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Carrick Mountain: Rocky top

Soldiers hill: Share the views.

Cooleys: Carlingford to Longwoman's Grave

Mournes: Slievelamagan, Cove Mtn and Slieve Beg from Silent Valley

Dunaff Hill: Dunaff is fenced OFF!

Tory Island: Pilloried by a trig point


Brandon Hill: Excellent signage

Classic Mountain Days by Jones, Gareth Ll.

The Muglins: Small island with a lighthouse on it.


Dalkey Island: Interesting island for a stroll.

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Glen Albyn and the Monadh Liath Area
Place count in area: 299,  
Highest place: Carn Dearg, 945m
Maximum height for area: 945 metres,     Maximum prominence for area: 590 metres,

Places in area Glen Albyn and the Monadh Liath:
A'Bhuidheanaich 727mA'Chailleach 930mA'Chraidhleag 688mA'Mharcanach 793mAm Bathaich 635mAn Socach 527mAn Staonaig 838mAn Staonaig West Top 822mAn Suidhe 541mAn Torr 522mAn Torr 614mAonach Odhar 642mBac nam Fuaran 831mBeinn a'Bhacaidh 555mBeinn a'Bhacaidh South Top 510mBeinn a'Bhathaich 456mBeinn a'Chrasgain 826.6mBeinn Acha' Bhraghad 682mBeinn Bhan 712mBeinn Bhreac 843mBeinn Bhreac 549mBeinn Bhreac 601mBeinn Bhreac Mhor 807mBeinn Bhreac North Top 701mBeinn Bhuidhe 711mBeinn Bhuraich 781mBeinn Bhuraich 563mBeinn Dubh 515mBeinn Dubhcharaidh 690mBeinn Dubhcharaidh SW Top 559mBeinn Ghuilbin 579mBeinn Mheadhoin 541mBeinn Mheadhoin 557mBeinn Mheadhoin 556mBeinn nan Cailleach 562mBeinn Odhar 870mBeinn Sgiath 887mBeinn Sgurrach 470mBinnein Mor 550mBlargie Craig 813mBrin Rock 435mBruach nan Imirichean 820mBurrach Mor 827mBurrach Mor South Top 801mCaimhlin Mor 661mCairn Dulnan 738mCairn Ewen 875mCairn Vungie 715mCalpa Mor 814mCarn a'Bhothain Mholaich 853mCarn a'Choire Ghlaise 778mCarn a'Choire Sheilich 792mCarn a'Chuilinn 817mCarn a'Chuilinn East Top 785mCarn a'Chuilinn Far East Top 788mCarn a'Chuilinn North Top 781mCarn a'Chuilinn South Top 768mCarn a'Garbh-choire 482mCarn Allt na Baranachd 498mCarn an Ailean 549mCarn an Aonaich Odhair 833mCarn an Fheadain 441mCarn an Fhreiceadain 878mCarn an Leth-choin 844mCarn an Sgianair 658mCarn an t-Suidhe 450mCarn Bad an Daimh 648mCarn Bad na Circe 495mCarn Bad nan Luibhean 471mCarn Ballach (NE Top) 919.2mCarn Ballach (SW Top) 919.7mCarn Ban [Carn Mairg] 942mCarn Banchor 518mCarn Caol 714mCarn Choire Odhair 773mCarn Choire Odhair 609mCarn Choire Riabhaich 541mCarn Choire Ruithe 568mCarn Clach nan Fearna 483mCarn Coire Dhealanaich 685mCarn Coire Dhealanaich East Top 684mCarn Coire na Caorach 636mCarn Coire na Creiche 825mCarn Coire na h-Easgainn 791mCarn Coire na h-Eirghe 740mCarn Coire na h-Inghinn 749mCarn Crom-gleann 655mCarn Dar-riach 503mCarn Dearg 298mCarn Dearg 516mCarn Dearg 817mCarn Dearg 768mCarn Dearg 736mCarn Dearg 945mCarn Dearg Beag 679mCarn Dearg Mor 714mCarn Dearg SE Top 923mCarn Doire Chaorach 529mCarn Doire na h-Achlais 632mCarn Doire nan Aighean 560mCarn Donnachaidh Beag 873mCarn Dubh 722mCarn Dubh 767mCarn Dubh Ic an Deoir 750mCarn Dubh South Top 750mCarn Easgainn Mor 714mCarn Easgann Bana 781mCarn Easgann Bana East Top 721mCarn Easgann Bana North Top 756mCarn Eitidh 508mCarn Fliuch-bhaid 658mCarn Fraoich 765mCarn Gairbhthinn 414mCarn Gearresith 728mCarn Gearresith West Top 709mCarn Ghriogair 806mCarn Ghriogair North Top 744mCarn Glac an Eich 631mCarn Icean Duibhe 809mCarn Leac 884mCarn Leac East Top 879mCarn Leacan Sleamhuinn 642mCarn Leachtar Dhubh 652mCarn Leachter 487mCarn Leachter Beag 671mCarn Leitir an Lochain 417mCarn Lethendry 438mCarn Liath 404mCarn Liath-bhaid 708mCarn Loch na Leitir 415mCarn Macoul 805mCarn Meadhonach 508mCarn Mhic Iamhair 781mCarn Mor 611mCarn Mor 584mCarn Moraig 558mCarn na Criche 876mCarn na Glaic Fhluich 550mCarn na Guaille 672mCarn na h-Easgainn 617mCarn na Lair 599mCarn na Larach 746mCarn na Laraiche Maoile 810mCarn na Laraiche Maoile South Top 797mCarn na Loinne 545mCarn na Loinne 508mCarn na Saobhaidh 766mCarn na Saobhaidh 714mCarn na Saobhaidh East Top 640mCarn na Saobhaidh Far East Top 602mCarn na Saobhaidhe 472mCarn na Saobhaidhe 603mCarn na Saobhaidhe 713mCarn na Saobhaidhe 811mCarn na Saobhaidhe East Top 734mCarn na Saobhaidhe NE Top 697mCarn na Saobhaidhe South Top 462mCarn na Saobhaidhe South Top 778mCarn na Seanalaich 548mCarn na Sguabaich 576mCarn nam Meirleach 779mCarn nan Luibean Glas 726mCarn nan Suilean Dubha 701mCarn Odhar 802mCarn Odhar na Criche 895mCarn Odhar na Criche North Top 886mCarn Odhar SE Top 716mCarn Odhar South Top 783mCarn Odhar West Top 719mCarn Phris Mhoir 618mCarn Ruigh na Creadha 603mCarn Ruighe Shamhraich 573mCarn Sgulain 812mCarn Sgulain 920.3mCarn Sleamhuinn 677mCarn Suidhe Ghoiril 584mCarn Tubhainn 560mCnoc an Tiumpain 716mCnoc an Tiumpain North Top 708mCnoc Chaorachain 526mCnoc Chleamants 564mCnoc Fraing 745mCnoc Fraing South Top 652mCnoc Thulagain 530mCoille Mhor 675mCorrieyairack Hill 892mCraigellachie 493mCreag a'Chail 761mCreag a'Chlachain 365mCreag a'Chliabhain 519mCreag an Dearg Lochain 813mCreag an Fhir-eoin 775mCreag an Fhir-eoin 739mCreag an Fhir-eoin East Top 769mCreag an Loin 547mCreag Ard Achaidh 438mCreag Ard Achaidh North Top 435mCreag Bhalg 526mCreag Bheag 427mCreag Bheag 487mCreag Coire Doe South Top 727mCreag Coire Doe West Top 721mCreag Coire Doe [Carn a'Chuilinn point 729m] 729mCreag Cuirn na Laraiche 494mCreag Dhearg 407mCreag Dhubh 443mCreag Dhubh 613mCreag Dhubh 787mCreag Dhubh 756mCreag Dhubh Flichity 518mCreag Dhubh Tigh an Aitinn 635mCreag Gharbh 541mCreag Gharbh West Top 533mCreag Ghleannain 599mCreag Innis an Daimh Dhuibh 334mCreag Liath 743mCreag Mhor 766mCreag Mhor 662mCreag Mhor East Top 765mCreag na h-Iolaire 535mCreag na h-Iolaire 815mCreag nan Abhag 590mCreag nan Clag 407mCreag nan Gobhar 495mCreag Nighean Iain Duinn [Foyers Hill] 248mCreag Righ Tharailt 470mCreag Shiaraidh 570mCreag Shoilleir 515mCreag Shrath-nin 477mCreagan nam Meann 638mEilrig 552mFionn-tom Mor 848mFuaran Doire Cluig 469mGairbeinn 896mGairbeinn North Top 870mGarbh-mheall Mor 575mGarbh-mheall Mor SE Top 574mGarbhal Mor 523mGeal Charn 926mGeal Charn 766mGeal Charn 876mGeal Charn 889mGeal-charn Beag 742mGeal-charn Mor 824mGlac a'Chaise 579mGlas Bheinn 648mGlas Charn 791mIleach Bhan 774mLeac nan Cisteachan 590mLeac nan Uan 694mLeacann Chorrach 795mLeathad Gaothach 844mLiath Dhoire 442mMarg na Craige 833.5mMeall a'Bhothain 909.9mMeall a'Bhuailt 659mMeall a'Chocaire 715mMeall a'Cholumain 317mMeall a'Chuit 577mMeall a'Ghiubhais 596mMeall a'Ghuirmein 451mMeall an Domhnaich 608mMeall an Duibhe 604mMeall an Tarsaid 493mMeall an Tarsaid (old GR) 492mMeall Caca 761mMeall Clach a'Cheannaich 458mMeall Donn 492mMeall na Ceardaich 879mMeall na h-Aisre 862mMeall na h-Uinneig 745mMeall nan Aighean Beag 699mMeall nan Laogh 775mMeall nan Ruadhag 700mMeallan Dubh 796mMeallan Odhar 500mMeallan Odhar 772mMeallan Odhar 536mMeallan Odhar 702mMullach a'Ghlinne 529mPoll-gormack Hill 805mPoll-gormack Hill East Top 778mSgaraman nam Fiadh [Sgaraman nam Fiadh N Top] 831mSguman Mor 622mSherramore Forest 759mSidhean Dubh 689mSidhean Dubh na Cloiche Baine 757mSith Mor 650mSlugan Liath 729mSneachdach Slinnean 919mSreang Glas a'Chuill 818mSron a'Bhuirich 857mStac Gorm 430mStac na Cathaig 446mTom Bailgeann 464mTom Bailgeann West Top 423mTorr Alvie 358mTorr Mor 502mTorr na Garbole 469m

Note: this list of places includes island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
Carn Dearg Mountain , in British over 600m, British Marilyn, Munro Lists

Height: 945m OS 1:50k Mapsheet: 35 Grid Reference: NH63569 02399
Place visited by 22 members. Recently by: rhw, OutdoorBill, gneissadventures, owen, Lauranna, joreidy, annem, nordicstar, schwann10, bolton12, gerrybowes, eamonoc, DeltaP, IainT, Wildcat
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Longitude: -4.25323, Latitude: 57.09227 , Easting: 263569, Northing: 802399 Prominence: 590m,  Isolation: 0.7km ,   GPS IDs, 6 char: Crn945, 10 char: Carn De945
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