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Lake District - Central & Western Fells Area , Lake District - Southern Fells Subarea
Feature count in area: 256, by county: : 255, Cumberland (CoH) Cumbria (CoA) Cumbria (: 1,
Highest Place: Scafell Pike 978m

Starting Places in area Lake District - Central & Western Fells:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Lake District - Central & Western Fells:
Oakhowe Crag 417m
Lake District - Central Fells: Armboth Fell 475m, Armboth Fell (Birkett) 480m, Bell Crags [Long Moss] [Blea Tarn Fell] 559.1m, Belles Knott 494m, Blea Rigg 541m, Bleaberry Fell 590m, Bleaberry Fell SE Top 571m, Brown Rigg 463m, Calf Crag 537m, Castle Crag (Shoulthwalte) 404m, Castle How [Raw Pike] 500m, Codale Head 732m, Coldbarrow Fell - High Saddle 675m, Dodd Crag 463m, Eagle Crag 525m, Ether Knott 419m, Fisher Crag 421m, Gibson Knott 420m, Grange Fell [Brund Fell] 416m, Great Castle How 499m, Great Crag (Stonethwaite) 449m, Great How (Thirlmere) 333m, Harrison Stickle 736m, Helm Crag 405m, High Crag 452m, High Raise [High Raise (High White Stones)] 762m, High Seat 608m, High Tove 515m, Knotts 400m, Lang How 414m, Lining Crag 542m, Little Castle How 481m, Loft Crag 680m, Loughrigg Fell 335m, Low Saddle 656m, Low White Stones 731m, Martcrag Moor 547m, Middle Crag 484m, Middle How 483m, Pavey Ark 700m, Pike of Stickle 709m, Raven Crag 461m, Sergeant Man 736m, Sergeant's Crag 571m, Shivery Knott 491m, Standing Crag 611m, Steel Fell [Dead Pike - Steel Fell] 553m, Swinescar Pike 411m, Tarn Crag (Easedale) 549m, The Benn [Sippling Crag] 446m, Thorn Crag 642m, Thunacar Knott 723m, Ullscarf 726m, Watendlath Fell [Long Moss] 515m, Whitegill Crag 472m, Wythburn Fell 508m
Lake District - North Western Fells: Aikin Knott 473m, Ard Crags 581m, Barrow 455m, Catbells 451m, Causey Pike 637m, Crag Hill [Eel Crag] 839m, Dale Head 753m, Dodd (Lorton) 454m, Eel Crag (Birkett) 807m, Force Crag 475m, Gasgale Crags 703m, Grasmoor 852m, Grisedale Pike 791m, High Crags 412m, High Crags (Newlands) 529m, High Scawdel 556m, High Snab Bank 440m, High Snockrigg 526m, High Spy 653m, High Spy North Top 634m, Hindscarth 727m, Hobcarton Crag [Hobcarton Head] 739m, Hobcarton End 634m, Hopegill Head 770m, Ill Crag (Newlands) [Knott Rigg North Top] 546m, Knott Rigg 556m, Lad Hows 426m, Ladyside Pike 703m, Low Scawdel 521m, Maiden Moor 575m, Nitting Haws 420m, Outerside 568m, Red Knott 452m, Robinson 737m, Rowling End 433m, Sail 773m, Sand Hill 756m, Scar Crags 672m, Scope End 412m, Stile End 447m, Swinside 509m, Swinside 244m, Thirdgill Head Man 734m, Wandope 772m, Whin Ben 413m, White Pike 782m, Whiteless Pike 660m, Whiteside East Top [Whiteside] [Gasgale Crags] 719m, Whiteside [Whiteside West Top] 707m
Lake District - Southern Fells: Allen Crags 785m, Black Crags (Mickleden) 588m, Blake Rigg (Little Langdale) 535m, Blunt Top 901m, Border End 522m, Bowfell 902m, Bowfell North Top 866m, Broad Crag 934m, Buck Pike (Mickleden) 606m, Cam Spout Crag 676m, Cold Pike 701m, Cold Pike Far West Top 670m, Cold Pike West Top 683m, Combe Door Top 676m, Combe Head 735m, Crinkle Crags - Fourth Crinkle 832m, Crinkle Crags - Gunson Knott [Fifth Crinkle] 822m, Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle] 859m, Crinkle Crags - Third Crinkle [Gunson Knott] 840m, Crinkle Crags South Top [First Crinkle] 834m, Dovenest Top [Dovenest Crag] [Stonethwaite Fell] 632m, Esk Pike 885m, Eskdale Fell - Whinscales 425m, Glaramara 783m, Glaramara - Looking Steads 775m, Great End 910m, Great How - Eskdale Fell 522m, Great Knott 696m, Hard Knott 549m, Hard Knott South Top 523m, High Gait Crags 572m, High House Tarn Top [High House - Allen Crags] 684m, High Scarth 487m, Ill Crag 935m, Illgill Head 609m, Lingmell 807m, Lingmoor Fell [Lingmoor Fell - Brown How] 469m, Little Stand 740m, Middleboot Knotts 703m, Pen 762m, Pianet Knott 431m, Pike de Bield 810m, Pike of Blisco 705m, Red Beck Top [Glaramara South Top] 721m, Rossett Pike 651m, Rosthwaite Fell - Bessyboot 551m, Rosthwaite Fell [Rosthwaite Cam] 612m, Round How 741m, Scafell 964m, Scafell Pike 978m, Scar Lathing 439m, Seathwaite Fell (Wainwright summit) 601m, Seathwaite Fell South Top 631m, Seathwaite Fell [Great Slack - Seathwaite Fell] 632m, Shelter Crags 815m, Shelter Crags North Top 775m, Slight Side 762m, Stonesty Pike 765m, Symonds Knott 959m, Thornythwaite Fell 574m, Throstlehow Crag 404m, Tongue Head 656m, Whin Rigg (Wasdale) 537m, White Stones - The Band 568m, Wrynose Fell - Long Crag 545m, Yeastyrigg Crags 761m, Yew Bank 499m
Lake District - Western Fells: Banna Fell 411m, Banna Fell [Banna Fell East Top] 456m, Base Brown 646m, Bell Rib 462m, Black Crag 801m, Black Crag 828m, Blake Fell 573m, Brandreth 715m, Buckbarrow 423m, Burnbank Fell 475m, Carling Knott 544m, Caw Fell 697m, Crag Fell 523m, Dent [Long Barrow] 352m, Dodd (Buttermere) 641m, Fellbarrow - Mosser Fell 416m, Fleetwith Pike 648m, Floutern Cop 451m, Gale Fell 518m, Gale Fell East Top 499m, Gavel Fell 526m, Gavel Fell - High Nook [Gavel Fell North Top] 488m, Glade How 440m, Great Borne 616m, Great Gable 899m, Great Round How 554m, Great Scoat Fell 802m, Green Crag 528m, Green Gable 801m, Grey Knotts 697m, Grike 488m, Hannah Moor 141m, Haycock 797m, Haystacks (Buttermere) 597m, Haystacks SE Top 544m, Hen Comb 509m, Herdus 562m, High Crag (Buttermere) 744m, High Park 247m, High Pen 475m, High Pikehow 574m, High Stile 806m, High Stile [Grey Crag - High Stile] 807m, Honister Crag [Black Star] 633m, Iron Crag [Ennerdale Fell] 640m, Kirk Fell 802m, Kirk Fell East Top [Kirk Fell North Top] 787m, Lank Rigg 541m, Lingmell (Ennerdale) 427m, Little Dodd (Ennerdale) 590m, Little Gowder Crag 733m, Little Round How 494m, Long Crag 652m, Looking Stead (Pillar) 627m, Low Fell 423m, Low Pen 435m, Loweswater End - Carling Knott 519m, Loweswater Fell [Low Fell] 412m, Mellbreak North Top 509m, Mellbreak [Mellbreak South Top] 512m, Middle Fell 582m, Middle Scoat Fell 833m, Murton Fell [Knock Murton] 447m, Napes Needle 680m, Owsen Fell 409m, Pillar 892m, Pillar Rock 780m, Red Pike (Buttermere) 755m, Red Pike (Wasdale) 826m, Scoat Fell 841m, Seat 561m, Seatallan 692m, Seatoller Fell 461m, Seavy Knott 544m, Sharp Knott 482m, Sourfoot Fell 411m, Starling Dodd 633m, Steeple 819m, Swainson Knott 345m, Tewit How 612m, Whoap 511m, Yewbarrow 627m, Yewbarrow North Top [Stirrup Crag] 616m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Pen, 762m Mountain
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Grid Reference NY22154 06743, OS 1:50k mapsheet 89 90
Place visited by: 3 members, recently by: rhw, IainT, jimbloomer
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
Longitude: -3.202089, Latitude: 54.450098, Easting: 322154, Northing: 506743, Prominence: 9.5m,  Isolation: 0.6km
ITM: 911049 866337

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Pen, 10 char: Pen

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