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Mull and Nearby Islands Area , Mull Subarea
Feature count in area: 72, all in ,
Highest Place: Ben More 966m

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Summits & other features in area Mull and Nearby Islands:
Gometra: Gometra 155m
Iona: Dun I 101m
Lunga (Treshnish Isles): Cruachan 103m
Mull: 'S Airde Beinn 295m, A'Chioch 867m, A'Mhaol Mhor 433m, An Cruachan 581m, Bearraich 432m, Beinn a'Chaol-airigh 127m, Beinn a'Ghraig 591m, Beinn a'Ghraig West Top 530m, Beinn a'Mheadhoin [Beinn a'Mheadhain] 602.7m, Beinn Bheag 537m, Beinn Bhearnach 633m, Beinn Bhuidhe 413m, Beinn Charsaig 449m, Beinn Chreagach 378.6m, Beinn Chreagach Mhor 579m, Beinn Chreagach Mhor East Top 569m, Beinn Fhada 501m, Beinn Fhada 702m, Beinn Fhada NW Top 563m, Beinn Mheadhon [Beinn Mheadhan] 637m, Beinn na Croise 503m, Beinn na Drise 424m, Beinn na Duatharach 456m, Beinn na Sreine 521m, Beinn nam Feannag 466m, Beinn nan Gabhar 572m, Beinn nan Gobhar 436m, Beinn Talaidh 761.7m, Beinn Thunicaraidh [Beinn Thunacaraidh] 648m, Ben Buie 717m, Ben More 966m, Carn Ban 248m, Carn Mor 343.1m, Cnap nan Gobhar 714m, Cnoc an da Chinn 391m, Coirc Bheinn 561m, Corra-bheinn 704.9m, Creach Beinn 698m, Creach Bheinn 491.7m, Creachan Mor 331m, Cruach Ardura 217.7m, Cruach Choireadail 618m, Cruach Inagairt 416m, Cruach nan Con 496m, Cruach Sleibhe 166m, Cruach Torr an Lochain 347.7m, Cruachan Beag 600.9m, Cruachan Beag 596m, Cruachan Dearg 704.1m, Cruachan Min 376m, Druim Fada 405m, Dun da Ghaoithe 766m, Fionna Mham 494m, Glas Bheinn 492m, Mainnir nam Fiadh 757m, Maol a'Ghearraidh 522m, Maol Ban 338.5m, Maol Buidhe 599.7m, Maol Mheadhonach 482m, Maol Mheadhonach 476m, Meall nan Capull 402m, Sgulan Beag 538m, Sgulan Mor 544m, Sgurr Dearg 741m, Speinne Mor 446m, Tom nam Fitheach 275.4m, Torr a'Ghoai 434m, Torr na h-Uamha 417m
Ulva: Beinn Chreagach 313m

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Beinn a'Chaol-airigh, 127m Hill
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Grid Reference NM35504 18452, OS 1:50k mapsheet 48
Place visited by: 2 members, recently by: markmjcampion, chalky
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Longitude: -6.2753, Latitude: 56.28454, Easting: 135504, Northing: 718452, Prominence: 103m,  Isolation: 9.6km
ITM: 706791 061260,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Bna127, 10 char: BnaChlrgh

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/b4813/
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Picture: Looking west to Bearraich.
Have a spare 2 hours on the way to Iona?
by markmjcampion 8 May 2015
This is a really nice, wild 2 hour hike which can easily be extended. Start at the car park [GR A (NM373 193) ] near the Ardachy Hotel…space for at least 6 cars. There's a gate at the south of the car park through which you can gain access to Ardalanish beach after a 5 minute stroll. Head west along the beach until you reach a large tor. Head to the right of this, crossing a large wooden fence in the process. Continue until you come to a gate which leads into a big field. Keep left of the gate and walk by the side of the fence until you come to a low gate which is easy to step over. Once over the gate head up the short gully on the NW side of Cnoc Mor until you come to a farm track. Either follow this track or go up and over Cnoc Mor, rejoining the farm track shortly afterwards. Either way, follow the track until you come to a sign which indicates that you've come to the end of the track. From here head west over rough, boggy, but not too wet ground until you reach the summit of Beinn a' Chaol-airigh. You'll make this in an hour especially if you head before the ferns start growing.
To return to your car by a more interesting route, head SE to meet the sea at GR B (NM368 178) . From here hug the coast until you get back to Ardalanish beach…it's fun, hopping from rock to rock with some minor scrambling and you should get around even at high tide. Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B4813/comment/17981/
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