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Loch Treig to Loch Ericht Area
Feature count in area: 95, all in ,
Highest Place: Ben Alder 1148m

Starting Places in area Loch Treig to Loch Ericht:

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Summits & other features in area Loch Treig to Loch Ericht:
Am Binnein 547m, An Dun 513m, Aonach Beag 1115.7m, Beinn a'Chlachair 1087m, Beinn a'Chlachair East Top 977m, Beinn a'Chumhainn 901.9m, Beinn Bheoil 1019m, Beinn Eibhinn 1103.2m, Beinn Eilde 674m, Beinn na Lap 935m, Beinn Pharlagain Far South Top 799m, Beinn Pharlagain South Top 807m, Beinn Pharlagain [Ben Pharlagain - Meall na Meoig] 868m, Ben Alder 1148m, Binnein Shios 667m, Binnein Shuas 747m, Carn Dearg 941m, Carn Dearg 1034m, Carn na Ceardaich 571m, Chno Dearg 1046m, Creag a'Chuir 643m, Creag a'Ghrianain 496m, Creag a'Mhaigh 715m, Creag Buidhe 488m, Creag Chrocan 428m, Creag Dhubh 604m, Creag Doire na h-Achlaise 560m, Creag Doire na h-Achlaise NW Top 501m, Creag Lochan na h-Earba 571m, Creag Meall an Domhnaich 502m, Creag na Doire Duibhe 571m, Creag na h-Iolaire 821m, Creag na Sanais 529m, Creag nan Adhaircean 649m, Creag Pitridh 924m, Creagan an Amair 642m, Creagan Ruadh [Meall Glas-Uaine Mor] 704m, Cruban Beag 590m, Cruban Mor 504m, Diollaid a'Chairn 925m, Druim na Beiste 451m, Dun Daimh 443m, Garbh Mheall Mor 838m, Garbh-bheinn 857m, Geal Charn 1049m, Geal-charn 1132m, Leacann na Sguabaich 901m, Meall a'Bhealaich 865.2m, Meall an t-Slugain 812m, Meall an Uillt Riabhaich 507m, Meall Ardruighe 432m, Meall Beag 518m, Meall Buidhe 863m, Meall Chaorach 815m, Meall Cos Charnan 618m, Meall Cruaidh 897m, Meall Crubenmore 515m, Meall Dubh 532m, Meall Garbh 976m, Meall Garbh (old GR) 975m, Meall Glas Choire 924m, Meall Glas-uaine Mor 702m, Meall Liath na Doire Bhig 497m, Meall Luidh Mor 514m, Meall Mor 528m, Meall na Brachdlach 802m, Meall na Ceardaich 535m, Meall na Lice 584m, Meall nam Fiadh 861m, Meall nan Eagan 658m, Meall nan Eagan Far NW Top 442m, Meall nan Eagan NW Top 584m, Meall nan Eagan SW Top 588m, Meall Nathrach Mor 835m, Meall Ruigh nam Biorag 544m, Meall Ruigh nam Biorag East Top 510m, Meallach Chaitrine 534m, Meallan Odhar 615m, Mullach Coire nan Nead 922m, Mullach Doir-ath 495m, Ruigh Dubh Cloinne Chatnach 611m, Sgor Choinnich 929m, Sgor Gaibhre 955m, Sgor Iutharn 1028m, Sron Bealach Beithe 1104m, Sron Coire na h-Iolaire 956m, Sron Garbh 1023m, Sron na Saobhaidhe 852m, Sron nan Tarmachan 842m, Sron Smeur 513m, Stob Coire Sgriodain 979m, Stob Coire Sgriodain South Top 958m, The Fara 911.4m, The Fara South Top 904m, Torr nan Damh 413m

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Beinn na Lap, 935m Mountain
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, in British over 600m, British Marilyn, Munro Lists
Grid Reference NN37616 69585, OS 1:50k mapsheet 41
Place visited by: 18 members, recently by: joreidy, annem, nordicstar, bolton12, gerrybowes, DeltaP, IainT, Wildcat, oakesave, Fergalh, melohara, owen, MichaelE, chalky, three5four0
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Longitude: -4.659994, Latitude: 56.78939, Easting: 237616, Northing: 769585, Prominence: 406m,  Isolation: 2.4km
ITM: 804041 121107,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: BnnLp, 10 char: BnnLp

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/b364/
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Member Comments for Beinn na Lap

            MountainViews.ie picture about Beinn na Lap
Picture: View at the summit
Short steep climb made difficult by conditions
by Fergalh 19 Feb 2021
Got the train from Fortwilliam to the oft used station of Corrour (as seen in Trainspotting movie). Got off train and followed the track north for Loch Ossian. Before the lake we veered off the track and headed over heavy snow towards the ridge. As this was the leeward side of the mountain it was not until we reached the ridge that we got the full blast of the wind. After 500 metres of climbing the hard bit was staying upright in the snow. After a short walk (seemed longer on the day that was in it.) we reached the summit marked by a cairn Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B364/comment/22398/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Beinn na Lap
Picture: Famous platform
Train station with no roads to it
by Fergalh 19 Feb 2021
For movie buffs this is a recognisable platform. There are munros and peaks in all directions, however there are only three trains a day either way. We got back to platform at 15.20 and the train was at 15.35 the next train was 21.55 ! Not a warm waiting area as you can see. There are no roads to this area so plan your walk well ! Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B364/comment/22399/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Beinn na Lap
Picture: Train station in sight
View on the descent off the Mountain
by Fergalh 19 Feb 2021
This is a photo I took on the descent into the valley off Beinn na Lap with the train station/closed hotel in the centre. The peculiar light with snow, clouds and a small bit of sunlight gives a good impression of the day that was in it Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B364/comment/22400/
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