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Carrick and Galloway Area , Galloway Hills Subarea
Feature count in area: 114, by county: : 111, Wigtownshire (CoH): 1, Ayrshire (CoH) South Ayrshire (UA): 1, Kirkcucbrightshire (CoH) Dumfries & Gall: 1,
Highest Place: Merrick 843m

Starting Places in area Carrick and Galloway:

None for this area

Summits & other features in area Carrick and Galloway:
Artfield Fell 272m, Auchensoul Hill 314m, Beneraird 439m, Bengray 366m, Bennan 381m, Benniguinea 387m, Big Hill of Glenmount 382m, Cairn Edward Hill 325m, Cairn Pat 182m, Cairnharrow 457m, Cairnsmore [Black Craig of Dee] 493m, Craig Dhu 415m, Craigairie Fell [Craig Airie Fell] 321m, Craigbrock Hill 445m, Craigdews Hill 269m, Craigenreoch 565m, Craiglee 531m, Craiglee 523m, Craignell 477m, Craigwhinnie 417m, Culvennan Fell 215m, Fell of Fleet 470m, Garwall Hill 349m, Glenalla Fell - Fore Fell 428m, Grey Hill 297m, Kenlum Hill 305m, Kirk Hill 259m, Knockdaw Hill 260m, Knockdolian 265m, Knockeans Hill 297m, Larg Hill 440m, Meikle Dornell 175m, Mochrum Fell 197m, Pibble Hill 383m, Round Fell 402m, Troweir Hill 295.6m, Waterhead 473m, Waterhead (old GR) 472m, White Top of Culreoch 344m
Ailsa Craig: Ailsa Craig 340m
Galloway Hills: Airie Hill 291m, Bennan 562m, Bennan Hill 547m, Benyellary 719m, Black Craig 528m, Bow 613m, Bow Middle Top 610m, Bow SW Top 612m, Buchan Hill 493m, Cairn Hill 481m, Cairngarroch 557m, Cairnsgarroch 659m, Cairnsmore of Fleet 711m, Carlin's Cairn 807m, Carlock Hill 323m, Changue 521m, Coran of Portmark [Corran of Portmark] 623m, Corserine 814m, Craig Neldricken 552m, Craig of Dalwine 418m, Craiglee N Top 523m, Craigmasheenie 539m, Craignairny 595m, Craignaw 540m, Craignaw 645m, Curleywee 674m, Darnaw 472m, Dungeon Hill 620m, Eldrick Hill 486m, Gairy of Pulnee 581m, Garleffin Fell 431m, Garlick Hill 445m, Haggis Hill 510m, Hoodens Hill 568m, Inshanks Fell 164m, Kilmoray 423m, Kirriemore Hill 457m, Kirriereoch Hill 786m, Kirriereoch Hill (boundary) 782m, Knee of Cairnsmore 657m, Knockower 511m, Lamachan Hill 717m, Larg Hill 676m, Little Millyea 578m, Macaterick 498m, Meaul 432m, Meaul 695m, Meikle Millyea 749m, Meikle Millyea (old GR) 746m, Meikle Mulltaggart 612m, Merrick 843m, Milldown 738m, Millfire 716m, Millfore 657m, Millfore Hill 602m, Millfore SW Top 620m, Milljoan Hill 403m, Mulldonoch 561m, Mullwharchar 692m, Munwhul 410m, Pinbreck Hill 549m, Pinbreck Hill 499m, Scars of Milldown 603m, Shalloch 545m, Shalloch on Minnoch 775m, Shalloch on Minnoch North Top [Caerloch Dhu] 659m, Shaw Hill 383m, Shiel Hill 508m, Tarfessock 697m, Tarfessock South Top 620m, Tops of Craigeazle 487m, Torrs 424m, Wee Hill of Craigmulloch 427m, White Hill 606m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Curleywee, 674m Mountain
Place Rating ..
, in British over 600m Lists
Grid Reference NX45467 76955, OS 1:50k mapsheet 77
Place visited by: 7 members, recently by: rhw, oakesave, IainT, MichaelE, chalky, jimbloomer, BleckCra
I visited this place: NO (You need to be a logged-in member for this.)
Longitude: -4.421251, Latitude: 55.062958, Easting: 245467, Northing: 576955, Prominence: 119m,  Isolation: 0.6km
ITM: 828567 929796

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Crlyw, 10 char: Curleywee

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