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2022-03-18 22:35:57
Height errors on Irish summits in German BKG
I have recently discovered that the Bundesamt fuer Kartographie und Geodaesie (BKG) has published a topo map that has erroneous heights for nearly all the Ardeerin summits in Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford; this has been confirmed by BKG themselves, after an original snooty response. I raised the issue with BKG at the beginning of March, but the map is still online - I suppose they can't just pull it without inconveniencing a lot of users. I have no idea if this is just a localised problem - I have looked only at those Ardeerins in my local region.

Most of the errors add typically about 46 to 53 m to the accepted heights, but some heights are almost correct, and there are a few summits that actually get shrunk; so it's not a simple matter of a blanket addition, or a quibble over the geoid in use.

I came across this rather astonishing situation while using PhotoEphemeris, a program to figure out the bearings of sunrise, sunset etc. for photographers: this program just happens to overlay its computed bearings on a topo map provided (presumably free) by BKG.

I hope to hear eventually from BKG just how they screwed up, but in the meantime do not rely on BKG's topo map!
2022-03-14 16:53:09
Chalky RIP
Sorry to learn that Chalky, Ken Whyte, has departed this world and at a relatively young age. RIP.
Especially sorry to learn that he had been dealing with a serious health issue for a considerable time before his death.
His peak bagging record is simply amazing see
2022-03-11 08:09:47
Sad death of chalky (Ken Whyte)
We are sad to tell you that Ken Whyte, known as chalky on this website has died from natural causes.

Alan Dawson of the "Pedantic" baggers group on Google said:

Many of you will know Ken Whyte, and most of you will know of him and his remarkable activities in the hills.

I am sorry to have to report that Ken died on Monday. He had been having treatment for a brain tumour for over a year but even so it was unexpected. His wife Gladys has been in touch to say that he died suddenly due to bleeding in the brain following a fall.

Rob Woodall of the same group said:

Ken's bagging record is extraordinary - pretty much everything over 500m in Scotland and over P100m in Ireland, his many Island and Region completions etc etc, often bicycle-powered.

RIP Ken, Condolences to Gladys

For myself, can I say that Ken was in fact top of the overall Summiteers Hall of Records for combined Britain + Ireland with 7803 summits logged. 1203 of these were logged in Ireland.

I didn;t know him personally but we will miss his support of the website which included many comments as well as logging. Condolences to all that loved him..

To see the scale of this achievement it is worth comparing with a leading Irish based summiteer, FergalH who has visited 1487 in Ireland and 3250 in the combined B+I list.
2022-02-12 15:34:22
"Bridges over Blessington Lakes" from march-fixer Contract pics
Picture: Bridges over Blessington Lakes (Contract pics)

Traffic Lights!
Access from Blessington to the east Wicklow mountain area is going to change drastically!

Wicklow Co. Co. has made an executive decision without any local consultation to lodge a planning application to make the three main bridges over Blessington Lakes into single lane bridges with traffic lights at both ends to control access. Total nuts in my humble opinion.

This is their solution to their dilemma with the Blessington Lakes Greenway which will require access for walkers, wheelchairs and bicycles. The three current bridges are about 80 years old and not wide enough to accommodate two lanes of motor traffic while also accommodating a pathway wide enough for the non-motor traffic use!

Traffic flow over these bridges is poor even at low peak times, so just imagine what it would be like on a busy summer weekend. A survey was carried out in May 2021 in the middle of the pandemic lock-down, as far as I am aware, which naturally shows low traffic volume!

As this situation affects everyone's access to the West Wicklow hills and Glendalough area from the the west I would like to see what MV members think of this situation, and possibly lodge objections with the Planning Authority? We have only until March 5th before the Planning Authority makes a decision.
2022-02-08 18:18:57
"" from Onzy Contract pics
Picture: (Contract pics)

2021 List Completions
Here is the interim list of completions for 2021. As usual this extends slightly into 2022! If you have completed a list and feel you should be in line for a 2021 award, please let me know

As we were unable to hold a Gathering in 2021, we are hoping to present both 2020 and 2021 awards at a Gathering this year - date and venue to be advised - watch this space!
2022-01-20 09:42:04
There's close, and there's too close
Thanks for that information about the stag that gored the ESB worker, bunsen7. It was an extremely serious incident. North Tipperary is not an area I would associate with deer, but once they come into an area they can breed quite fast. I wonder are deer often seen in this area nowadays? But for his rucksack, it sounds like the guy could have had much worse injuries. I hope he has made a full recovery. I wonder if the first group of deer he saw were females. If he had accidentally walked between them and the dominant stag, that would certainly explain the stag's behaviour, as it may have treated him the same as another male deer trying to separate it from its harem. Deer are dangerously aggressive for the couple of months from mid-September to early November. Their hormones literally drive them wild.
2022-01-14 13:39:31
Irish runner Eoin Keith wins the Spine Race
For those who haven't come across it, the Spine Race is a 268 mile hill run up the Pennine Way in Northern England, run in January, so usually in foul weather, making it one of the world's toughest ultra marathons. This year was the 10th anniversary so a star-studded cast took part, but nearly all failed to finish! The exception was Eoin Keith from Cork, who just took it steady and ran his own race, finishing as the winner by a fair distance, his second win (he's also won the summer version). Eoin is an absolute legend and by all accounts a true gent. Shout out too for Liam Vines from Wicklow, who has just finished with more than a day to spare. Anyone who even gets to take part in the Spine is a genuinely tough cookie.
2022-01-13 17:54:06
Court Case Highlights Stag Attack Dangers
Worker attacked by stag on mountain access road.

Employer (admittedly one that has no problem writing cheques) admits liability - worker "permitted to work alone in a mountain area during the deer mating season when it ought to reasonably have been known that it was dangerous and unsafe to do so."

How many hillwalkers even know when deer mating season starts and ends? Might be worth finding out!
2022-01-10 10:39:09
Access to Leenaun Hill
Thank you Simon for the update and for the news that MI are active on this. Delighted with the location of the alternative access form Leenaun village. It saves me walking out the Western Way particularly if I have individuals who are new to walking the hills.
2022-01-08 11:54:21
"Possible ways up Leenane Hill." from simon3 Contract pics
Picture: Possible ways up Leenane Hill. (Contract pics)

re Access Issues, Leenane Hill
I understand MI (Mountaineering Ireland) have been active for some time on this one.
Apparently the land there is a commonage but one of the shareholders, one of perhaps only two still actively farming the land, has turned a number of walkers back.

MI indicate that there are two other access points, for people without dogs, as shown on map. Both access points are indicated by the red boots symbol on the EastWest 1:25k Connemara map (which of course is not an indication of any right or formal access agreement, it simply notes that walkers use this point for access to the mountains).

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Central Glenbeigh Horseshoe - 3 lakes and 4 peaks
glencree 3 hours ago.
The fun of this route is in the ascent and descent rather than the summits, which are uninspiring. But the ascent vi... walk, Len: 15.9km, Climb: 821m, Area: Keamconneragh, Glenbeigh Horseshoe (Irel

Summit Comment
Carrickbyrne Hill: Very overgrown but passable
DeirdreM 4 days ago.
The trail up to the summit is very overgrown since the last comments but can still be spotted. A small machete would do the trick. No views at all from the top with all the growth.

Long walk for one Carn.
Colin Murphy 3 days ago.
A walk of almost 10km, most of which is along forest trails. There is parking for about 10 cars in the Barnesm... walk, Len: 9.5km, Climb: 415m, Area: Croaghbrack, Bluestack Mountains (Ireland|...

Summit Comment
Tievummera Highpoint: An obvious stop along the ridge
David-Guenot 4 days ago.
The real highpoint stands close to the edge of the cliffs and is actually an obvious stop between Tievummera trig point and Barrclashcame.

Energy sapping trudge over, rough, sponge-like terrain.
Colin Murphy 3 days ago.
I could not, in all conscience, recommend this route! Well, except to say that it is doable and perhaps in bet... walk, Len: 6.9km, Climb: 402m, Area: Croaghmeen, South Donegal & West Tyrone (|...

Summit Summary
Croaghonagh: Broad tracks all the way to top.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Colin Murphy 3 days ago.
A straightforward but longish ascent entirely up broad forest tracks. There is parking for several cars just off the Barnesmore Gap at H04758 87717. Proceed up track, encountering multiple ga...

Dull trek up forest tracks
Colin Murphy 3 days ago.
This is a straightforward but longish (and mostly dull) trek up forest tracks, but with some decent views towa... walk, Len: 9.7km, Climb: 467m, Area: Cruach Eoghanach, Bluestack Mountains (Ir|...

Summit Summary
Faha Ridge: Testing ridge with narrow irregular path. Often extreme.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 5 days ago.
Start at the carpark under the Faha Grotto( marked on OS map) on the hillside overlooking Cloghane. There is room for 8-10 cars.Walk up the track past grotto and on until you cross over a wir...

Summit Comment
Hare Island: A very pleasant four hours
garrettd a week ago.
The classic traverse of Heir and back. Rather than rushing for the ferry we had a toasted sandwich in the sunshine by the sailing school.

Peter Walker 3 days ago.
After quick ascents of Knockanoughanish and Knockatee (already tracked by Simon so no need for me to repeat that ... walk, Len: 2.1km, Climb: 28m, Area: Beakeen, Kerry Coastal Hill (Ireland) Bea||

Summit Comment
Garinish Island: White-tailed sea eagles on Gairinish
garrettd a week ago.
The nesting pair of sea eagles can be seen from the ferry taking passengers to and from Glengarriff. The thrill of seeing these magnificent birds in the wild was worth the ferry price alone, ...

Iron Bridge, Croaghanmoira and Ballyteige circuit.
simon3 6 days ago.
A south Wicklow circuit mostly in or near forestry that rises first to Croaghanmoira, skirts the forest and us... walk, Len: 14.2km, Climb: 644m, Area: Carrickashane Mountain, Wicklow (Ireland|...

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