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East Kerry Area , N: Ballydesmond Subarea
Feature count in area: 4, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 72, 79
Highest Place: Baraveha 451m

Starting Places (2) in area East Kerry:
Ballinard, Knockataggle More

Summits & other features in area East Kerry:
N: Ballydesmond: Baraveha 451m, Knockatee 410m, Mount Eagle 431m
S: Kilcummin: Knockatagglemore 330m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Knockatee, 410m Hill Cnoc an Tí A name in Irish,
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Ir. Cnoc an Tí [], ‘hill of the house’, Kerry County in Munster province, in Carn Lists, Knockatee is the third highest hill in the East Kerry area and the 901st highest in Ireland. Knockatee is the most northerly summit in the East Kerry area.
Grid Reference R08366 11880, OS 1:50k mapsheet 72
Place visited by: 19 members, recently by: Colin Murphy, madfrankie, chelman7, daitho9, markmjcampion, Wildrover, ciarraioch, Fergalh, FrankMc1964, hivisibility, conormcbandon, eamonoc, freelander1990, Onzy, simon3
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Longitude: -9.342658, Latitude: 52.251473, Easting: 108366, Northing: 111880, Prominence: 45m,  Isolation: 1.8km
ITM: 508325 611933
Bedrock type: Grey silty mudstone, (Glenoween Shale Formation)
Notes on name: Knockatee is a townland in the parish of Ballincuslane, but also a hill-name. The name probably refers to this peak as it is the principal height in the townland. Previously Ballinard in MV.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Knckt, 10 char: Knockatee

Gallery for Knockatee (Cnoc an Tí) and surrounds
Summary for Knockatee (Cnoc an Tí): Short but unpleasant hill
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2024-05-21 11:29:40
   picture about Knockatee (<em>Cnoc an Tí</em>)
Picture: Summit highpoint
Although relatively short with little ascent, part of this walk requires crossing some very rough terrain - a mixture of spongy heather and knee-high grass, along with some electrified fences. Parking for a couple of cars at Bln'Ard (R07407 11864). Follow the forest track for about 500m, until you see power lines overhear, along with inverted-U metal structures for limiting the load on trucks. Climb up the steep bank on the right, and proceed SE for 400m across the aforementioned rough ground, following a line of poles, which leads to another rough track. Cross this and continue SE along the edge of a wood for about 300m, crossing a couple of electric fences, to point A (R08271 11829), before swinging NE for about 100m into the trees. The highpoint appears to be a small, grassy clearing in the wood.
Member Comments for Knockatee (Cnoc an Tí)

by sandman 21 May 2012
En route home from the Dunkerron Mts on sunday last, I decided to break the journey and do some walking in W.Limerick / N.Kerry - Mullaghareirk Mts. First up, Mount Eagle and then to Ballinard.
Ballinard not a very exciting hill but a Mountain View summit non the less. Parked at forest enterance Bln'Ard (R07407 11864) - walked up forest road to B (R07850 12127) to a point where power lines are overhead - turn right at pole and head up hill for approx 30 meters where you will find a slight trace of quad tracks, follow these to fire-break at C (R08087 12017), continue around to right following fire-break until you meet a barb wire fence at A (R08271 11829) - It is here you will have the best views back to the high mountains of Kerry - also at this point, as you are close to a flight path into Shannon so you can do some plane spotting. Turn left here and you will reach summit at D (R08355 11880) Linkback:
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   picture about Knockatee (<em>Cnoc an Tí</em>)
Picture: View on the descent
A summit in the trees
by Fergalh 16 Oct 2020
Followed Sandman's excellent route and found my way to the non-descript summit between the trees. Should be a nice view on the descent but not the day I was there. Linkback:
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reidyden on Knockatee
by reidyden 2 Oct 2009
On Thu evening I climbed Mount Eagle via the road that leads to windfarm. It is worth the easy effort if only for the view of Slieve Mish and the Reeks and panorama all around. I then saw Ballinard across to NW and got to the top via a track that leads from the road 100 mtrs North from windfarm road entrance. Again the views as you ascend are spectacular. Linkback:
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