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Fort William to Loch Treig and Loch Leven Area
Feature count in area: 89, by county: : 88, Inverness-shire (CoH) Highland (CoA) Hig: 1,
Highest Place: Ben Nevis 1344m

Starting Places in area Fort William to Loch Treig and Loch Leven:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Fort William to Loch Treig and Loch Leven:
Am Bodach 1031.8m, An Garbhanach 974.9m, An Gearanach 981.4m, An Guirean 428m, Aonach Beag 1234m, Aonach Mor 1221m, Beinn a'Bhric 876m, Beinn Chlianaig 724m, Beinn Chlianaig East Top 718m, Beinn na Caillich 764m, Beinn na Cloiche 646m, Beinn na Gucaig 616m, Beinn na Gucaig SW Top 575m, Beinn na Socaich 1007m, Beinn nan Each 533m, Ben Nevis 1344m, Bidein Bad na h-Iolaire 528m, Binnein Beag 943m, Binnein Mor 1130m, Binnein Mor South Top 1062m, Caisteal 1106m, Carn Beag Dearg 995m, Carn Dearg Meadhonach 1179m, Carn Dearg NW Top 1221m, Carn Dearg NW Top (old GR) 1214m, Carn Dearg SW Top [South Top] 1020m, Carn Mor Dearg 1220m, Cnap Cruinn 742m, Cnap Cruinn West Top 735m, Creag Bhreac 615m, Creag Ghuanach 621m, Creagan a'Chaise 723m, Cruach Innse 857m, Cruim Leacainn 231.1m, Doire Ban 566m, Druim na h-Earba 288m, Glas Bheinn 792m, Leum Uilleim 906.4m, Leum Uilleim South Top 847.2m, Mam na Gualainn 796m, Mam na Gualainn East Top 755m, Meall a'Bhainne 633m, Meall a'Bhuirich 841m, Meall a'Chaorainn 910m, Meall an Doire Dharaich 469m, Meall an t-Suidhe 711m, Meall Beag 645m, Meall Beag 561m, Meall Cumhann 698m, Meall Laire 402m, Meall Mor 721m, Meall na Duibhe 571.3m, Meall nan Cleireach 535m, Mullach nan Coirean 939m, Mullach nan Coirean East Top 910m, Mullach nan Coirean SE Top [South Top] 917m, Na Gruagaichean 1054.2m, Na Gruagaichean NW Top [North Top] 1038.7m, Sgor an Iubhair 999.7m, Sgor Eilde Beag 955.7m, Sgurr a'Bhuic 963m, Sgurr a'Mhaim 1099m, Sgurr Choinnich Beag 963m, Sgurr Choinnich Mor 1094m, Sgurr Eilde Mor 1010m, Sgurr Finnisg-aig [Sgurr Finniosgaig] 663m, Sgurr Innse 809m, Stob a'Choire Leith 1105m, Stob a'Choire Mheadhoin 1105m, Stob an Cul Choire 1068m, Stob Ban 977m, Stob Ban 999m, Stob Choire a'Mhail 990m, Stob Choire Bhealach 1100m, Stob Choire Claurigh 1177m, Stob Choire Claurigh North Top 1121m, Stob Coire a'Chairn 981.4m, Stob Coire a'Chairn South Top 909m, Stob Coire an Fhir Dhuibh 986m, Stob Coire an Laoigh 1116m, Stob Coire Cath na Sine 1079m, Stob Coire Easain 1115m, Stob Coire Easain 1080m, Stob Coire Easain West Top 662m, Stob Coire na Ceannain 1123m, Stob Coire na Gaibhre [Stob Coire Gaibhre] 958m, Tom Iain 414m, Tom Meadhoin 621m, Tom na Sroine 918m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Stob Coire a'Chairn, 981.4m Mountain
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, in British over 600m, Munro Lists
Grid Reference NN18559 66062, OS 1:50k mapsheet 41
Place visited by: 34 members, recently by: rhw, joreidy, OutdoorBill, gneissadventures, Lauranna, annem, paulbrown, Haulie, PPruzina, Matrim, nordicstar, bolton12, gerrybowes, DeltaP, IainT
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Longitude: -4.969025, Latitude: 56.750744, Easting: 218559, Northing: 766062, Prominence: 124.7m,  Isolation: 0.6km
ITM: 785360 1115928

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Stb981, 10 char: StbCrChrn

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Member Comments for Stob Coire a'Chairn
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   picture about Stob Coire a'Chairn
Picture: Me and Neal at the snowy summit
Long snowy walk to summit
by Fergalh 20 Feb 2021
We started from Kinlochleven and headed for the waterfall. Than followed a track up the valley which runs alongside the river. Eventually the track was hard to find with the snow but it was originally cut into mountain for the lairds who went hunting. When we got to the ridge (spot Height 783) we were hit with the full force of the wind than it was single file all the way to the summit marked by a small cairn. Than it was back down the ridge and down into the relative peace of the valley and back to Kinlochleven Linkback:
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   picture about Stob Coire a'Chairn
Picture: From the starting point
Blackwater Hostel is Behind the Ice Centre
by Fergalh 20 Feb 2021
Stayed in the Blackwater Hostel excellent place with the best drying room I have seen not only heat but a water extractor so everything is (nearly !) dry the next morning Linkback:
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   picture about Stob Coire a'Chairn
Picture: Summit from the ridge
Summit barely in sight
by Fergalh 20 Feb 2021
There are a lot of Munros easily accessed from this height but only on a good day. The day we were there was severe wind and very poor visibility so we had to settle for one munro sadly Linkback:
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