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The Northern Pennines Area , Yorkshire Dales - Northern Fells Subarea
Feature count in area: 166, by county: : 163, Tyne and Wear (CoA) Gateshead (CoU): 1, Durham (CoH): 1, Yorkshire, North Riding (CoH) Durham (Co: 1,
Highest Place: Cross Fell 893m

Starting Places in area The Northern Pennines:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area The Northern Pennines:
Birkett Hill 405m, Blease Fell 474m, Brown Moor 412m, Burney Hill 426m, Catterick 426m, Currock Hill 259m, Dine Holm Scar 414m, Flagdaw 414m, Fremington Edge 475m, Grey Carrs 461m, Hope Fell 427m, Langdale Knott 477m, Lilswood Moor 447m, Little Heaplaw 438m, Long Rigg 413m, Long Scar Pike [Coalpit Hill] 401m, Millstone Grits 411m, Mount Ida 449m, Pontop Pike 312m, Sheriff Hill 167m, Simmerson Hill 400m, Strawberry Hill 193m, Whit Fell 411m, Winder 473m
North Pennines - Eastern Fells: Alston Moor [Middle Fell] 580m, Ayle Common 524m, Black Hill 645m, Black Hill 604m, Boltslaw West [Bolt's Law] 541m, Brownley Hill 533m, Burnhope Seat 747m, Burnhope Seat - Trig Point 746m, Chapelfell Top 703m, Collier Law 516m, Dead Stones 710m, Dry Rigg [Redburn Common] 566m, Fendrith Hill 697m, Flinty Fell 614m, Great Stony Hill 708m, Hard Rigg 546m, Harwood Carrs 502m, Harwood Common 718m, Horseshoe Hill 519m, Islington Hill 492m, Killhope Law 673m, Knockshield Moor 574m, Knoutberry Hill 668m, Long Man 535m, Middlehope Moor [Burtree Fell] 612m, Millstone Rigg 490m, Monk's Moor 565m, Nags Head 678m, Outberry Plain 656m, Pike Rigg 526m, Stangend Rigg 634m, The Dodd 614m, Three Pikes 651m, Westernhope Moor [James's Hill] 675m
North Pennines - Western Fells: Backstone Edge 699m, Beacon Hill 286m, Bellbeaver Rigg 620.1m, Benty Hill 609.2m, Bink Moss 619m, Black Fell 664m, Blaze Fell 242m, Blotting Raise [Croglin Fell] 592m, Brownber Hill 519m, Bullman Hills 610m, Bullman Hills South Top 614m, Cold Fell 621m, Croglin Fell 567m, Cross Fell 893m, Cumrew Fell 483m, Cuns Fell 539m, Dufton Pike 481m, Fiend's Fell 634m, Great Blacklaw Hill 595m, Great Dun Fell 848m, Great Knipe 514.9m, Grey Nag 656m, Helbeck Fell 587m, How Top 513m, Iron Band 563m, Knock Fell 794m, Knock Pike 398m, Little Dun Fell 842m, Little Fell 748m, Long Crag 686m, Long Fell 622m, Long Man Hill 658m, Meldon Hill 767m, Melmerby Fell 709m, Mickle Fell 790m, Murton Fell 675m, Murton Fell (B&L GR) 674m, Murton Pike 594m, Park Fell 511m, Roman Fell 594m, Round Hill 686m, Scarset Rigg 521m, Standards 598m, Thack Moor 609.6m, Three Pikes 585m, Tinside Rigg 624m, Tom Smith's Stone Top 637m, Viewing Hill 649m, Watch Hill 603m, Widdybank Fell 527m
Yorkshire Dales - Northern Fells: Arant Haw 605m, Archy Styrigg [Gregory Chapel] 695m, Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill 678m, Black Scar 497m, Blea Barf 542m, Bram Rigg Top 672m, Brownber Head 600m, Bush Howe 623m, Calders 675.4m, Calver Hill [Reeth Low Moor] 487m, Cleasby Hill 511m, Docker Knott 530m, Fell Head 639.9m, Great Pinseat 583m, Great Shunner Fell 716m, Green Bell 605m, Hand Lake 499.6m, Harter Fell 521m, Hazelgill Knott 578m, High Greygrits 522m, High Seat 709m, Hooksey 586m, Hoove 554.6m, Hugh Seat 689m, Kensgriff 574m, Kisdon 498.6m, Knott 412m, Knoutberry Haw 676m, Linghaw 498.8m, Little Fell 559m, Little Fell 667m, Lovely Seat 674.7m, Melbecks Moor 578m, Moudy Mea 522m, Nateby Common [Tailbridge Hill] 547m, Nettle Hill 382m, Nine Standards Rigg 662m, Oxnop Common - Blackstone 584m, Pickerstone Ridge 565m, Randygill Top 624m, Robert's Seat 549m, Rogan's Seat 672m, Sails 666m, Simon's Seat 587m, Stony Band 597m, Swarth Fell 681m, Swarth Fell Pike 651m, Tarn Seat [Conny Tammy Currack] [The Fleak] 551m, The Calf 676m, Uldale Head 532m, Wandale Hill 497m, Water Crag 668m, West Fell 542m, White Mossy Hill 659m, Wild Boar Fell 708m, Wild Boar Fell East Top 707m, Woodhall Greets 536m, Yarlside 639m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Robert's Seat, 549m Mountain
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Grid Reference NY87176 04542, OS 1:50k mapsheet 91 92
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Longitude: -2.199217, Latitude: 54.436141, Easting: 387176, Northing: 504542, Prominence: 22m,  Isolation: 3.5km
ITM: 976127 869688,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: RbrtSt, 10 char: RbrtsSeat

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B7711/
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