd appreciate it if you can explain to your children the values of "leave no trace"!

I was also told the parents were not the brave souls that I could see pluckily clutching turf on the 45+ degree ascent to Diarmuid and Grainne's cave in the east face of Annacoona/Slievemore. If anyone has any tales of doing likewise I'm sure it would be very interesting but I certainly concluded that the gradient on the final approach would mean that the cave is beyond the reach of the humble hillwalker, certainly ones that want to descend unharmed!

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Summit Comment
Crug: Short steep climb
Fergalh 13 hours ago.
Parked to North East at forest entrance walked up road crossed fence and headed for the summit. The summit is marked by a trig pillar in a small cairn

Summit Comment
Bryn Brawd: Long tussocky trek to summit
Fergalh 13 hours ago.
Park to south west at sharp bend in road near the forest. Cross gate and tussock grass bash all the way over a false summit before eventually arriving at the real summit marked with a trig pillar

Summit Comment
Esgair Fawr: Short trek to summit but long walk back to starting point
Fergalh 13 hours ago.
From Cerrig Cyffion follow the edge of the Forest South West and than North West before heading across grassland to the unmarked summit. From here head south east for track and long walk back to s...

Summit Comment
Cerrig Cyffion: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 13 hours ago.
From Bryn Ffynnon a drop down east to the track and than continued North for a while. Eventually a short steep climb leads to the unmarked summit of Cerrig Cyffion

Summit Comment
Bryn Ffynnon: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 13 hours ago.
Parked to south just after small chapel and walked to farmers track and followed that North. Eventually a short climb West led to summit with trig pillar

Summit Comment
Carn Fawr: Short steep climb
Fergalh 13 hours ago.
Park to south east on bend on narrow road., Cross gate and head steeply uphill until it flattens out a bit. The summit is a large cairn. The trig pillar visible close to the south west is a separa...

Summit Summary
Slieve Snaght: Rugged highpoint on a gnarly, rocky SW-NE ridge
Collaborative entry Last edit by: markmjcampion 19 hours ago.
Slieve Snaght, just S of Erigal, is a steep-sided sentinel mountain in an area of interesting but dangerous terrain. Much care is needed esp if parking sto the S. Views are stunning including Erig...

Summit Comment
Allt yr Hebog: No push through in this forest
Fergalh a day ago.
The easy climb through the forest

Summit Comment
Allt yr Hebog: A walk in the woods
Fergalh a day ago.
Take the road North West of Curt y Cadno until you reach the brow of the road and a track to the west. Park here and head up through the beautiful deciduous forest until you reach the unmarked sum...

Summit Comment
Mountpelier Hill: 70 Miles as the crow flies
scannerman a day ago.
Was planning to climb this little hill last Friday 8th Jan during the snowfall but got called away on a errand but just prior I shot this image of Dublin with the Mourne mountains in the back roun...

Summit Comment
Mynydd Bach: Heather bash
Fergalh a day ago.
Just south west of the charmingly named village of Ysbyty Ystwyth this hill is located in a forest. Park to the South east and follow track into forest and than take first turn north. Follow that ...

Summit Comment
Graig Felen: Lots of small peaks here
Fergalh a day ago.
Despite being the second smallest this was a bit more difficult than expected as there was many small peaks to traverse. Head North East from Disgwilfa and with lakes on your left eventually you w...

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