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Nagles Mountains Area , NW: Knocknaskagh Subarea
Feature count in area: 9, by county: Waterford: 1, Cork: 8, OSI/LPS Maps: 80, 81
Highest Place: Knocknaskagh 426.5m

Starting Places (11) in area Nagles Mountains:
Ballinageehy Wood, Ballyclogh Cross, Butler's Bridge, Castlebalgh Forest, Corran East, Corrin Wood, Garrylaurence Wood, Glenabo Park, Kilbarry Wood, Powers Bridge, Tallow Sweep

Summits & other features in area Nagles Mountains:
E: Tallow: Knockroe 177m
N: Fermoy Hills: Ballydorgan 177m, Corrin 220m
NW: Knocknaskagh: Corran 407.5m, Knocknaskagh 426.5m, Knocknaskagh North Top 406.3m, Seefin 424m
S: Dungourney: Garrylaurence Hill 236m, Knockakeo 238m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Corran, 407.5m Hill An Carn A name in Irish,
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, Cork County in Munster province, in Carn Lists, Corran is the third highest hill in the Nagles Mountains area and the 910th highest in Ireland. Corran is the most westerly summit in the Nagles Mountains area.
Grid Reference W65794 95797, OS 1:50k mapsheet 80
Place visited by: 75 members, recently by: Padraigin, DeirdreM, Petecal423, Jai-mckinney, Carolyn105, Kirsty, Leatra, JustMe, dregish, jackos, Colin Murphy, MisterMoe, ShayGlynn, ConMack23, wicklore
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Longitude: -8.500032, Latitude: 52.113521, Easting: 165795, Northing: 95798, Prominence: 92m,  Isolation: 2.6km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 565751 595854
Bedrock type: Purple mudstone and sandstone, (Ballytrasna Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Corran, 10 char: Corran

Gallery for Corran (An Carn) and surrounds
Summary for Corran (An Carn): Pleasant forest track stroll
Summary created by Colin Murphy, jackill, simon3 2022-11-07 11:08:56
   picture about Corran (<em>An Carn</em>)
Picture: From near Knocknaskagh
Start from the forest entrance at Coran E (W66873 95524) and follow the track, ignore the first right after a hundred meters or so and keep on due south . This track then begins to head north east, ignore the next right and take the right that follows it to find the fenced off summit area crowned by 3 masts. The actual highpoint is in a small clearing just beyond the most NE mast. It is a slightly raised area and next to it are the remains of what is possibly a small megalithic structure.
Member Comments for Corran (An Carn)
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   picture about Corran (<em>An Carn</em>)
Picture: Corran summit
Nice walk to stretch the legs, dull summit.
by thomas_g 23 Dec 2011
There is good access to this summit from a reasonable marked loop walk starting at the graveyard south of Killavullen. Following the marked trail is 13.6km (about 2.5hrs), but you can take a more direct route if you want. The best way to the summit is via the road up to the masts, go around behind the fence at the highest mast and duck through the tree to the mossy summit mound, pretty dull and un-interesting but nice and sheltered for a bit of lunch. Linkback:
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   picture about Corran (<em>An Carn</em>)
Picture: Blossoming hedgerows down Seefin looking to Corrans wooded top on the right.
jackill on Corran
by jackill 19 Feb 2009
The little hill of Corran is probably best viewed from a distance.
Its summit is covered in woods and blighted by no less than 3 masts, but this does mean it is easy to reach from the road Coran E (W66873 95524) by means of forest tracks.
It does however overlook two places of note.
The first is the townland of Ballygriffin which is the birthplace of the founder of Presentation sisters Nano Nagle. She brought solice to the poor of Cork in the 18th century.Her family farm is now the location of a retreat centre and organic farm
Nearby in the village of Killavullen is the birthplace Richard Hennessy who was born in Ballymacmoy House . He also brought solice to the people of Cork .He went to France in 1740 and became an officer in Dillon's Irish Regiment in the French Army. In 1765, he went to the Charente departement and set up the distillery that produces Hennessy brandy. The distillery continues to this day, as does the Hennessy line in the company. The Hennessy house at Killavullen overlooking the river Blackwater, can still be seen today.
A poem by Raphael Consedine says of the Nagle Mountains,
"The blossoming hedgerows sang freedom,
The river told stories of places far away,
While beyond, dreaming mountains called." Linkback:
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easy one for the kids
by petercrowley 24 Aug 2013
downloadable map can be got on discover ireland website, nice long walk with little challenge, the summit is poor enough but watch out for comms workers driving fast. Linkback:
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calcosmo on Corran
by calcosmo 18 Jul 2009
Great little walk for families - easy with our 7 year old boy. Linkback:
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