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Southern Cumbria Area , Lake District - Far Eastern Fells Subarea
Feature count in area: 84, by county: : 83, Lancashire (CoH): 1,
Highest Place: The Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Ma 803m

Starting Places in area Southern Cumbria:

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Summits & other features in area Southern Cumbria:
Benson Knott 319m, Lambrigg Fell 339.6m, Scout Hill 285m
Lake District - Far Eastern Fells: Arnside Knott 159.1m, Crook Knott 256m, Grassgarth Heights 205m, Gummer's How 321m, Hampsfell 222m, Scout Scar 235m, Whitbarrow - Lord's Seat 215m
Lake District - Southern Fells: Beacon Fell 255m, Birk Fell Man - Birk Fell 529m, Birker Fell - White How 444m, Black Brows 268m, Black Combe 600m, Black Combe South Top 587m, Black Fell 323m, Black Sails 745m, Blake Rigg (Tilberthwaite) 423m, Brim Fell 796m, Brown Pike 682m, Buck Barrow 549m, Buck Pike - Seathwaite Fell 744m, Burn Moor 543m, Burney 298m, Caw 529m, Claife Heights 270m, Crook Crag 469m, Demming Crag 525m, Dow Crag 778m, Dow Crag 404m, Erin Crag 551m, Great Carrs 785m, Great How (Swirl Band) 770m, Great Intake - Low Fell 408m, Great Paddy Crag 532m, Great Whinscale 427m, Great Worm Crag 427m, Green Crag 489m, Green Pikes 420m, Grey Friar 773m, Harter Fell (Eskdale) 654m, Hawk Rigg 441m, Haystacks (Tilberthwaite) 423m, Hell Gill Pike 662m, Hesk Fell 477m, High Fell 428m, High Wythow 410m, Holme Fell 317m, Horsehow Crags 433m, Hutton Roof Crags 275m, Iron Crag 408m, Kennel Crag 412m, Kinmont Buck Barrow 535m, Kirkby Moor [Lowick High Common] 334m, Kitty Crag 435m, Lad Stones 616m, Lag Bank [Broughton Moor] 412m, Little Carrs 692m, Little How Crags 730m, Long Crag - Yewdale Fells 421m, Lowscales Hill 189m, Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag 231m, Peathill Crag 400m, Peathill Crag South Top 404m, Pikes 469m, Plough Fell 448m, Rowantree How 402m, Stainton Pike 498m, Stickle Pike 375m, Stoneside Hill 422m, Stoupdale Head 472m, Swirl How 802m, The Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man] 803m, Top o'Selside 335m, Walna Scar 621m, Wetherlam 763m, White Combe 417m, White Maiden 610m, White Pike (Birkby Fell) 442m, White Pike (Seathwaite) 598m, Whitfell 573m, Woodend Height 489m, Yoadcastle 494m

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Hampsfell, 222m Hill
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Grid Reference SD39958 79491, OS 1:50k mapsheet 96 97
Place visited by: 4 members, recently by: IainT, Fergalh, chalky, jimbloomer
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Longitude: -2.922055, Latitude: 54.207635, Easting: 339958, Northing: 479491, Prominence: 105m,  Isolation: 5.2km
ITM: 931134 840662,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Hmpsfl, 10 char: Hampsfell

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B5618/
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Member Comments for Hampsfell

            MountainViews.ie picture about Hampsfell
Picture: The summit area
Burren like summit area
by Fergalh 3 May 2021
Parked to the east on the B5271 at small layby on bend. Walked short distance south west along road to permissive path. Followed this into woods and headed west onto open ground a small climb lead to summit area. This is unmarked and has a burren type surface. There are two summits beside each other Hampsfell and Hampsfell Wainwright Outlying summit with a hundred metres or so between them. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/B5618/comment/23047/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Hampsfell
Picture: Tower at summit
Wainwright Outlying summit
by Fergalh 3 May 2021
This nearby the ordinary summit. There is a small tower with metal steps to a beacon with descriptions of what you can see in thye distance. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/B5618/comment/23048/
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