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Breifne Area , N: Cuilcagh Mountains Subarea
Feature count in area: 14, by county: Fermanagh: 4, Cavan: 8, Leitrim: 3, of which 1 is in both Cavan and Fermanagh, OSI/LPS Maps: 26, 27, 27A
Highest Place: Cuilcagh 666m

Starting Places (15) in area Breifne:
Aghnacollia Lane, Bellavally Gap, Bencroy, Corneen Wind Farm, Corrawully Lane, Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail, Dowra, Dowra Sweat House Lane, Glangevlin Cross, Gortalughany Viewpoint, Mullaghgarve Waterfall, Rock Road, Spa Well, Tulliniska Transmitters, Tully Lough

Summits & other features in area Breifne:
N: Cuilcagh Mountains: Benaughlin 370m, Benbeg 539m, Cuilcagh 666m, Mullaleam 424m
NE: Derrylin: Knockninny Hill 191m, Slieve Rushen 404m
SW: Iron Mountains: Bencroy 518m, Knockacullion 562m, Slieve Anierin 585m
W: Benbrack: Bartonny Top 411m, Benbrack 502m, Benbrack NE Top 496m, Benbrack West Top 463m, The Playbank 542m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Mullaleam, 424m Hill Mullach Léim A name in Irish,
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, Fermanagh County in Ulster province, in Carn Lists, Mullaleam is the 834th highest place in Ireland. Mullaleam is the most northerly summit in the Breifne area. Mullaleam is the second highest point in county Fermanagh.
Grid Reference H15304 31969, OS 1:50k mapsheet 26
Place visited by: 40 members, recently by: eimirmaguire, MickM45, trostanite, abeach, Colin Murphy, eflanaga, dregish, LorraineG60, MichaelG55, melohara, FrankMc1964, TommyMc, Ulsterpooka, DrMonkfish, frankmc04
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Longitude: -7.766072, Latitude: 54.236396, Easting: 215304, Northing: 331969, Prominence: 99m,  Isolation: 2.5km
ITM: 615250 831973
Bedrock type: Marginal marine (Meenymore Formation); Mudstone,, (Glenade Sandstone / Bellavalley formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Mllm, 10 char: Mullaleam

Gallery for Mullaleam (Mullach Léim) and surrounds
Summary for Mullaleam (Mullach Léim): Fairly straightforward but with interesting geology
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2023-03-03 11:50:17
   picture about Mullaleam (<em>Mullach Léim</em>)
Picture: Mullaleam as seen from SE
Pass Gortalughany viewing point and park opposite a gate on right (parking for several cars at point A (H16473 29978).) Cross the gate and continue NNW along track for about 1km to another gate. Cross this and continue on a rougher track that curves around the small, gorge-like Leggacurragh Valley. After that it’s more of a slog across rough ground covered in long grass. Thanks to the limestone nature of the terrain, the area is speckled with sinkholes, many of which have small trees growing from their base.
Rather than approaching the hill directly, by curving around to a more NW direction you should pick up a trail of sorts (perhaps a remnant of a quad bike track) that eventually turns into a narrow track running, on and off, all the way to the barbed wire fence just beneath the summit. The summit itself is marked only by a couple of heathery mounds and a small pool. Allow 1.45hr up and down.
Member Comments for Mullaleam (Mullach Léim)
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   picture about Mullaleam (<em>Mullach Léim</em>)
Picture: Mullaleam and limestone
madfrankie on Mullaleam
by madfrankie 4 Aug 2009
Mullaleam is the most northerly summit in the Cuilcaghs and a nondescript rise in the moorland, somewhat outshone by it's lower neighbour, Benaughlin.
Approaching from the south, pass through the village of Swanlinbar, and on crossing the border, take your first left.
At a T-junction take another left, passing a disused quarry. Continue past Gortalughany viewing point and park about 200m from the road's end, opposite a gate where a bog road crosses rough pasture (Grid Ref B (H164 299)). From here you're 2.3 km from the summit.
The track peters out after 10 minutes, bringing you to the top of a gorge which a plaque describes as the Leggacurragh Valley. Burren-type limestone, and a succession of swallow holes make this an area of greater interest than you'd initially think.
The unmarked summit (there is a small pool) has good views, with the dark bulk of Cuilcagh to the SW, and the more picturesque Benaughlin with glimpses of Upper Lough Erne to the SE. Keep an eye out for the interestingly named Lough Aliem, lying slightly out of view, north of the summit. Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaleam (<em>Mullach Léim</em>)
Picture: Trien from Benaughlin. Deerpark to right, Legacurragh to Left.
robocaver on Mullaleam
by robocaver 11 Jun 2007
Also known as Trien, this is a gentle broad hill of sandstone lying to the north of the East Cuilcagh bog expanse. There are no established paths or routes, presumably because it is rarely walked on. Only geological mapping has persuaded me to it's "summit". Best approached from Gortalughany and the Legacurragh track or from the Deerpark in Florence Court. After leaving the limestone, it is a difficult slog over bog from Legacurragh onto broad slopes of deep heather to the heathery summit with the marshes of Lough Aleim to the west. From the Deerpark, a slog through bracken and heather gets you to the same point. Good views of the MacNean and Erne valleys with views west to the Leitrim and Sligo Hills and Donegal to the northwest. Linkback:
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Hidden swallow holes hazard
by TommyMc 11 Jun 2018
Hidden swallow holes present a hazard on this mountain, an extremity of the moorlands below Cuilcagh mountain. While walking near the summit a few summers ago, I made the mistake of stepping on a bright green coloured mossy area and ended up falling to my hips into a pool of muck. Advance with care if you're venturing there. Nice views over Florencecourt Estate and of Benaughlin. Linkback:
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