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Gullion Area , N: Gullion North Subarea
Feature count in area: 11, by county: Armagh: 9, Louth: 2, OSI/LPS Maps: 28, 29, EW-CLY
Highest Place: Slieve Gullion 573m

Starting Places (17) in area Gullion:
Cadger's Bridge, Carrickbroad Road, Clermont Junction, Clermont Pass Bridge, Corrinshigo, Faughart Old Graveyard, Feede South, Flagstaff Viewing Point, Forkhill East, Longfield, Lower Faughil Road, Slieve Gullion Forest Drive, Slieve Gullion Viewing Platform, Slieve Gullion Viewing Platform N, Tamnaghbane Road, The Ben Rock, The Lumpers

Summits & other features in area Gullion:
N: Gullion North: Carrigatuke 365m, Tullyhappy 209m
SE: Ring of Gullion: Camlough Mountain 423m, Cotracloghy 225m, Croslieve 308m, Feede Mountain 233m, Foughill 241m, Hill of Faughart 113m, Mullaghbane Mountain 243m, Slieve Gullion 573m, Tievecrom 264m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Carrigatuke, 365m Hill Carraig an tSeabhaic A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Carraig an tSeabhaic [DUPN], 'rock of the hawk'), Armagh County in Ulster province, in Binnion Lists, Carrigatuke is the third highest hill in the Gullion area and the 1030th highest in Ireland. Carrigatuke is the most northerly summit and also the most westerly in the Gullion area. Carrigatuke is the third highest point in county Armagh.
Grid Reference H90356 32107, OS 1:50k mapsheet 28
Place visited by: 67 members, recently by: annem, ElaineM76, Claybird007, archmeister, eflanaga, Oscar-mckinney, Jai-mckinney, Kirsty, atlantic73, Carolyn105, dregishjake, dregish, Hoverla, trostanite, briankelly
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Longitude: -6.615416, Latitude: 54.229748, Easting: 290356, Northing: 332107, Prominence: 210m,  Isolation: 7km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 690275 832093
Bedrock type: Sandstone, (Gala Group)
Notes on name: Carrigatuke is in Armaghbrague townland. It is the highest point in the group of hills known as Sliabh Fúait [OG]. See Máire MacNeill, 'The Festival of Lughnasa' (pp. 157-60) for details of the festive assembly on Carrigatuke.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Crgtk, 10 char: Carigatuke

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Member Comments for Carrigatuke (Carraig an tSeabhaic)

   picture about Carrigatuke (<em>Carraig an tSeabhaic</em>)
Picture: Looking NW from summit
Harry Goodman on Carrigatuke
by Harry Goodman 13 Oct 2009
As Carrigatuke is one of a few hills remaining on the list of 100 nearest to my home I decided to climb it to-day. Aware of pdtempan's comments I was prepared for a hill that would not demand much effort especially as, unlike pdt, I did not do a lengthy cycle out from Newry as a warm up! This said I was not prepared for a complete wasted journey, in my case by car. Coming from Armagh on the B31 to-wards Newtownhamilton I turned right at a small crossroads into Viewpoint Road, signed for Few's Forest and Carrigatuke Viewpoint A (H920 318) and drove around the south slopes of the hill to second right turn B (H906 313) and followed directions to C (H90203 31736) which is the start of a short road up to Carrigatuke summit. Unfortunately quite a nice direction sign at this point has been smashed into many pieces. Clearly one is encouraged to drive up this road to the top (viewpoint) crowned by a large car park right beside the trig pillar. For my part I walked up the 300 metres or so and "summited" in less than 5 minutes at D (H90345 32092). As a view point this is a fine spot but as a hill to climb, unless you want to tick it off a list, give it a miss. I could not even suggest an extension to make a worthwhile walk. To save pdtempan the bother of another trip up this hill to take a photo I have attached one. Fortunately I also climbed Croslieve, near Forkhill, making my round trip of over 90 miles very worthwhile. Linkback:
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pdtempan on Carrigatuke
by pdtempan 29 Jun 2009
Did Carrigatuke two Sundays ago by cycling out from Newry via Newtownhamilton. You can cycle all the way to the summit, as there is a mast. Very fortunate that there is a mast, as I was prepared for the heavy showers that were forecast, but not for the thunderstorm which came on suddenly just as I got off my bike at the summit and was reaching for my camera to snap the view. It was quite reassuring to think that the mast would take the hit rather than me. It was also vaguely reassuring to think that at least I was on Carrigatuke, rather than Deadman's Hill, which is a neighbouring hill a couple of kilometres away! Will get you a photo the next time... Linkback:
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three5four0 on Carrigatuke
by three5four0 25 Oct 2009
An undemanding hill this certainly is, we called here, well you cannot really claim to climb it, on the way home from Slieve Beagh & Slieve Beaghs' East Top. There is one word of warning though, the local youths appear to use the summit road and the car park as a racetrack / skid pan. I wouldn't recommend leaving a car anywhere on this short approach road, but drive right up to the car park and then walk back to the trig point and the slight rise just behind (see Harry Goodman's picture above). If you park over the apex in the car park you can at least claim you walked up hill to the summit, even if it is no more than a 6-7 metre height gain.

Whilst we were there a group of cars had gathered, when one had suddenly started "doughnuting" at high speed in the car park, whilst probable fun for those in the car the consequences of the driver losing control and ploughing into the other cars would be horrendous. The marks on the road & car park would indicate that this a regular occurrence & the fact they had containers of petrol and trailers with them, seemed to imply it was a planned event and venue. Linkback:
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   picture about Carrigatuke (<em>Carraig an tSeabhaic</em>)
Picture: Night Bag
Close call
by paddyhillsbagger 16 Mar 2014
After a long day of Binnion Bagging in the South I ended up at Carrigtuke to make it my 10th top of the day. Thanks to the summit comments I knew I could bag it in the fading light. What I didn't count on was my car running on reserve tank on fuel and no sterling! It was a worrying drive back to the republic to fill up! Linkback:
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   picture about Carrigatuke (<em>Carraig an tSeabhaic</em>)
Picture: The mountain itself
South Armagh hills
by thegullion 17 Jan 2016
Carrigatuke has a nice, unobstructed view all around, from the Mournes to the Sperrins, but it's not really a mountain for climbing. There is a tiny road (Viewpoint Rd, E (H90335 30348) ) off the main road (Keady Rd, starts at F (H89347 30186) ) between Keady and Newtownhamilton that leads over to it. The summit is a peaceful area aside from the occasional joyriding competition that seem to be held (I've never encountered one myself but there are tire marks that tell).
I went to Carrigtuke on the way home from Slieve Gullion one day, and it is a worthwhile sidetrack. Linkback:
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