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Bluestack Mountains Area , SE: Barnesmore Subarea
Feature count in area: 45, all in Donegal, OSI/LPS Maps: 11, 6
Highest Place: Croaghgorm 674m

Starting Places (22) in area Bluestack Mountains:
An Leathchruach, Barnsmore Gap, Bensons Hill, Caldragh CP, Clogher South peak, Cruach Mhín an Neanta, Doobin, Eanybeg Water Bridge, Edergole Farm, Gaugin Mountain, Glennacree CP, Hillhead, Lough Finn West, Lough Magrath Beg NE, Lough Muck North, Meenaguse Lough, Sand Lough Forest Picnic Area, Scoil Náisúnta an Choimín, Sheskinlubanagh, Sruell Gap Farm, Sruell River Road, St Columbkilles Well and Altar

Summits & other features in area Bluestack Mountains:
Cen: Reelan Hills: Altnapaste 364m, Gaugin Mountain 565m, Lacroagh 403m, Boultypatrick 429m, Croveenananta 476m, Croaghubbrid 416m, Croaghugagh 410m
N: Fintown Hills: Aghla Mountain South Top 589m, Aghla Mountain 593m, Scraigs 426m, Croaghleheen 385m
NW: Glenties: Cloghercor South 301m, Derkbeg Hill 332m, Drumnalough Hill 282m
S: Belshade: Croaghgorm 674m, Croaghgorm South-West Top 597m, Croaghgorm East Top 594m, Ardnageer 642m, Ardnageer SW Top 626m, Banagher Hill 392m, Croaghbane 641m, Croaghgorm Far South-West Top 561m, Cronamuck 444m, Croaghbarnes 499m, Glascarns Hill 578m, Meenanea 435m
SE: Barnesmore: Brown's Hill 496.4m, Cloghervaddy 402m, Croaghagranagh 440m, Croaghanirwore 546.1m, Croaghbrack 401m, Croaghconnellagh 523m, Croaghnageer 569.1m, Croaghnageer East Top 543.5m, Croaghnageer North-East Top 521m, Croaghonagh 451m
SW: Eany Beg Hills: Binbane 453m, Binbane NE Top 439m, Lavagh Beg 650m, Lavagh More 671m, Binnasruell 505m, Carnaween 521m, Cloghmeen Hill 429m, Silver Hill 600m, Cullaghacro 476m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Cloghervaddy, 402m Hill
Place Rating ..
, Donegal County in Ulster province, in no lists, Cloghervaddy is the 938th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference H02666 90224, OS 1:50k mapsheet 11
Place visited by: 27 members, recently by: gerrym, trostanite, markmjcampion, LorraineG60, MichaelG55, BogRunner1, Lauranna, Wilderness, eamonoc, hgboyle, Ulsterpooka, shaunkelly, sandman, Lucky1, madfrankie
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Longitude: -7.959371, Latitude: 54.759932, Easting: 202666, Northing: 390224, Prominence: 27m,  Isolation: 0.8km
ITM: 602615 890215,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Clghrv, 10 char: Clghrvdy
Bedrock type: Main granite (adamellite), (Barnesmore Granite, G2 variety)

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/820/
Gallery for Cloghervaddy and surrounds
Summary for Cloghervaddy : Direct route to a little visited top.
Summary created by Harry Goodman 2013-11-04 20:45:21
            MountainViews.ie picture about Cloghervaddy
Picture: Approach to Cloghervaddy from the S
Although this top will most likely be visited as part of a greater round the following route gives direct access. From the car park off the N15 walk about 100m NE along the road and take a wide forest track on the left. Follow this along for about 2km to A (H03763 88647) where a fence joins it on the left side coming down from the ridge above. Follow the fence line NW up the hillside to its end at a fence junction B (H03377 89178). Continue up to C (H03088 89361)on the flat peat hagged top of the ridge. From here bear NNW to cross the E flank of Brown's Hill and then up to the rocky top of Cloghervaddy. Out and back a walk of some 9km.
Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/820/comment/5579/
Member Comments for Cloghervaddy

Bluestacks Circuit
by three5four0 11 May 2010
Beware the area round Blue Lough, there is a lot of very soft ground there which gives the impression that you might break through its wobbly surface at any time. The small summit of Cloghervaddy, is well worth the visit, nice and rocky with fine views of the Donegal countryside. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/820/comment/4710/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cloghervaddy
Picture: Looking N from Cloghervaddy top.
A seldom visited but worthwhile top.
by Harry Goodman 4 Nov 2013
On Tues 22 Oct I climbed this hill in a round that also included Croaghbrack. (For details of the first part of the walk see my comments on Croaghbrack). Leaving Croaghbrack top I headed down W into a barren little valley with L Black nestling in it off to my left. This is ground that I suspect does not see many hill walkers in the course of a year and the complete absence of any evidence of footfall would support this contention. The walk down was gentle but once there the valley floor was quite marshy. Once across it was a short but steep climb up to the summit area of the hill. Like it's near neighbor, Croaghbrack, this hill is endowed with a fine rocky crest and the high point is marked by a neat little cairn set on one of the rocky outcrops. From the top I headed down SSE and, maintained this direction across the E flank of Brown's Hill, before continuing up to the ridge ahead, a wide and flat peat hagged area C (H03088 89361). From here a change in direction to SE soon led me across to a fence junction B (H03377 89178) near a noticeable large boulder. From there I was able to follow the fence down SE to join the forest track A (H03763 88647) which I had used earlier in the day on my way to Croaghbrack . Once there I turned right and followed it out for 2.2km back to the car SheskLub (H04225 87374). In all my circuit over these two outliers of the main Bluestacks Range covered 10.5km, was not overly taxing and very worthwhile. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/820/comment/15250/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cloghervaddy
Picture: Looking across the rocky summit along the valley between Croaghanirwore and Croaghbarnes.
Exceeding Expectations
by Aidy 5 Mar 2014
Having once again failed to reach the top of Croaghanirwore due to whiteout conditions on Croaghnageer, I was dispiritedly making my way down Brown's Hill, heading for the N15, when the lashing rain stopped, and the clouds cleared a little. I decided to retrieve something from the day, and make for Cloghervaddy instead. From Brown's Hill, the East side of the hill looked ominously steep, so I aimed for the Southwestern slope. The intervening ground was sodden, and the going difficult through thick grass and peat hags, until typically for the Bluestacks, a bit of altitude brought rocky ground and easier walking. The summit itself, marked by a small cairn perched on a larger rock, was an unexpected delight. My heart had been set on Croaghanirwore, but the twisted rocks on top of this smaller hill made a fantastic landscape. The views were also magnificent for only 402m. My spirits were raised again, so much so that I made for Croaghbrack too, only a small detour on my way back to the carpark on the N15. It would be easy to ignore this peak in favour of its many larger neighbours, but its worth a visit. Interestingly, setting out earlier in the day, along the forestry track towards Brown's Hill, I found myself in the midst of a husky sled race. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/820/comment/15902/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cloghervaddy
Picture: Summit camp on Cloghervaddy
A summit camp
by gerrym 17 Oct 2023
Visited Cloghervaddy as part of a longer route taking in 7 summits in the Bluestacks. Starting at D (H07705 94553) where there was room to park one car just before entering the forest, though there was room for several cars just a couple of 100m into the forest. A long walk in through the the forest, which had Oak, Horse Chestnut and other trees at the edge of the commercial non-native plantation. I got speaking to a 'weekend farmer' who owned land in the area and he said how coming out into the mountains to tend to the sheep helped clear his mind (as it does mine - minus the sheep). I also asked if it was ok to walk his land and he said it was.

The track walking had me spoiled as I hit the wet and tussocky ground on the way to Croaghbrack, though as always in these hills there was firmer and rockier ground near the summit. Eyes were always drawn to the bigger hills and across to the deep cleft of the Barnesmore Gap. Clogervaddy looked like almost nothing of note nestled down before the rise to Browns Hill and Croaghnageer. There was more wet ground and a water fill at Black Lough before the hardly noticeable climb to the summit. It was nearing dark and necessity declared this was a place to camp for the night. It was a cold one with a noticeable breeze which had me adding a down jacket to cover my feet, though sleep was pretty good.

A lazy Monday morning had me rising at 9am to a still cold air. From here the top actually felt like a top and I had time to appreciate the views over to the main Bluestack ridge and the Cronamuck River flowing down from height. My next targets of Brown's Hill and the 3 tops of Croagnageer beckoned, though they could wait until after breakfast.

Definitely a summit for those wanting to summit and to be included as part of a longer route (and more summits). Unless of course you just like visiting the Bluestacks and want to go back again and again! Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/820/comment/24062/
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