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2020-08-19 22:59:23
Irish Peaks - published by Mountaineering Ire
My copy of "Irish Peaks" published by Mountaineering Ireland arrived today. It is a masterpiece, a beautiful book stuffed with useful information.
Well done and congratulations to all concerned
2020-08-10 13:32:01
"2 Happy Summiteers on Knocknadobar. " from liz50 Contract pics
Picture: 2 Happy Summiteers on Knocknadobar. (Contract pics)

3 lists completed by 2 Mountainviewers in 1 w
On a perfect August day in Kerry we undertook a momentous walk encompassing both Kells mountain summits and the 2 Knocknadobars. Millsd1 completed the VL list on Kells mountain and Geo completed both the 100 highest and VLís on Knocknadobar. Congratulations to both on a magnificent achievement
2020-07-29 12:23:49
Vandals in Gleniff
Apologies in advance for the rant but I had the misfortune to come across three seemingly abandoned teenage boys at the head of Gleniff Valley on Monday that were busy literally dismantling one of the old buildings stone by stone and throwing fragments of our fragile built history into the field beyond. Thankfully it was not the iconic schoolhouse, but rather a smaller structure very close to that point.

Upon reading these lads the riot act (in the name of anyone with any appreciation for anything) I was surprisingly informed that their parents were off "climbing the mountain" and that they'd been left to their own devices. The devil clearly finds work for idle hands.

If anyone of these parents uses MountainViews I'd appreciate it if you can explain to your children the values of "leave no trace"!

I was also told the parents were not the brave souls that I could see pluckily clutching turf on the 45+ degree ascent to Diarmuid and Grainne's cave in the east face of Annacoona/Slievemore. If anyone has any tales of doing likewise I'm sure it would be very interesting but I certainly concluded that the gradient on the final approach would mean that the cave is beyond the reach of the humble hillwalker, certainly ones that want to descend unharmed!
2020-07-22 16:45:55
Lost iPhone at Cloon Lough, Iveragh
A friend of mine lost his iPhone near the parking spot at the bridge at Lough Cloon. If you found it send me a message please.
Many thanks
2020-07-19 19:44:24
"" from BleckCra Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

In the spirit of complete indolence and psychopathic impatience with online info, perhaps some helpful people could short circuit my angst and advise if they know of any walking festivals likely to survive and happen during the remains of this year.
Thank you in advance.
2020-07-09 11:34:14
Conigar SW Top - New Arderin Beg
New Arderin Beg ... following advice from David Guenot and my visit this weekend, we have concluded that Conigar Sw Top meets the map based criteria for inclusion in the Arderin Beg list. Accordingly it has been added to the site.
2020-07-06 23:24:54
@Hugh Mangan
Hi Hugh. I suggest a circuit from Taylor's Three Rock pub. From Taylor's walk along the southern boundary of Marlay Park, then follow the Wicklow Way up to Kilmashoge car park. Conti use to follow the Wicklow Way to the col between Fairy Castle and Tibradden. From the col head up to Fairy Castle, then take the north track down past the big communication aerials on the north side of Fairy Castle. Head down to the Three Rock car park then road and path to Taylor's Three Rock Hotel. A few hours at a good pace. Nearly all path, road, forest track and good track.
2020-06-17 10:40:20
Night Time Hike
Hi - can anyone can suggest a good night time walk in and around Dublin/North Wicklow? Looking for a looped walk or an out and back. Moderate difficulty, a few hours approx, as doing with my kids (early teens). I know I can probably do any of the marked walks but there be some more suitable, with better views etc. Thanks!
2020-04-08 15:51:59
Moon Hurler Picture: Croghan Hill 07042020

A place I have yet to visit. Article gives interesting background on the planning that went into capturing the image.

Note: not my picture!
2020-04-01 09:19:05
Covid 19 & 2KM Radiu
Great question moggy40

Can we assume that this 2k must be centred on a regular dwelling place.

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Summit Comment
Bryn Du: Long trek to summit
Fergalh a few seconds ago.
Parked to south near a bridge. Followed track alongside the river heading North before veering off to the east at a gap in the Crags. A steep climb leads to the unmarked summit.

Near Benglenisky, Twelve Bens (Ireland)
BrianD 2 hours ago.
walk, Len: 15.7km, Climb: 689m, Area: Benglenisky, Twelve Bens (Ireland) Bengle...

Summit Comment
Bryn Rhudd: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 21 hours ago.
Parked to south and followed farm track North East track for 3/4 of the distance before veering off to the north west to the summit. This is marked by a large cairn

Summit Comment
Bryn Garreg-lwyd: Future push through !
Fergalh 22 hours ago.
Parked to the North at a bend in the road and crossed a few grassy fields before crossing the fence a short distance into the newly planted trees. This was September 2016 so they will have grown a...

Summit Comment
Bryn Rhudd: View of River valley and starting point
Fergalh 21 hours ago.
As is often the case the best views are on the ascent or descent and not at the summit

Summit Comment
Cefn Cnwcheithinog: Remote west Wales
Fergalh 22 hours ago.
As is very often on these hills the best views are on the way up not at the summit

Summit Comment
Cefn Cnwcheithinog: Short climb to summit from track
Fergalh 22 hours ago.
Parked to west at end of tarmac. Followed stone track past lonely farmhouse and than grassy track. Than a short steep climb North East to the unmarked grassy summit

Summit Comment
Llethr Erwast: Long trek to summit
Fergalh 22 hours ago.
From Pen Yr Raglan Wynt head north west along gently slopping plateau. After a while a short steep descent to small river and a crossing follows. Than a steep ascent past some crags leads to this ...

Summit Comment
Pen-y-raglan-wynt: Short trek to summit
Fergalh 22 hours ago.
From Carn Nant yr Ast head North east to forest. Head North east along forest edge before reaching the unmarked summit

Summit Comment
Carn Nant-yr-ast: Long trek along track before short sharp climb
Fergalh 22 hours ago.
Just North East of Cwrt y Cadno parked near a farmhouse and follow track north that runs parallel to the river Afon Cothi. Than a short sharp climb east leads to the summit marked by a trig pillar...

Summit Comment
Lindley Moor: Short walk to summit
Fergalh a day ago.
Park to west at wide entrance and follow track up to communications mast. Just beside the communications mast there is an outcrop which is the unmarked summit

Hidden routes around Carrickgollogan.
simon3 a day ago.
Prefer the solitary, prefer the unmuddy?No guarantees but this route will minimise interaction and bring you on the ... walk, Len: 7.1km, Climb: 258m, Area: Carrickgollogan, Dublin (Ireland) Carric||

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