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Dingle West Area , N: Ballyferriter Subarea
Feature count in area: 13, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 70, EW-DW
Highest Place: Mount Eagle 516m

Starting Places (27) in area Dingle West:
Ballinloghig, Ballybrack Mid, Ballydavid, Ballyferriter, Ballyoughteragh Cross, Béal Bán Carpark, Blasket Centre, Brandon Pilgrimage Trail, Cat Dubh Hostel, Coosavuddig Quay Brandon Creek, Coumeenoole Bay, Dooneen Pier, Dún Chaoin E, Eask Tower Path, Feoghanagh River, Foilatallav, Inis na Bró, Inis Tuaisceart, Kildurrihy, Kilmalkedar Cemetary, Maumanorig, Mount Eagle Lough, Old Town, Slea Head Carpark, Smerwick, Strand St Dingle, Tiduff

Summits & other features in area Dingle West:
Cen: Dunquin: Croaghmarhin 403m, Mount Eagle 516m
E: Dingle: Carhoo Hill 184m
N: Ballydavid: Beenmore 239m, Ballydavid Head 251.4m, Reenconnell 274m
N: Ballyferriter: Sybil Head 206m, Lateeve 318m
W: Blaskets: Croaghmore (Great Blasket Island) 292m, Tearaght Island 200m, Inishvickillane 135m, Inishnabro 175m, Inishtooskert (2) 172m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Lateeve, 318m Hill Leataoibh A name in Irish,
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(poss. Ir. Leataoibh [OSI], 'hill-side'), Binn Breac, Lateevemore Hill, Kerry County in Munster province, in Binnion Lists, Leataoibh is the third highest hill in the Dingle West area and the 1117th highest in Ireland.
Grid Reference Q39999 03484, OS 1:50k mapsheet 70
Place visited by: 24 members, recently by: Pepe, hivisibility, Cobhclimber, conormcbandon, spoodle58, jackill, JohnAshton, liz50, ciarraioch, trekker, frankmc04, 3K_Fters, Fergalh, chalky, eamonoc
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Longitude: -10.338891, Latitude: 52.160466, Easting: 39999, Northing: 103484, Prominence: 263m,  Isolation: 3.6km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 439984 603539,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Lateve, 10 char: Lateeve
Bedrock type: Cross-bedded sandstone, (Coumeenoole Sandstone Formation)
Notes on name: The element leataoibh appears in the name of three townlands ranged along the northern slopes of this hill. No name is recorded for the hill by An Seabhac, but since the townland names are clearly topographical in origin, it seems reasonable to take Leataoibh as the name of the hill itself.
Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/934/
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Member Comments for Lateeve (Leataoibh)

Do NOT take the "shortcut" through forestry!
by Conor74 1 Jul 2013
If you park in the laybys at the crossroads to the north of the summit, be careful. There is a short stretch of forestry on the direct route to the summit and the temptation will be to go through it. Now I have been through plenty of forestry in my time, but this one was hell on earth, tress densely packed, waist high furze growing through it, briars, tufts of ground that dropped up to above the waist when one took a step forward or back into the said furze. I set new records for swearing to myself, I hollered and howled, I praised arsonists and thought how from now on I will greet the sight of burning forestry with a new found joy, and when I emerged at the other side I was like a pin cushion with lots of bloody spots dotting my clothes. I can't offer an alternative route, I descended to the east of the forestry which involved getting across a fence, again mixed with furze, that would do the Grand National justice. You have been warned. Views from the top pretty spectacular mind you, and did have the mild pleasure of releasing a lamb trapped in a fence and disappointing the crows circling overhead. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/934/comment/15027/
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A Hillwalk from Hell
by Pepe 17 Jun 2023
What a dreadful hillwalk (the fourth of the day, so energy levels were not great). I parked a little east of Point A, further up the boreen. Here there is a simple wooden backless bench with room for one car alongside it. I then walked over 100m further east the road again and found a gate on my left, grid reference A (Q39006 10181). I hopped the gate and from here it was no bother getting up onto the ridge, but then my troubles started.
There were nine obstacles to surmount (counted them on the way back): a stone wall near the summit and eight wire fences – most with barbs that snagged lace-hooks, the back of my shirt, the skin of my leg (blood) and when I slipped and instinctively grabbed for support, a barb punctured the ball of my thumb (blood everywhere). This was in stark contrast to the previous day’s proper wild and free hillwalking in the high mountains of the Conor Pass.
As you can tell, Pepé was really annoyed by Leataoibh – in fact, he’s going to start a petition to have it removed from MV! If you insist on tackling it, keep east of the long ridge fence (yes, that’s yet another fence). There’s a path or a semblance of one most of the way on the eastern side of that long fence.
The three previous walks of the day had only one fence between the lot of them (that was on Binn Mór). As regards Leataoibh, this abomination of a hill has so many fences to surmount Pepé at times felt he was auditioning for a bit-part in a remake of The Great Escape.
Do yourself a favour and avoid Leataoibh despite its fine views from that ridge. If it’s views you’re after you’d be better off buying yourself a postcard and staying indoors in Foxy John’s in Dingle: anything to save yourself the infliction of this tortuous hill. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/934/comment/23983/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Lateeve (<em>Leataoibh</em>)
Picture: Summit of Lateeve, looking SW
simon3 on Lateeve
by simon3 3 Jan 2010
One place to start is from around M'orig (Q389 018), on a waymarked way which opens onto a rough field leading to the open moorland of the hill. Climb to the ridge, walk along the ridge NE for around 1.6km and you will reach the summit which has a trig pillar.

The picture we took does not do justice to the tremendous 360 degree panorama from the top which encompasses both north and south sides of the Dingle peninsula, Brandon, Eagle Mountain and the smaller hills. The picture looks SW with the dark Lateeve ridge to the left and on the central skyline Eagle Mountain with Coaghmartin to its right.

A great ridge. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/934/comment/4318/
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