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Sheeffry Hills Area , E: Glenlaur Subarea
Feature count in area: 9, all in Mayo, OSI/LPS Maps: 37, MSW
Highest Place: Barrclashcame 772m

Starting Places (18) in area Sheeffry Hills:
Aasleagh Waterfall CP, Ben Creggan N, Delphi Resort, Doo Lough N, Doo Lough SE, Glencullin Lough CP, Glendavock, Glennacally Bridge, Glenummera River, Laghta Eighter, Laghta Eighter Hill NE, Otter Pool, Owenduff River, Paddy's Place, Sheeffry Pass, Sruhaunpollanoughty, Tawnyard Lough, Tawnycrower

Summits & other features in area Sheeffry Hills:
E: Glenlaur: Laghta Eighter Hill 388m, Tawny Rower 510m, Tawnyard 436m, Tievnabinnia 742m, Tievnabinnia East Top 590m, Tievnabinnia SE Top 525m
W: Doo Lough: Barrclashcame 772m, Barrclashcame North-West Top 580m, Tievummera Trig 759.6m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Tawnyard, 436m Hill Tamhnaigh Ard A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Tamhnaigh Ard [], 'high field or isolated arable
, Sheaffrey Hill, Mayo County in Connacht province, in Carn Lists, Tawnyard is the 784th highest place in Ireland. Tawnyard is the most southerly summit and also the second most easterly in the Sheeffry Hills area.
Grid Reference L90346 68690, OS 1:50k mapsheet 37
Place visited by: 84 members, recently by: Timmy.Mullen, annem, andalucia, farmerjoe, hivisibility, paulbrown, elizauna, John.geary, nickywood, jlk, eamonoc, Michaelmangan, gerrym, salford7, Ulsterpooka
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Longitude: -9.659283, Latitude: 53.656636, Easting: 90346, Northing: 268690, Prominence: 51m,  Isolation: 1.3km
ITM: 490322 768709
Bedrock type: Sandstone, mudrock, conglomerate, tuff, (Derrylea Formation)
Notes on name: There are several peaks in the Sheeffry Hills and elsewhere in Mayo whose names begin with Tawny-. These are derived from Ir. tamhnach, the original meaning of which seems to be a clearing. It comes to mean 'field' and in upland areas it often has the meaning of an arable area amongst rough upland pasture. This hill is named Sheffry Hill on William Bald's map of Co. Mayo (1830).
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Twnyrd, 10 char: Tawnyard

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Member Comments for Tawnyard (Tamhnaigh Ard)

   picture about Tawnyard (<em>Tamhnaigh Ard</em>)
Picture: Tawnyard top
Colin Murphy on Tawnyard
by Colin Murphy 4 Sep 2009
Tawnyard was a first climb on a four-top trip around the Glenlaur Horseshoe which took in Tievnabinnia, Tievnabinnia East and Tawny Rower. Started at A (L915 693) close to the point where the Western Way leaves the road. There is just enough space for a couple of cars here. Ignored Western Way track and headed SW directly up slope. The initial ascent up Tawnyard is very steep but quite doable, a mixture of grass and rock with plenty of footholds, eventually easing out at about 350M. The top at the western end affords spectacular views of Tawynard Lough and Ben Gorm-Ben Creggan. The top itself isn't anything to write home about, a grassy bump with a few rocks to mark the summit. But well worth a visit. Linkback:
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   picture about Tawnyard (<em>Tamhnaigh Ard</em>)
Picture: View of Tievnabinnia from Tawnyard
wicklore on Tawnyard
by wicklore 16 Jul 2008
At Easter '07 I camped for a few days in Mayo to climb some mountains in the county. Early one morning I headed south from Louisburg on the R335 and turned left onto the 3rd class road at the end of Doo Lough. I parked at approximately B (L916 690). A path led me slightly southwest onto the Tawnyard ridge. Steady climbing for about 1.2 kms brought me to the 436metre point. Some of the climbing was steep at times, especially taxing when there was no warm-up flat level walk beforehand. A fence provides a handy guide most of the way, although navigation was straightforward that day due to fantastic weather. It is simple in good weather to pick the route onward towards Tievnabinnia and a traverse of the Sheefry's. But be warned-if you eventually come down off Barrclashcame onto the regional road like I did it is a long and painful hike back to the car-especially when sunburnt! (I eventually hitched a lift on this lonely road) Linkback:
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   picture about Tawnyard (<em>Tamhnaigh Ard</em>)
Picture: Tawnyard Lough
wicklore on Tawnyard
by wicklore 16 Jul 2008
Gorgeous early morning view of Tawnyard Lough from the regional road on the way to climb Tawnyard itself. Linkback:
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   picture about Tawnyard (<em>Tamhnaigh Ard</em>)
Picture: Looking West from Tawnyard along the ridge
wicklore on Tawnyard
by wicklore 16 Jul 2008
After climbing Tawnyard from the East there is a slight drop, a tiny rise then another drop into a col before a steady climb up to the 500metre point at C (L891 689). The photo shows the view to the 500metre point from Tawnyard. Ben Creggan is to the left with the Mweelrea Mountains beyond. Linkback:
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