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Braemar to Montrose Area
Feature count in area: 279, by county: : 277, Angus (CoH) Angus (UA): 1, Kincardineshire (CoH): 1,
Highest Place: Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag 1156m

Starting Places in area Braemar to Montrose:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Braemar to Montrose:
An t-Sron 710m, Auchnacraig Hill 479m, Auchronie Hill 462m, Bad an Loin 581m, Bada na Goibhre 663m, Badandun Hill 740m, Balduff Hill 425m, Balnaboth Craig 460m, Baudnacauner 574m, Baudy Meg 488m, Bawhelps 828m, Ben Tirran 896m, Benscravie 428m, Benty Roads 841m, Berry Cairn 445m, Black Binks 504m, Black Craig 529m, Black Craig 640m, Black Hill 754m, Black Hill 695m, Black Hill 443m, Black Hill 757m, Black Hill of Mark 774m, Black Moss 466m, Bodnasparet 677.3m, Boustie Ley 876m, Brackenstake 474m, Braid Cairn 887m, Broad Cairn 998m, Broad Cairn East Top 674m, Broom Craig 602m, Bruntshields 532m, Bulg 607m, Burnt Hill 663m, Cac Carn Mor 1150m, Cairn Bannoch 1012m, Cairn Broadlands 852m, Cairn Caidloch 648m, Cairn Damff 846m, Cairn Doos 629m, Cairn Gibbs 521m, Cairn Leuchan 700m, Cairn Lick 682m, Cairn Lunkard 863m, Cairn Nairvie 558m, Cairn of Barns 651m, Cairn of Claise 1064m, Cairn of Gowal 991m, Cairn of Gowal (old GR) 983m, Cairn of Meadows 687m, Cairn-mon-earn 378m, Caisteal na Caillich 862m, Caisteal na Caillich South Top 850m, Canup 451m, Carmont Hill 236m, Carn a'Choire Bhoidheach 1109.9m, Carn Ait 864m, Carn an Daimh 617m, Carn an Daimh 755m, Carn an Fhidhleir 518m, Carn an t-Sagairt Beag 1044.4m, Carn an t-Sagairt Mor 1047m, Carn an Tuirc 1019m, Carn Chomh-Stri 718m, Carn Dubh 822m, Carn nan Sgliat 690m, Carn Phadruig 708m, Carnferg 525m, Cat Law 671m, Cathelle Houses [Lair of Whitestone] 862m, Clachan Yell 626m, Clachnaben 590m, Clune Hill 319m, Cnap a'Choire Bhuidhe 606m, Cnap na Clais Giubhais 551m, Cnapan Nathraichean 824m, Cock Cairn 727m, Cock Hill 598m, Coire Breac Top [Ben Tirran point 684m] 684m, Conachcraig 865m, Coremachy 543m, Cormaud 507m, Corwharn 609.1m, Cowie Hill 440m, Craggan Hill 560m, Craig Damff 716m, Craig Doin 587m, Craig Duchrey 468m, Craig Gowan 406m, Craig Hill [Auld Darkney] 545m, Craig Lair 711m, Craig Maskeldie 687m, Craig Maskeldie South Top 683m, Craig Megen 534m, Craig Mellon 866m, Craig of Camlet 491m, Craig of Gowal 927m, Craig of Inchnabobart 521m, Craig of Loinmuie 540m, Craig Soales 503m, Craig Vallich 609m, Craigancash 542m, Craigangowan 517m, Craigangower 605m, Craigenloch Hill 738m, Craigie Thieves 688m, Craiglea Hill 388m, Craigmahandle 574m, Craigrae Beg 518m, Craigs of Lethnot 493m, Craigs of Loch Esk 851m, Craigs of Loch Wharral 857m, Creag a'Ghlas-uillt 1068m, Creag an Dubh-loch 983m, Creag an Loch 836m, Creag an Lurachain 442m, Creag Choinnich 538m, Creag Dearg 709m, Creag Ghiubhais 486m, Creag Leacach 987m, Creag Leacach SW Top 943m, Creag Leachdach 957m, Creag Liath 861m, Creag Loisgte 795m, Creag na Bruaich 557m, Creag na Dearcaige 774.4m, Creag na h-Iolaire 454m, Creag na Slice 406m, Creag nam Ban 527m, Creag nan Gabhar 834m, Creag nan Gall 601m, Creag nan Gall South Top 566m, Creag nan Leachda 784m, Creag Phiobaid 449m, Creag Reamhar 466m, Creagan Caise Hill 664m, Creigh Hill 498m, Creigh Hill SW Top 497m, Crock 554m, Crow Craigies 920m, Crow Craigies South Top 874m, Cruys 741m, Cuidhe Crom 1083m, Cuilt Hill 477m, Cul nan Gad [The Cairns] 515m, Dog Hillock 732m, Driesh 947m, Druim Dearg 453m, Druim Mor 961m, Drumderg 423m, Duchray Hill [Mealna Letter] 702m, Earn Cairn 527m, Earn Skelly 692m, Easter Balloch 834m, Easter Watery Knowe 725m, Eskielawn 607.2m, Fafernie 1000m, Fasheilach 721m, Ferrowie 801m, Finalty Hill 905m, Finbracks 755.8m, Finlet 510m, Fore Brae 654m, Gannoch 731m, Garlet 522m, Glas Maol 1068m, Goyle Hill 464m, Green Hill 870m, Hare Cairn 516m, Hill of Adenaich 553m, Hill of Alyth 300m, Hill of Cammie 618m, Hill of Cat 742m, Hill of Couternach 512m, Hill of Duchery 554m, Hill of Edendocher 577m, Hill of Gairney 756m, Hill of Garbet 581m, Hill of Garvock 277m, Hill of Glansie 726m, Hill of Goauch 337.1m, Hill of Gothie 448m, Hill of Mondurran 602m, Hill of Spott 451m, Hill of Strone 512m, Hill of Strone 850m, Hill of Wirren 678m, Hound Hillock 518m, Hunt Hill 705m, Kerloch 534m, Kircram 404m, Knachly 489m, Knockali 405m, Knockie Branar 606m, Knockton 489m, Lair of Aldararie 832m, Lamahip 404m, Lindalla 450m, Lindalla NW Top 407m, Little Conachcraig 600m, Little Glas Maol 973m, Little Pap 956m, Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag 1156m, Lochnagar NW Top 830m, Long Goat 571m, Mallrenheskein 767m, Manywee 686.1m, Mayar 928m, Meall an t-Slugain 849m, Meall an Tionail 885m, Meall Coire na Saobhaidhe 974m, Meall Dubh 563m, Meall Gorm 553m, Meall Gorm 759m, Meall Mor 551m, Meall Odhar 922m, Meikle Pap 980m, Meluncart 525m, Mid Hill 772.9m, Mile Hill 410m, Milldewan Hill 503m, Millstone Cairn 743m, Monamenach 807m, Monawee 696m, Monega Hill 908m, Monluth Hill 377m, Monrae 584m, Mount Battock 778m, Mount Blair 744m, Mount Bouie 585m, Mount Keen 939m, Mount Shade 507m, Muckle Cairn 826m, Mudlee Bracks 688m, Over Craig 551m, Pannanich Hill 601m, Peat Hill 481m, Peter Hill 617m, Pinderachy 514m, Pullar Cuy 636m, Ripe Hill 519m, Rough Bank 462m, Round Hill 664m, Ruragh 735m, Sandy Hill 592m, Sandy Hillock 768m, Sgor an h-Iolaire 544m, Shank of Drumfollow 842m, Shank of Mondair 498m, Slai na Gour 486m, Sron na Gaoithe 814m, St Arnold's Seat 507m, Stobie Hillock 485m, Strathfinella Hill 414m, Sturdy Hill 544m, Tamhilt 537m, Tampie 723m, Tarapetmile 517m, The Coyles of Muick 601m, The Goal 459m, The High Tree 610m, The Snub 837m, Tipperweir 438m, Tolmount 958m, Tom Buidhe 957m, Tom Giubhais 417m, Top of Eagle's Rock 1051m, Tops of Fichell 578m, Tullo Hill 316m, West Corrie Top 818m, West Knock 691m, West Wirren 628m, Wester Balloch 806m, Wester Hill 639m, Wester Watery Knowe 763m, White Caterthun 300m, White Hill 776.6m, Whitelaws 509m, Wolf Craig 715m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Carn Dubh, 822m Mountain
Place Rating ..
, in British over 600m Lists
Grid Reference NO16185 81956, OS 1:50k mapsheet 43
Place visited by: 4 members, recently by: rhw, MichaelE, IainT, chalky
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
Longitude: -3.378445, Latitude: 56.921284, Easting: 316185, Northing: 781956, Prominence: 72m,  Isolation: 1.9km
ITM: 881280 1140327

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Crn823, 10 char: Carn Du822

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Member Comments for Carn Dubh

   picture about Carn Dubh
Picture: Creag nan Gabhar and Carn Dubh from the A93
WIth Creag nan Gabhar from the A93
by melohara 3 Mar 2019
Creag nan Gabhar and Carn Dubh from the A93 Linkback:
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