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The River Tweed to the English Border Area , Manor Hills Subarea
Feature count in area: 398, by county: : 393, Lanarkshire (CoH) South Lanarkshire (UA): 1, Peeblesshire (CoH) Selkirkshire (CoH) Bo: 1, Dumfriesshire (CoH): 1, Roxburghshire (CoH): 2,
Highest Place: Broad Law 840m

Starting Places in area The River Tweed to the English Border:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area The River Tweed to the English Border:
Archie Hill 443m, Arkleton Hill 521m, Belling Hill 354m, Black Knowe 453m, Black Knowe 549m, Black Law 338m, Blackburn Head 472m, Blackhall Hill 481m, Blackwood Hill 447m, Blaeberry Hill 420m, Blake Muir 467m, Bowerhope Law 478m, Broomy Law 463m, Burnswark Hill 287m, Byehass Hill 422m, Cacra Hill 471m, Cademuir Hill 416m, Calkin Rig 451m, Castle Hill 483m, Coomb Edge 444m, Coutlair Knowe 418m, Craig Hill 487m, Craig Hill 382m, Craig Hill North Top 496m, Craigmaid 553m, Craik Cross Hill 450m, Crib Law 424m, Crumpton Hill 480m, Deuchar Law 543m, Dod Fell 463m, Dod Hill 495m, Eildon Hill North 404m, Eildon Mid Hill 422m, Ellson Fell 537m, Ewelair Hill 434m, Eweslees Knowe 448m, Fanna Hill 515m, Fastheugh Hill 501.5m, Fauldshope Hill 477m, Foulshiels Hill 444m, Gamescleuch Hill 469m, Glentenmont Height 412m, Goseland Hill 435m, Goshen Hill 405m, Grange Fell 319m, Great Hill 441m, Great Muir 469m, Greatmoor Hill 599m, Grey Hill 401m, Haggy Hill 432m, Hareshaw Hill 464m, Harleburn Head 546m, Hart Fell 331m, Hazel Rig 407m, Home Law 412m, Hownam Law 449m, Humblemoor Hill 363m, Hunt Hill 231m, Ladder Law 445m, Ladshaw Fell 465m, Lamington Hill 492m, Latchly Hill 411m, Law Kneis 498m, Lightning Hill 487m, Linton Hill 282m, Merry Law 477m, Middlebar Knowe 415m, Minch Moor 567m, Minto Hills 276m, Mossbrae Hill 467m, Mountbenger Law 544m, Mountcommon Hill 462m, Munshiel Hill 403m, Needs Law 444m, Nether Hill 427m, Nether Oliver Dod 511m, Peat Law 426m, Peatshank Head 481m, Penchrise Pen 439m, Peniel Heugh 237m, Philhope Fell 403m, Pike Fell 499m, Pike Fell 400m, Pike Hill 419m, Pikethaw Hill 564m, Plora Rig 474m, Potholm Hill 310m, Quickningair Hill 488m, Roan Fell 568m, Rough Side [Quarter Wood Hill] 402m, Roughbank Height 448m, Rubers Law 424m, Sauchie Law 442m, Scaw'd Fell 549m, Shaw's Hill 394m, Skelfhill Pen 532m, South Grain Pike 420m, Stanhope Law 450m, Startup Hill 439m, Stibbiegill Head 458m, Tewsgill Hill 569m, The Wiss 589m, Turner Cleuch Law 551m, Tushielaw 435m, Venchen Hill 269m, Warb Law [Stubholm Hill] 281m, Ward Law 594m, Wedder Lairs 470m, White Hill 399m, White Law 417m, White Law 419m, Whiteside Hill 442m, Wisp Hill 595m, Woden Law 422m, Woodbus Fell 451m, Worm Hill 541m, Yadburgh Hill 474m
Culter Hills and Tinto: Backwater Rig 511m, Benshaw Hill 503m, Black Dod 548m, Blakehope Head 542m, Bodsberry Hill 402m, Broad Hill 511m, Broad Hill 469m, Broomy Law 551m, Cardon Hill 675m, Chapelgill Hill 696m, Clyde Law 546m, Cocklie Rig Head 488m, Common Law 470m, Coomb Dod 635m, Coomb Hill 640m, Craig Hill 497m, Culter Fell 748m, Duncangill Head 579m, Ewe Hill 488m, Gathersnow Hill 688m, Glengary Knowe 429m, Glenlood Hill 566m, Glenwhappen Dod 536m, Great Hill 540m, Hardrig Head 559m, Hartree Hills [Pyatknowe Hill] 410m, Hawkwood Hill 549m, Hazelbush Hill 510m, Hillshaw Head 652m, Hudderstone 626m, Knock Hill 514m, Knowe Dod 440m, Lady Cairn 522m, Mid Hill 470m, Middle Head 519m, Moss Law 571m, Nap Hill 437m, Pin Stane 519m, Pinnacle [Midge Hill] 519m, Rodger Law 541m, Rome Hill 565m, Scawdmans Hill 573m, Scotts Dod 543m, Sowen Hill 550m, The Seat 562m, Turkey Hill 489m, Upper Oliver Dod 490m, Ward Law 482m, Wellshot Hill 426m, White Hill 412m, Whitecamp Brae 546m, Whitelaw Brae 577m, Whiteside Hill 440m, Windgate Bank 562m, Woodycleuch Dod 538m, Yearngill Head 550m
Ettrick Hills: Andrewhinney Hill 677.3m, Bell Craig 623m, Berry Knowe 409m, Big Hill 432m, Black Hill 474m, Black Knowe Head 550m, Blaeberry Hill 446m, Bodesbeck Law 664.2m, Broadgair Hill 551m, Broken Back 509m, Bushie Law 524m, Capel Fell 678m, Cauld Face 536m, Cockplay Hill 408m, Cossars Hill 462m, Cowan's Croft 579m, Croft Head 637m, Dob's Craig 539m, Drowningdub Knowes 428m, Dunhope Law 517m, East Muchra Hill 531m, Eldinhope Knowe 408m, Ettrick Pen 692m, Ewelairs Hill 525m, Fall Law 558m, Herman Law 614.4m, Hope Head 519m, Hopetoun Craig 632m, Jock's Shoulder 536m, Lamblair Knowe 524m, Laverhay Height 484m, Loch Fell 688m, Lochy Law 518m, Megs Hill 438m, Mid Rig 615.8m, Nether Craig 534m, Nowtrig Head 607.7m, Peat Hill 461m, Peniestone Knowe 551m, Phawhope Hill 503m, Phawhope Kips 590m, Pot Hill 499m, Pot Law 568m, Rough Knowe 481m, Ruegill Hill 496m, Sailfoot Law 514m, Sandtrae Knowe 490m, Scabcleugh Hill 435m, Scar Hill 512m, Shepherdscleuch Rig 548m, Smidhope Hill 644m, Spots Law 439m, Sundhope Height 512m, Trowgrain Middle 628m, Wedder Law 445m, West Knowe 672m, White Shank 621.6m, Wind Fell 665m, Windlestraw Law [Ark Law] 496m
Kielder: Larriston Fells 512m
Manor Hills: Birks Hill 624m, Birkscairn Hill 661m, Birkside Law 594m, Black Cleuch Hill [Blackhouse Heights] 675m, Black Law 698m, Black Law SW Top 696m, Breach Law 575m, Broad Law 840m, Broomy Law 534m, Brown Knowe 523m, Brown Knowe 706m, Cademuir Fort 407m, Canada Hill 528m, Clockmore 641m, Cockiland Hill 424m, Conscleuch Head 624m, Craig Head 421m, Cramalt Craig 830.2m, Curly Moor 462m, Deepslack Knowe 576m, Deer Law 629m, Dollar Law 817m, Drumelzier Law 668m, Dun Rig 744m, Elibank Law 522m, Far Hill 528m, Fifescar Knowe 811m, Glengaber Hill 492m, Glenrath Heights 732m, Great Knock 693m, Greenside Law 643m, Greenside Law South Top 611m, Grey Weather Law 712m, Hare Law 510m, Henderland Hill 531m, Hog Hill 487m, Horse Hope Hill 592m, Hundleshope Heights 686m, Hunt Law 639m, Kirkhope Law 537m, Lamb Knowe 662m, Little Craigie Side 487m, Long Grain Knowe 704m, Mathieside Cairn 669m, Middle Hill 717.1m, Newby Kipps 503m, Notman Law 734m, Paddock Slack 490m, Pykestone Brae 492m, Pykestone Hill 737m, Scawd Law 505m, Shielhope Head 613m, Stake Law 681m, Stob Law 676m, Taberon Law 636.7m, Talla Cleuch Head 691m, The Scrape 719m, Tods Knowe 691m, Wallace's Hill 460m, Wanders Knowe 492m, Ward Law 421m, Welshie Law 504m, White Cleuch Hill 611m, Whiteknowe Head 513m, Whitelaw Hill 479m, Wylies Hill 608.4m
Moffat Hills: Badentree Hill 489m, Ballaman Hill 542m, Barncorse Knowe 549m, Big Dod 458m, Black Fell 467m, Cape Law 722m, Carlavin Hill 736m, Carrifran Gans 757m, Chalk Rig Edge 500m, Craig Law 514m, Craigdilly 586m, Crown of Scotland 538m, Crumley Hill 557m, Din Law 667m, Ellers Cleuch Rig 612m, Erie Hill 690m, Errickstane Hill 466m, Falcon Craig 723.6m, Firthhope Rig 800m, Firthybrig Head 766m, Foal Burn Head 510m, Garelet Dod 698m, Garelet Hill 681m, Glengonnor Hill 437m, Gool Knowe 524m, Great Hill 466m, Great Hill 774.7m, Hart Fell 808m, Laird's Cleuch Rig [Lairds Cleuch Rig] 684m, Little Bog Hill 465m, Lochcraig Head 800.8m, Mid Craig 729m, Molls Cleuch Dod 785m, Muckle Knees 588m, Muckle Knowe 466m, Nether Coomb Craig 724.1m, Nickies Knowe 760.8m, Onweather Hill 475m, Oxcleugh Rig 518m, Paper Hill 577m, Saddle Yoke 735.5m, Shielhope Hill 539m, Swatte Fell 730m, Syart Law 517m, The Bank 437m, The Rig 423m, Tinny Bank 418m, Tweedhopefoot Rig 411m, Under Saddle Yoke 745m, Upper Tarnberry 552m, Watch Knowe 605m, Watch Law 521m, Whaup Knowe 525m, White Coomb 821m, Whitehope Heights 637m, Whitehope Knowe 613m
Roxburgh: Blackgrain Height 496m, Broad Head 493m, Bye Hill 498m, Carlin Tooth 511m, Catrail Edge 463m, Cauldcleuch Head 619m, Causeway Grain Head 492m, Comb Hill 513m, Dan's Hags 503m, Din Fell 529m, Dod Rig 416m, Ellson Fell South Top 494m, Ewe Hill 471m, Faw Side 526m, Geordie's Hill 464m, Lamblair Hill 498m, Leap Hill 472m, Maiden Paps 510m, Mid Hill 436m, Millstone Edge 567m, Saughtree Fell 459m, Scaw'd Law 503m, Scawd Bank 547m, Shankend Hill [Hillend] 411m, Skelfhill Fell 534m, Stock Hill 477m, Tamond Heights 455m, Tinnis Hill 404m, Tudhope Hill 599m, Wether Law 509m, Wetherhorn Hill 522m, Wyndburgh Hill 507m
The Cheviots: Beefstand Hill 562m, Blackdean Curr 501m, Cairn Hill West Top [Hangingstone Hill] 743m, Callaw Cairn 507m, Carlin Tooth 551m, Craik Moor 456m, Mozie Law 552m, Philip Law 414m, Phillip Shank 479m, Pudding Law 428m, The Curr 564m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Hare Law, 510m Mountain
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Grid Reference NT37507 32831, OS 1:50k mapsheet 73
Place visited by: 3 members, recently by: markmjcampion, Bernieor, madfrankie
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
Longitude: -2.992957, Latitude: 55.585095, Easting: 337507, Northing: 632831, Prominence: 28m,  Isolation: 1.1km
ITM: 915539 993446

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: HrL510, 10 char: Hare La510

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Member Comments for Hare Law

   picture about Hare Law
Picture: Hare Law is the none too distinguished 'peak' in the middle ground.
Nothing to recommend it...
by markmjcampion 20 Apr 2023
...other than the fact that very fewm people would ever bother to trudge through the heather to reach it. A v slight diversion off the SUW at A (NT37466 32762) will have you there in about one minute. Linkback:
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