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Boggeragh Mountains Area , Cen: Seefin Subarea
Feature count in area: 11, all in Cork, OSI/LPS Maps: 79, 80
Highest Place: Musheramore 642.7m

Starting Places (8) in area Boggeragh Mountains:
Butter Road, Duhallow Way, Derry Wood, Glannaharee East Woods S, Laharan Woods N, Millstreet Country Park, Mount Hillary Wood N, Mount Hillary Wood W, St John's Well

Summits & other features in area Boggeragh Mountains:
Cen: Seefin: Knockcraugh 434m, Seefin 491m, Seefin East Top 491m
N: Banteer: Mount Hillary 391m, Tooreen 322m
NE: Bweeng: Bweeng Little 414m, Bweengduff 416m
S: Macroom Hills: Burren 380m, Knockagreenan 263m
W: Musheramore: Musherabeg 498.8m, Musheramore 642.7m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Knockcraugh, 434m Hill
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, Cork County in Munster province, in no lists, Knockcraugh is the 792nd highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference W39882 85757, OS 1:50k mapsheet 79
Place visited by: 23 members, recently by: maryblewitt, John.geary, wicklore, chelman7, tommccarthy, Daingean, Wildrover, ilenia, magnumpig, CaminoPat, Juanita, Bsr, PeakPaul, eamonoc, sandman
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Longitude: -8.876506, Latitude: 52.021113, Easting: 139882, Northing: 85757, Prominence: 29m,  Isolation: 2.4km
ITM: 539843 585819
Bedrock type: Purple mudstone and sandstone, (Ballytrasna Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Knckcr, 10 char: Knckcrgh

Gallery for Knockcraugh and surrounds
Summary for Knockcraugh : Easy Access.
Summary created by sandman, jackill 2015-09-07 08:36:18
The route to the summit and finding of the summit is now very easy thanks to the construction of a Windfarm access via the road located at A (W38863 83768) turning right at B (W39438 85201) and left again . Summit adjacent to T3.
Member Comments for Knockcraugh

   picture about Knockcraugh
Picture: Its a jungle out there!
jackill on Knockcraugh
by jackill 25 Oct 2009
Knockcraugh Hill has left its mark on me, or rather several!
Approach this hill from the main road beyond Nad turning off at C (W43042 86051).
You will be on a paved road for a kilometer and after that a gravel covered forest track.You can follow this track down the other side of the hill to D (W40198 82769) but the surface is truly terrible.
I started at a forest entrance E (W40556 85813) and followed a good forest road to F (W402 270) 86067, went left up a ride to G (W39898 86028) and left again up a ride to the summit. These rides are awful , full of soft ground, bog , briars and thigh high grasses that seem to tangle your feet with every step. The summit (if you can find it for sure) seems to be in a dense clump of conifers.
Looking at the map now perhaps there is an easier ascent along the track to the west?
The photo shows I hope the density of vegetation at the summit .
On the plus side it only takes an hour to bag , but its been a long time since I've been so wet, dirty and sore. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockcraugh
Picture: Summit Area.
Windfarms Make Life Easy.
by sandman 7 Sep 2015
This summit now has become very easy to access due to the construction of a windfarm access is via road at A (W38863 83768) which has now been upgraded and no problem to drive up to the windfarm roads at B (W39438 85201) in actual fact i drove to within 20 meters of the summit which has now been leveled and is now home to Turbine 3 . No problem finding the summit now folks. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockcraugh
Picture: New views on the way back to the car
West End Boys
by thomas_g 6 Apr 2012
Expecting a horrid experience I was pleasantly surprised by the route from the west.
There is a small road at H (W38850 83800) which turns into a rough forestry track, it's drivable in a normal car up to about I (W394 852) where there is space for about 2 cars to park. The road continues if you got something a bit more robust to a small boggy track at J (W39806 85448). This track brings you within 75m of the summit, then you need to dodge through some trees to reach the co-ordinates and there is nothing to mark your achievement, but it's a 20 min bag if you must. Linkback:
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