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Central Scotland from Dumbarton to Montrose Area , Ochil Hills Subarea
Feature count in area: 120, by county: : 114, Fife (CoH) Fife (CoA) Fife (UA): 1, North Lanarkshire (UA): 1, West Dunbartonshire (UA): 1, East Dunbartonshire (UA): 1, Clackmannanshire (CoH) Clackmannanshire: 1, Kinross-shire (CoH): 1,
Highest Place: Ben Cleuch 721m

Starting Places in area Central Scotland from Dumbarton to Montrose:

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Summits & other features in area Central Scotland from Dumbarton to Montrose:
Auchterhouse Hill 424m, Benarty Hill 356m, Bishop Hill 461m, Black Hill 213m, Cairnie Hill 228.8m, Cowden Hill 204m, Craigowl Hill 455m, Cromlet 407m, Culteuchar Hill 313m, Dumglow 379m, Dunnichen Hill 233m, East Lomond 448m, Fothringham Hill 254m, Gask Hill 358m, King's Seat 377m, Kirkton Hill 182m, Knock Hill 364m, Knockour Hill - Mount Misery 176m, Largo Law 290m, Lucklaw Hill 190m, Lumbennie Hill 284m, Lundie Craigs 353m, Moncreiffe Hill 223m, Mount Hill 221m, Murrayshall Hill 283.6m, Norman's Law 285m, Ormiston Hill [Black Cairn Hill] 236m, Pole Hill 288m, Saline Hill 359m, Turin Hill 252m, West Lomond 522m
Campsie Fells: Allanrowie 493m, Allanrowie East Top 488m, Auchineden Hill 357m, Cairnoch Hill 413m, Carleatheran 485m, Clachertyfarlie Knowes 547m, Cort-ma Law East Top 526m, Dumbreck 508m, Dumfoyn 426m, Dumgoyne 427m, Duncolm 401m, Dundaff Hill 352m, Dungoil 424m, Earl's Hill 441m, Earl's Seat 578m, Fynloch Hill 400m, Garrel Hill 459m, Hart Hill 437m, Holehead 552m, Kailrine Hill 491m, Lecket Hill 547m, Little Bin 443m, Meikle Bin 570m, Owsen Hill 504m, Slackdhu 496m, Stronend 511m, Tomtain 453m
Glen Artney Hills: Beinn nan Eun 631m, Beinn Odhar 626m, Ben Clach 533m, Cnoc nan Oighreag 495m, Meall a'Choire Odhair 357m, Meall Clachach 618.9m, Meall Coire Nochd Mor 497m, Meall Leathan Dhail 484m, Torlum 393m, Uamh Bheag 665.6m, Uamh Bheag East Top 663.4m
Ochil Hills: Andrew Gannel Hill 670m, Bald Hill 500.1m, Beld Hill 412m, Ben Buck NE Top [Burnfoot Hill] 583m, Ben Cleuch 721m, Ben Ever 622m, Ben Shee 516m, Ben Thrush 456m, Bengengie Hill 565m, Big Hunt Hill 520m, Black Creich Hill 443m, Blairdenon Hill 631m, Brown Hill 419m, Burnt Hill 405m, Cairnmorris Hill 606m, Carmodle 408m, Cock Law 408m, Colsnaur Hill 553m, Commonedge Hill 468m, Corb Law 475m, Core Hill 542m, Craig Rossie 410m, Craigentaggert Hill 493m, Craighorn 583m, Down Hill 361m, Dumyat 418m, East Craigs 473m, Elistoun Hill 497m, Glentye Hill 481m, Greenforet Hill 616m, Hillfoot Hill 442m, Innerdouny Hill 497m, Innerdownie 610m, John's Hill 483m, Kidlaw Hill 510m, King's Seat Hill 648m, Lamb Hill 422m, Lendrick Hill 456m, Mellock Hill 479m, Mid Cairn [Craig Leith] 542m, Middle Hill 556m, Rowantree Craig 474m, Sim's Hill 483m, Skythorn Hill 601m, Steele's Knowe 485m, Tarmangie Hill 645m, The Law 638m, The Law 404m, The Nebit 449m, Wether Hill 503m, Whitewisp Hill 643m

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Colsnaur Hill, 553m Mountain
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Grid Reference NS86100 99300, OS 1:50k mapsheet 58
Place visited by: 1 members, recently by: ochils_trekker
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Longitude: -3.836096, Latitude: 56.172685, Easting: 286100, Northing: 699300, Prominence: 26m,  Isolation: 1.2km
ITM: 858504 055279,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: ClsnHl, 10 char: ClsnrHil

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B7130/
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Picture: Looking north from Menstrie Moss
A good to be alive day in the Ochil Hills
by ochils_trekker 10 Mar 2021
In winter 2020-21, under heavy travel restrictions, I was one of the lucky few in central Scotland who could legitimately venture out, as I live within a few minutes' drive of the beautiful and undersung Ochil Hills (pron. oh-kul) which lie mostly in Clackmannanshire – the smallest county in Scotland – but also extend into Perthshire and Stirlingshire in the north and west respectively.
This day was one of clear skies after heavy snowfall, and I did a route which started and ended at the small village of Menstrie, taking in a circuit of Big Hunt Hill , the large bleak expanse of Menstrie Moss and the sub-2000 peak of Colsnaur Hill. Parking at the scout hut near the village green NS8A (NS4940 9706), I headed E along the road and turned N up the track through the kissing gate at NS8B (NS5061 9706).
The good wide track track heads up in a series of sharp bends, quickly gaining height...a common feature with the Ochils range, jutting dramatically as they do from the flat plains of the river Forth to the south.
After about an hour , I followed the track NW at the split NS8C (NS4350 9935) and carried on as the track headed N and then NE , eventually passing a joining track heading back SE (ignore this) and then crossing the Third Inchna Burn.
Shortly after this, the final push finds another split in the track. I headed N here, and after a few hundred metres, the track meets a fence and stile next to a gate. From here, I struck out broadly NE across the normally mossy and often wet expanse of Menstrie Moss to top Big Hunt Hill (520m), the highest of a cluster of three hills with terrific views N and NW towards the start of the Highlands, with the Crianlarich mountains, the Lawers range and to to the west, Ben Lomond. A grand spot for lunch at NN8D (NN4765 0132) .
From here, I headed back a few hundred metres S to meet the track and then headed broadly SE across Menstrie Moss , until eventually reaching a fenceline, which I followed S and SW towards the second summit of Colsnaur Hill (553m). Again, the views north to the Perthshire highlands and east to the central Ochils were worth a brief stop and some pictures.
To complete the circuit, I descended on the track SW , crossing over a broad forestry track at
NS8E (NS5538 9888) to go through a swing gate in a deer fence ; then carried on SSW through the fledgling forest to meet the winding, broad track which I started out on , returning on down to Menstrie.
A satisfying circuit in wonderful conditions. Time : approx 4-5 hours with a couple of short breaks. Distance : approx 18k. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/B7130/comment/22564/
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