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West Cork Mountains Area , S Cen: Nowen Subarea
Feature count in area: 62, by county: Cork: 45, Kerry: 24, of which 7 are in both Cork and Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 78, 79, 85, 86, 88, 89
Highest Place: Knockboy 704.8m

Starting Places (47) in area West Cork Mountains:
Barley Lake North, Barrboy, Caha Pass, Carranmore, Carrigacappeen, Carriganass Castle, Castle Donovan Car Park, Clearagh House, Coolkellure House, Coomhola Bridge, Corrigatirra, Cousane Gap, Cummer Lough East Road, Derreencollig Wood, Esk Boreen, Fuhiry Wood, Garinish Island Pier, Glasagarav River Bridge, Glasnacummeen Stream, Glengarriff, Glengarriff Nature Reserve CP, Gorteeniher Drimoleague Heritage Walk CP, Gortloughra River Road, Gougane Barra Oratory, Gougane Barra Park CP, Grousemount Wind Farm, Kealkill Village, Knockanuha, Knockbrack South, Lough Atooreen N, Lough Nambrackderg North, Lough Nambrackderg Wood, Lough Nambreacdearg, Mealagh Bridge, Molly Gallivan's Visitor Centre, Nowen Hill West Road, Owvane River Bridge, Pookeen North Top Road, Pooleen Wood Car Park, Priests Leap, Reenroe Bridge, River Roughty, Shandrum Concrete Silo, Sillahertane Stream, Slaheny River Horseshoe, Top of Coom, Turner's Rock Tunnel

Summits & other features in area West Cork Mountains:
Cen: Maughanaclea: Maughanaclea Hills East Top 470m, Maughanaclea Hills West Top 452m
Cen: Shehy More: Shehy More 545.6m, Shehy More SW Top 446m
E: Clearagh: Clearagh Hill 287m
E: Currane: Currane Hill 228m
N Cen: Douce: Douce Mountain 476m, Doughill Mountain 471m
N: Carran: Barnastooka 497m, Bealick 537m, Carran 604m, Carran Far NE Top 561m, Carran Far North Top 506m, Carran NE Top 555m, Carran South Top 567m, Knockantooreen 450m
N: Conigar: Conigar 566m, Conigar SW Top 566m, Foilastookeen 540m
N: Coomataggart: Carrigalougha 423m, Coomataggart 530m, Coomataggart SW Top 509m, Derrineanig 304m, Lackabaun 472m, Mweelin 487m
NE Cen: Carrigarierk: Carrigarierk 343m
NW: Barraboy: Barraboy Mountain 460m, Barraboy Mountain Far East Top 456m, Barraboy Mountain SE Top 409m, Derroograne 468m, Turners Rock 420m
NW: Knockboy: Caoinkeen 692.8m, Caoinkeen South-East Top 553.5m, Coomhola Mountain 472m, Knockboy 704.8m, Knockboy North Top 651.2m, Knockboy South Top 533.3m, The Priest's Leap 519m
NW: Knocknamanagh: Bird Hill 412m, Coomclogherane Top 449m, Gullaba Hill 603m, Knockbrack 440m, Knockbrack South Top 458m, Knocknamanagh 637m, Knocknamanagh NE Top 625m
S Cen: Dunmanway Hills: Cashloura 296.8m, Coolsnaghtig 295.8m, Inchanadreen 310m
S Cen: Nowen: Milane Hill 354.4m, Mullaghmesha 494.3m, Nowen Hill 535.2m, Nowen Hill Far West Top 405.2m, Nowen Hill SW Top 509m, Pookeen North Top 319m
S: Leap Hills: Carrigfadda 311.7m, Killeigh Hill 229m, Knockarudane Hill 169m, Knockscagh 195m
S: Skibbereen: Barryroe Hill 156m, Lick Hill 158m
W Cen: Knockbreteen: Knockbreteen 239m
W: Bantry: Knocknaveagh 282m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Nowen Hill Far West Top, 405.2m Hill Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar) A name in Irish,
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For origin of name, see Nowen Hill., Cork County in Munster province, in Carn Lists, Nowen Hill Far West Top is the 918th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference W11225 51783, OS 1:50k mapsheet 85
Place visited by: 28 members, recently by: dodser, Colin Murphy, madfrankie, DeirdreM, annem, jackos, Wilderness, John.geary, simon3, chelman7, eamonoc, Fergalh, learykid, Wildrover, Lauranna
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Longitude: -9.285091, Latitude: 51.71199, Easting: 111225, Northing: 51783, Prominence: 59.2m,  Isolation: 1.6km
ITM: 511194 551849
Bedrock type: Green-grey sandstone & purple siltstone, (Gun Point Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: NwnHlF, 10 char: NwnHlFrWst

Gallery for Nowen Hill Far West Top (Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar)) and surrounds
Summary for Nowen Hill Far West Top (Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar)): Into the West
Summary created by jackill, thomas_g 2012-07-15 08:07:09
   picture about Nowen Hill Far West Top (<em>Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar)</em>)
Picture: Nowen FWT in the foreground with Nowen SW behind
Park at Nowen W (W10378 51710) a gated track entrance, room for 2 cars (just) and follow the track up the hill, keeping right at a fork. This track will lead to a small gate at A (W11081 51903) Nowen Hill Far West is straight in front of you.
Member Comments for Nowen Hill Far West Top (Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar))
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   picture about Nowen Hill Far West Top (<em>Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar)</em>)
Previous access issue to this simple stroll seems to have vanished.
by Colin Murphy 20 May 2024
MV member millsd1 has previously reported access issues for this hill, but we encountered no such problems. In fact as there aren’t any houses or structures for at least 1km in every direction, it’s hard to know where the lady referred to who refused permission came from (not that I doubt millsd1’s account.) The gate at the starting point,(where there is room for a couple of cars,) leads to a forest track, and besides a small sign concerning a planning permission notice for ESB works, there were no other signs denying access. Actually there is another, smaller gate about 100m to the south, which does have a large warning sign, so I’d advise steering clear of any approach from there. The walk is simplicity itself. Head up the forest track for about 600m, which rises just 100m. At the fork turn right and follow the track as it curves around towards the highpoint. This actually passes within 10m of the summit. Clamber up a bank on the right to a small pile of rocks on a grassy outcrop. Up and down in less than one hour. Linkback:
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.......access issue.
by millsd1 31 May 2013
Further to the access point referred to by jackill and thomas_g ( Nowen W (W10378 51710)) I intended using this as a starting point for a loop walk including all three Nowens, the two Maughanaclea hills and Mullaghmesha. I was parked at the above location and just about to start my walk when I was intercepted by the owner who told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to enter her land. The gate at the vehicle access track has a padlock on it. Linkback:
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   picture about Nowen Hill Far West Top (<em>Cnoc na nAbhann (mullach i gcéin thiar)</em>)
Picture: Climb me!
To open the gate or knot (sorry)
by thomas_g 13 Jul 2012
Park at Nowen W (W10378 51710) a gated track entrance, room for 2 cars (just) and follow the track up the hill, keeping right at a fork. This track will lead to a small gate at A (W11081 51903) which is tied with about 15 knots and will take about 10 minutes to untie - save yourself some time and climb the hinge. This gate gives access to open mountain: Nowen Hill Far West is more or less directly opposite. Linkback:
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