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Aberystwyth to Welshpool Area
Feature count in area: 122, by county: : 121, Cardiganshire [Ceredigion] (CoH) Cardiga: 1,
Highest Place: Pumlumon Fawr [Plynlimon] 752m

Starting Places in area Aberystwyth to Welshpool:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Aberystwyth to Welshpool:
Allt y Derw 451m, Banc Bronderwgoed 404m, Banc Sychnant 444m, Banc Trawsnant 406m, Banc y Groes 421m, Bryn Amlwg 488m, Bryn Crugog 448m, Bryn Gwyn 471m, Bryn Gwyn 443m, Bryn Mawr 489m, Bryn y Fan 482m, Bryn y Fedwen 405m, Bryniau Rhyddion 467m, Carnedd Wen 523m, Carreg y Fran 436m, Cefn Crin 372.6m, Cefn Hirbrysg 454m, Cefn yr Esgair 451m, Cerrig yr Hafan 482m, Creigiau Bwlch Hyddgen 506.1m, Ddifed 412m, Disgwylfa 403m, Disgwylfa Fach 416m, Esgair Foel-ddu 479m, Fedw-ddu 488m, Foel Fawr 422.9m, Foel Goch 479m, Fuches 453m, Fynach Fawr 464m, Gamallt 450.7m, Garreg-hir 484.9m, Gias 475m, Llannerch-yr-aur 437m, Llechwedd Gwynau 446m, Moel Eiddew 453m, Moel y Garn 420m, Mynydd Cerrigllwydion 443m, Mynydd Pistyll-du 451m, Mynydd Ponterwyd 401m, Mynydd Talyglannau 449m, Mynydd Waun Fawr 425m, Mynydd y Cemmaes 442m, Panylau Gwynion 451m, Pen Craigypistyll 455m, Pen Llwyn-ieir 417m, Pen Llyn Coch-hwyad 496m, Pen y Waun-fawr 401m, Pen-caenion 299m, Stingwern Hill 358m, Twmpath Melyn 439m, Upper Park 352m, Waun y Gadair 403.8m, Y Drum 462m, Yr Allt 456m, Yr Allt 403m, Yr Helfa Las 411m
Cadair Idris: Esgair Ddu 464m
Central Wales - Pumlumon: Allt Pant-mawr 496m, Banc Bugeilyn 551m, Banc Bwlchygarreg 520m, Banc Bwlchygarreg West Top [Moel y Llyn East Top] 511m, Banc Llechwedd-mawr 560m, Banc Mynyddgorddu 312m, Banc y Garn 437m, Banc yr Wyn 503m, Bryn Moel 491m, Bryn y Fedwen 543.7m, Bryn yr Wyn 502m, Bryn-hir 179m, Bryn-y-Brain 294m, Bryn-y-tail 403.1m, Carn Hyddgen [Carn Gwilym] 566m, Carnfachbugeilyn 622m, Cefn Coch [Ffridd Esgair-yr-owen] 285m, Cerrig Gwynion 527m, Clipyn Du [Tarren Bwlch-gwyn] [Siambr Trawsfynydd] 582m, Cripiau Eisteddfa-fach 542m, Cwm y Derw 510m, Dinas 445.3m, Disgwylfa Fawr 507m, Drosgol 550m, Drybedd 566m, Esgair Fraith 499m, Esgair Gorlan 411m, Esgair y Maen 519m, Esgair y Maesnant NW Top 504m, Esgair y Maesnant SE Top 506m, Ffridd Pen-y-Graig 297m, Foel Fadian 563.8m, Foel Fras 528.7m, Foel Grafiau 528.2m, Foel Grafiau West Top 493m, Foel Isaf 548m, Foel Uchaf 522m, Foel Uchaf 565m, Fron Goch 289m, Llechwedd Crin 539m, Llechwedd Hirgoed SE Top 535m, Llechwedd Hirgoed West Top 538m, Llechwedd y Glyn 481m, Mawnog 519m, Moel y Llyn 521m, Moelfre 469m, Mynydd Bychan 493m, Mynydd Garth-Gwynion 228m, Newydd Fynyddog 427m, Pen Carreg Gopa 447m, Pen Creigiau'r Llan 507m, Pen Creigiau'r Llan North Top 492m, Pen Pumlumon Arwystli 741m, Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan (B&L GR) 724m, Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan [Plynlimon East Top] 727m, Pen y Darren [Moel Hyddgen] 529.4m, Pen yr Allt-fawr 316m, Pencerrigtewion 680m, Penglais 151m, Pumlumon Cwmbiga 620m, Pumlumon Fach 664m, Pumlumon Fawr [Plynlimon] 752m, Rhos Fawr 307.2m, Y Foel 546m, Y Garn [Drum Peithnant] 684m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Bryn y Fan, 482m Hill
Place Rating ..
, in British Marilyn Lists
Grid Reference SN93123 88496, OS 1:50k mapsheet 136
Place visited by: 4 members, recently by: IainT, Fergalh, MichaelE, chalky
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
Longitude: -3.575286, Latitude: 52.483893, Easting: 293123, Northing: 288496, Prominence: 177m,  Isolation: 1.3km
ITM: 900461 646152,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Bry482, 10 char: Bryn y Fan

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/B2172/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Bryn y Fan
Picture: Trig at summit
Short walk to summit from track
by Fergalh 25 Feb 2021
Parked in car park to the south West and followed Track up the hill. It petered out a short distance from the summit but a rough track lead to the summit marked by a trig pillar Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/B2172/comment/22430/
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