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simon3: Track/5057 in area near Unid, Unid ()
Cofete, Fuerteventura: fabulous beach, hidden col and tiresome return.
Ascent: 418m, Length: 17.3km, Creator time taken: 6h21m
Descent: 451m, Time predicted from Naismith's rule: 4h 10m + breaks
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Places Start at Lon -14.3885, Lat 28.1104, end at Lon -14.3525, Lat 28.0496, 7.6km SE from Start
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[RWD version 1 ] Using the Fuerteventura bus service, Tiadhe, we set out from Morro Jable on route 111 to Cofete. The bus left at 10am, as advertised, but it had around 20 places and these were full by 9:45. Stay in line. The bus driver was affable but it is first in line, first served.
The bus drive itself is a minor experience. It has to drive over the mountain range far further to the west, where there is a brief stop to take pictures. Then it goes along a 6km long rough road along the north side of the ridge before getting to Cofete. picture 1 for track/5057  : Cofete, Fuerteventura: fabulous beach, hidden col and tiresome return.
View over the beach at Cofete from around 200m on the road from Morro Jable.
The mountains form an arc rising from the west and heading towards the east. They start lowish, rise to a height of over 800m just east of Cofete and then gradually sink again. Once there was a giant stratovolcano here, around 26km wide centred under what is now the sea off the coast of Cofete. It is thought that its sides reached around 1500m around 17 million years ago. Now what is left is just part of the ridge with Pico de la Zarza at 806m being the highest point. picture 2 for track/5057  : Cofete, Fuerteventura: fabulous beach, hidden col and tiresome return.
The beach is enormous. In this view from the western extremity of the track around 3km west of Cofete, you can see some of the arc of the high ridge to the right. picture 3 for track/5057  : Cofete, Fuerteventura: fabulous beach, hidden col and tiresome return.
Taken from approximately the same place as the last picture, you can see the beach continues towards the west. The triangular peak is Montaña Aguda, 454m.
The road and col from Morro Jablo is just to the east of Montaña Aguda. Beyond there the beach stops.
Cofete has a coffee shop which also serves food which is a great place to get out of the sun and to get liquid replacement. Your enemy on trip like this is dehydration. picture 4 for track/5057  : Cofete, Fuerteventura: fabulous beach, hidden col and tiresome return.
Setting out from Cofete towards the col to Morro Jable is an act of faith! The col you will go over is the rightmost of the two in the picture.
After leaving Cofete you come to the climb over the ridge. The route is tortuous though well maintained and reaches around 350m at the Degollada de Cofete and then into the Gran Valle gradually decending towards the south and Morro Jable, cafes and shelter. picture 5 for track/5057  : Cofete, Fuerteventura: fabulous beach, hidden col and tiresome return.
Another picture, this one from near the top of the col an viewing west towards Montaña Fraile, which gives a good idea of just how steep it and much of the entire ridge actually is.
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