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Barmouth to Betws-y-Coed and Bala Area , The Arenigs Subarea
Feature count in area: 136, all in ,
Highest Place: Arenig Fawr 854m

Starting Places in area Barmouth to Betws-y-Coed and Bala:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Barmouth to Betws-y-Coed and Bala:
Bryn Mawr 401m, Carreg-y-Saeth 452m, Cerniau 422m, Cerniau West Top 412m, Craig Aberserw 446.3m, Craig y Dinas 457m, Craig y Ganllwyd 430.9m, Craig y Garn 461m, Craig y Garreg-lwyd 480m, Craig y Garreg-lwyd West Top 478m, Craig y Gwynt 431m, Craiglaseithin 466m, Dyrysgol 473m, Ffridd Trawsgoed 424m, Ffridd-y-fedw 432m, Foel Cae-poeth 412m, Foel Ddu 477m, Foel Ddu 465m, Foel Ddu 458m, Foel Frech 493m, Foel y Graig 470m, Llechwedd Mawr 491m, Moel Ddu 438m, Moel Eglwys 447.5m, Moel Gwern-nannau 451.9m, Moel Wnog 473m, Moel y Geifr 427m, Moel y Llan 405m, Mynydd Egryn South Top 462m, Pen Ffridd-sarn 441m, Pen Garneddwen 479m, Y Garn 477m, Y Garn South Top 474.2m, Y Gesail 486m
The Arenigs: Arenig Fach 689m, Arenig Fawr 854m, Arenig Fawr South Ridge Top 712m, Arenig Fawr South Top 830m, Braich Lusog 505m, Bryn Bras 536m, Bryn-mawr 510.4m, Bryn-pig 523m, Carnedd Iago 538m, Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn [Llechwedd-llyfn] 643m, Carnedd y Filiast 669m, Carreg y Diocyn 673m, Cefn Glas 497m, Cerrig y Ieirch [Moel Llechwedd-gwyn] 511m, Craig Dolfudr 518m, Craig Dolfudr North Top [Pennant-Lliw] 519m, Craig y Benglog [Moel Cae'r-defaid East Top] 525.2m, Craig y Llestri 492m, Craig y Penmaen 419.3m, Craig yr Hafod 533.6m, Cynefin Bryn Blew [Rhobell Fawr West Top] 719m, Dduallt 662m, Ffridd yr Allt-llwyd 500.4m, Foel Boeth 541m, Foel Boeth 615.4m, Foel Cynfal 545m, Foel Cynwch 326m, Foel Fawr [Mynydd Maentwrog] 528m, Foel Goch 611m, Foel Offrwm 405m, Foel Ystrodur Fawr 518m, Foel-boeth 596m, Gallt y Daren 619.4m, Garn Prys 533m, Garnedd Fawr 569m, Garw Fynydd 493m, Graig Ddu 537m, Graig Wen 556m, Mochowgryn 496m, Moel Cae'r-defaid West Top 531.1m, Moel Cors-y-garnedd 510m, Moel Emoel 549m, Moel Hafodowen 435m, Moel Llechwedd 817m, Moel Llyfnant 751m, Moel Oernant 503m, Moel y Croesau 490m, Moel y Feidiog 577m, Moel y Gydros 522.3m, Moel y Gydros South Top 510m, Moel y Slates 557m, Moel Ymenyn 550m, Moel yr Wden [Bwlch y Bi] 572.2m, Mynydd Bryn-llech 545m, Mynydd Nodol 539m, Orddu 555m, Pen Bwlch y Greigwen 497m, Pen y Bwlch Gwyn 502m, Pen y Cerrig-serth 522m, Rhobell Fawr 734m, Rhobell Ganol 521m, Rhobell-y-big 504m, Waun Garnedd-y-Filiast 650m
The Moelwyns: Carreg y Foel-gron 501m, Foel Boeth 509m, Foel-fras 586m, Manod Bach 511m, Manod Mawr 661m, Manod Mawr North Top 658m, Moel Farlwyd 577m, Moel Pen-y-bryn 428m, Moel Penamnen 623m, Pen y Bedw East Top 527.8m, Pen y Bedw West Top 527.3m, Y Gamallt [Graig Goch] 588m, Y Garnedd 552m, Y Garnedd North Top [Moel Gamallt] 502m, Y Ro Wen 599m
The Rhinogs: Clip 595m, Corn-y-stwc [Craig Ddrwg North Top] 594m, Craig Ddrwg 596m, Craig Llyn Du [Rhinog Fawr North Top] 553m, Craig Wion 565.6m, Craig y Grut [Llawlech] 589m, Craig y Llyn Hywel 558m, Crib-y-rhiw 679m, Diffwys 750m, Diffwys West Top 642m, Foel Penolau 614m, Moel Morwynion 518.4m, Moel Morwynion NE Top 499.5m, Moel Morwynion SW Top 497.1m, Moel y Gyrafolen 536.8m, Moel Ysgyfarnogod 623m, Moel Ysgyfarnogod South Top 578m, Moelfre 589m, Mynydd Egryn 517m, Rhinog Fach 712m, Rhinog Fawr 720m, Uwch-mynydd 328m, Y Garn 629m, Y Llethr 756m

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Garnedd Fawr, 569m Mountain
Place Rating ..
, in British 500-600m Lists
Grid Reference SH93787 42308, OS 1:50k mapsheet 125
Place visited by: 3 members, recently by: MichaelE, Fergalh, chalky
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
Longitude: -3.58293, Latitude: 52.967588, Easting: 293787, Northing: 342308, Prominence: 47m,  Isolation: 0.9km
ITM: 896637 699893,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: GrndFw, 10 char: GrndFawr

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B3369/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Garnedd Fawr
Picture: Cairn at summit
Short trek to summit
by Fergalh 18 Apr 2021
From Pen Bwlch Y Greigwen we descended south east along the ridge mostly following a fenceline. After the col a short steep ascent led to summit with a small cairn beside the fence. There is an option to summit Pen y Bwlch Gwyn from here but we decided to climb this from the south along with some other peaks later. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/B3369/comment/22927/
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