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North Cork Area , N: Drumcollogher Subarea
Feature count in area: 4, all in Cork, OSI/LPS Maps: 72
Highest Place: Mullaghareirk 414m

Starting Places (4) in area North Cork:
Ashford, Mullaghareirk, Taur More, Taurbeg Wind Farm

Summits & other features in area North Cork:
Cen: Newmarket: Knockacummer 408m, Taur 405m, Taurbeg 405m
N: Drumcollogher: Mullaghareirk 414m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Mullaghareirk, 414m Hill Mullach an Radhairc A name in Irish,
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, Cork County in Munster province, in Carn Lists, Mullaghareirk is the highest hill in the North Cork area and the 880th highest in Ireland. Mullaghareirk is the most northerly summit in the North Cork area and also the most easterly.
Grid Reference R26011 19831, OS 1:50k mapsheet 72
Place visited by: 35 members, recently by: madfrankie, Krzysztof_K, Colin Murphy, Stephblewitt, John.geary, maryblewitt, JohnRea, chelman7, Wildrover, Fergalh, FrankMc1964, eamonoc, conormcbandon, anekk11, frankmc04
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Longitude: -9.08593, Latitude: 52.325569, Easting: 126011, Northing: 119831, Prominence: 90m,  Isolation: 6.5km
ITM: 525977 619882
Bedrock type: Sandstone, siltstone & shale, (Feale Sandstone Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Mlghrr, 10 char: Mlghrrk

Gallery for Mullaghareirk (Mullach an Radhairc) and surrounds
Summary for Mullaghareirk (Mullach an Radhairc): Are we there yet?
Summary created by Colin Murphy, jackill 2022-09-06 11:09:21
   picture about Mullaghareirk (<em>Mullach an Radhairc</em>)
Picture: The information board
Drive into the forest at A (R30775 19120) and drive then, using the excellent forest roads, to the junction at B (R26542 19503) hop out of the car and walk north along the track past an information board for 100 meters, turn left up a small slightly overgrown lane for 200 meters, the summit is the high ground to the left at the end of this lane.
Please note that as of 2/9/22, the forest road is blocked by a fallen tree around C (R27569 18535). Also, since the original short summary was created, the forest roads have deteriorated badly and are now badly potholed. Driving should only be attempted with extreme caution.
Member Comments for Mullaghareirk (Mullach an Radhairc)

   picture about Mullaghareirk (<em>Mullach an Radhairc</em>)
Picture: yes its more trees!
jackill on Mullaghareirk
by jackill 21 Feb 2010
You know in knocking off small summits you become very well aquainted with pine needles, the prickly little devils that seem to fill your pockets, your boots and your underclothes! so in the interests of protecting you all I would like to suggest that the summit of this fine hill can be reached by road and a walk up a slightly damp forest lane. Drive into the forest at A (R30775 19120) and drive then using the excellent forest roads to the junction at B (R26542 19503), hop out of the car and walk north along the track for 100 meters, turn left up a small slightly overgrown lane for 200 meters, climb the hump to your left and claim the summit.
I took a gps reading here , D (R26438 19536), of 414 meters.So can we move the summit a bit to the right? Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaghareirk (<em>Mullach an Radhairc</em>)
Picture: Mullaghareirk. Somewhere in those trees on the right
dbloke on Mullaghareirk
by dbloke 8 Jun 2008
There is very little to recommend about Mullaghareirk. Unless endless miles of forestry tracks and fir trees are your thing. Studying OS map 72 it would appear the other summits in the region have succommed to the same fate. It is hardly surprising that nobody has commented on any of the Mullaghareirks yet. There is nothing to mark the summit of Mullaghareirk, just a lot of trees and the remains of a forestry worker's lunch packaging. My recommendation would be to drive to E (R274 203), drive up the forest track, get out of the car, walk into the trees, declare yourself at the summit then get back into the car and find somewhere more interesting. We attempted it as part of one of the Mullaghareirk mountain trails. Finding any information about these prooved more difficult than the walk itself. The only mention on the internet is that there are 8 of them in total, all starting in Ashford or Broadford on the R515. This is a lie for starters as one of them starts at Glenquin. We drove out to Ashford AshFd (R278 238) to see what we could find. Ashford is a one horse town with a pub, a church and a shop. Saturday afternoon the shop was closed. The horse had left town. There is a sign that lists the 8 walks, where each one starts and ends, and what colour arrow you should attempt to follow. We decided the Lough Gay trail would be our best bet. We took the only road heading south and the forest track that skirts around Mullaghanuish (only 361m so not worthy of further mention). Many of the marker posts that mark the trails have faded so you have to guess as to which direction they once pointed. Your orienteering skills may come in handy. Other summits may be easier to find; the map shows a trig point on Knockacummer and Mount Eagle, and a cairn on Taur... Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaghareirk (<em>Mullach an Radhairc</em>)
dbloke on Mullaghareirk
by dbloke 8 Jun 2008
One of the not-overly informative Mullaghareirk Mountain Trails information signs. Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaghareirk (<em>Mullach an Radhairc</em>)
Picture: Featureless summit with the firebreak running East/West behind it
john_desmond on Mullaghareirk
by john_desmond 17 Jul 2008
Access to this peak can be gained by the small road to the North which leaves the main road at approx F (R263 208). You have the option of leaving your car here or driving in as far as the forest entrance proper at Mul'Arerk (R2596 2005). The easiest way to get to the summit is to....1) At the forest entrance, take a right and walk about 200 metres 2) Turn off left into the forest and walk uphill in a Southerly direction for about 200 metres until you break out into an obvious firebreak 3) This firebreak is about 15 metres wide and runs roughly in an East/West direction. Walk East to the intersection of the 3 firebreaks which Trailmaster suggests is the summit. There is nothing obvious to mark the summit (G (R26011 19831) as shown in the photo) and the tall trees completely block any views. In fact, the only views during the whole walk are back at the approach road where the Shannon Estuary can be seen in the distance to the North. Overall, Mullaghareirk is a bland hill covered in forestry and there is little to recommend about it. Linkback:
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Views not trees now...
by Fergalh 18 Aug 2019
Trees are now being harvested. Approach can still be via Jackill's directions. Good views now. Linkback:
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