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North Kerry Area , N: Ballybunion Subarea
Feature count in area: 3, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 63, 71
Highest Place: Crusline 355m

Starting Places (1) in area North Kerry:
Tursillagh Wind Farm

Summits & other features in area North Kerry:
N: Ballybunion: Knockanore 265.5m
S: Stacks Mountains: Crusline 355m
W: Ballyheigue: Maulin Mountain 217m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Knockanore, 265.5m Hill Cnoc an Fhómhair A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Cnoc an Fhómhair [], 'hill of the autumn'), Kerry County in Munster province, in Binnion Lists, Knockanore is the second highest hill in the North Kerry area and the 1251th highest in Ireland. Knockanore is the most northerly summit in the North Kerry area and also the most easterly.
Grid Reference Q91005 42559, OS 1:50k mapsheet 63
Place visited by: 34 members, recently by: chelman7, JohnRea, Lauranna, liz50, Fergalh, madfrankie, Eileen-Dad, TommyV, wicklore, jackill, Geo, hivisibility, Carrauntoohilboy, chalky, la1ena
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Longitude: -9.606576, Latitude: 52.523899, Easting: 91006, Northing: 142559, Prominence: 252m,  Isolation: 15.7km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 490979 642605
Bedrock type: Mudstone, siltstone & sandstone, (Shannon Group)
Notes on name: The Irish form on the Discovery map is different from that found at Cnoc an Óir, 'hill of the gold'. Knockanore is said to have been the scene of a great slaughter in ancient times. [OSNB] Tis said that there was a great monument erected in memory of the slaughter in the spot where the trigl. Station stands; it was called Lact na Fulla. [OSNB] This battle is mentioned in O'Sullevan Beare's Historiae Catholicae Iberniae Compendium. The tradition of a great battle is based on the intrepretation of the name as Cnoc an Áir [OSNB, OG], 'hill of the slaughter'.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Knc266, 10 char: Knockanore

Gallery for Knockanore (Cnoc an Fhómhair) and surrounds
Summary for Knockanore (Cnoc an Fhómhair): Poor foreground, excellent background
Summary created by Peter Walker 2012-06-15 12:43:04
A tortured summit with a fine panoramic view, Knockanore looms large over the golfing Mecca of Ballybunnion.

As it is possible to drive to within a few yards of the summit any challenge in climbing it involves in-car rather than on-foot navigation. Take the R551 north out of Ballybunion, turning right at A (Q896 437), then right again at B (Q905 434), before finally turning left at C (Q903 424) onto the steep access road. The summit is adorned with assorted radio flotsam and jetsam (which is itself emblazoned with some rather choice graffiti regarding the inhabitants of Ballybunnion), a triangulation column, and a split level concrete pillar which marks the actual highest point. The mess is unfortunate, but the view is excellent: a superb place for taking in the scale of the Shannon as it empties into the sea.
Member Comments for Knockanore (Cnoc an Fhómhair)
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   picture about Knockanore (<em>Cnoc an Fhómhair</em>)
Picture: Well, I wasn't going to put up a pic of the graffiti about Ballybunion, was I?
Peter Walker on Knockanore
by Peter Walker 17 Dec 2009
After the previous day in the Knockmealdowns had become a minor epic of mist and gale-force winds, of pitch darkness and headtorches, and astronomy...there's are definite benefits to Knockanore. As Mr Three5four0 says, you can drive to the summit, parking either as he mentions before the final bend on the access road, or being impossibly lazy and going right to the end of the road from where it must be a good ten yards or so to the highest point (the split-level concrete pillar rather than the triangulation column).

It's a tortured summit to be sure, both in the major (all the ancient telecomms paraphernalia) and minor (see photo) details, but as the highest thing for a large distance it does score highly as a viewpoint: miles and miles of coastline and acres and acres of lush farmland are arrayed for your contemplation. Coming as I do from England (where we don't have proper rivers) I especially noted the scale of the Shannon as seen from here: broad and majestic indeed.

The pic is the latest in my acclaimed series of shots of 'great pieces of flytipping in the Irish Hills': those trig points can be really uncomfortable to lean against, so we must thank the kind-hearted soul who left that car seat there. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockanore (<em>Cnoc an Fhómhair</em>)
Picture: Tough climb to the trig point from the car!
An easy summit bag
by liz50 26 Sep 2020
Having visited the only other summit in the North Kerry group, Maulin we then tackled the highest which is 265m tall and must be the easiest summit to bag!. Following the directions given in earlier comments it was a pleasant stroll of 40m from car to trig point. Linkback:
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three5four0 on Knockanore
by three5four0 16 Sep 2009
You can drive right to the summit of Knockanore if you so wish. There is a parking area just before the access road doubles back on its self, which leaves a short stroll up tarmac to the summit & trig point. There is debris of the telecommunications age on the summit, which, some rival wag has covered in writing calling in to question the character of the Ballybunnion residents below. Linkback:
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What a view!!
by atlantic73 14 Jul 2014
You can drive all the way to the viewpoint or walk about a mile from the main road. For such a small hill the view is simply stunning. Well worth a visit if in the area Linkback:
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   picture about Knockanore (<em>Cnoc an Fhómhair</em>)
Picture: Looking out on the Shannon estuary with the Loop Head peninsula in the background.
Easy bag.
by TommyV 2 Nov 2018
This hill in North Kerry is the highest point in the region so there are some nice views over the Shannon estuary. There is a road leading all the way to the top, so I bagged this one by driving to the top as per Peter Walkers directions. You can actually touch the trig point with your car. Linkback:
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