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Twelve Bens Area , Cen: Polladirk Subarea
Feature count in area: 34, all in Galway, OSI/LPS Maps: 37, 44, EW-CON, MSW
Highest Place: Benbaun 729m

Starting Places (47) in area Twelve Bens:
Angler's Return, Barr na nÓran Road, Ben Lettery Hostel, Bogville Road, Bridge St Clifden, Bundorragha Estuary Cross, Bunnageeha, Cannaclossaun, Connemara Mountain Hostel, Connemara National Park Visitor Centre, Dernasliggaun, Doire na bhFlann North, Doughruagh CP, Emlaghdauroe Bridge, Emlaghdauroe South, Fee Lough SW, Glasbeg Stream, Glashmore Bridge, Glencoaghan River Bridge, Glencraff Road End, Gleninagh River, Illaunroe North, Illaunroe South, Inaghbeg Path, Kylemore Abbey Exit, Kylemore River, Letterfrack Lodge, Lettergesh Beach, Lough Anivan Bend, Lough Auna S, Lough Fee East, Lough Nacarrigeen S, Lough Tanny, Muck Lough NW, Nambrackkeagh Lough, Owen na Baunoge River, Owengar Bridge, Owenglin River, Owenwee River, Pollacappul Lough E, Pollacappul Lough W, Shanvally, Skeaghatimull, Ten Bens Cottage, Tooreennacoona River, Western Way Cnoc na hUilleann, Western Way Inagh Cottages

Summits & other features in area Twelve Bens:
Cen: Lough Auna Hills: Cregg 297m, Townaloughra East Top 216m
Cen: Polladirk: Bencullagh 632m, Maumonght SW Top 454m, Diamond Hill 442m, Knockbrack 442m, Maumonght 602m
E: Glencorbet: Benbaun 729m, Benbrack 582m, Benbaun 477m, Knockpasheemore 412m, Benfree 638m, Muckanaght 654m
N: Doughruagh: Altnagaighera 549m, Benchoona 581m, Benchoona East Top 585m, Currywongaun 273m, Doughruagh 526m, Doughruagh South Top 525m, Garraun 598m, Garraun South Top 556m, Letterettrin 333m
SE: Glencoaghan Loop: Bencollaghduff 696m, Benglenisky 516m, Benlettery 577m, Bencorr 711m, Bencorr North Top 690m, Bencorrbeg 577m, Binn an tSaighdiúra 653m, Benbreen 691m, Benbreen Central Top 680m, Benbreen North Top 674m, Derryclare 677m, Bengower 664m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Diamond Hill, 442m Hill Binn Ghuaire A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Binn Ghuaire [TR], 'Guaire's peak') Bengooria an extra name in English, Galway County in Connacht province, in Carn Lists, Binn Ghuaire is the 762nd highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference L73138 57049, OS 1:50k mapsheet 37
Place visited by: 319 members, recently by: itsaroadmap, Timmy.Mullen, mastermark, maitiuocoimin, Stetarrant, childminder05, Dee68, leetelefson, WetSocks, Corco, ahogan, eiremountains, muddyboots, woutkoolmees, nickywood
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Longitude: -9.914704, Latitude: 53.54819, Easting: 73138, Northing: 257049, Prominence: 277m,  Isolation: 1.8km
ITM: 473115 757067,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: DmndHl, 10 char: DmndHil
Bedrock type: Pale quartzites, grits, graphitic top, (Bennabeola Quartzite Formation)
Notes on name: This is the westernmost peak of the Twelve Bens. On the north-west of Ballynahinsy [Ballynahinch], are the twelve high mountaines of Bennabeola, called by marriners the twelve stakes [i.e. stacks], being the first land they discover as they come from the maine (O'Flaherty, 106-07). Guaire Aidne was a king of Connacht. His name was a by-word for hospitality and generosity. He was known as ‘Guaire of the extended hand’. He is the title character in W.B. Yeats’ play, ‘The King’s Threshold’. He is also associated with Dún Guaire, a castle near Kinvara. Bengooria is an anglicised form of Binn Ghuaire. Oddly enough, the Discovery map shows the name Benhoowirra on the western slopes, which appears to be an alternative anglicisation of the same name.
Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/649/
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Member Comments for Diamond Hill (Binn Ghuaire)

Excellent ratio of reward to effort
by hibby 23 Oct 2010
Just under 7.5 km in total if you do both "loops" (i.e. start out on the Lower Diamond Hill (red) route from the Visitor's Centre, then do the Upper Diamond Hill (blue) loop over the summit, then complete the red route back to the car park). The views of the coast and islands, Kylemore Lake and Abbey, and the 12 Bens across the valley to the east are really uplifting. There is no better vantage point from which to appreciate the splendour of Connemara. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/649/comment/6144/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Diamond Hill (<em>Binn Ghuaire</em>)
Picture: View of Ballynakill Harbour from Diamond Hill
pdtempan on Diamond Hill
by pdtempan 1 Jul 2008
With Diamond Hill / Binn Ghuaire having been closed for some years while a better path was made by the National Park authority to combat erosion, I was keen to climb the peak now that it is open to the public once again. It is well worth it for the view, which takes in Letterfrack, Tully Mountain, Ballynakill Harbour (the bay immediately below) and many islands to the west, including Achill, Clare Island, Inishturk and Inishbofin. There is also a fine view to the NE of Doughrough overlooking Kylemore Abbey. The waymarked route starts at the National Park centre and follows one of the nature trails before bringing you to more open moorland. About 2km from the start you reach a path junction where the National Park authority asks you to go left and circulate in a clockwise direction, ascending the west side of the hill, gaining the summit and then descending the east side, before looping back to the junction. On the day that I climbed Diamond Hill with a group of French walkers, a fierce east wind (which is probably something of a rarity) made a descent on the exposed east side a very unattractive prospect, so we doubled back from the summit. Now that Diamond Hill is open again, it would be great to see more trails and improved access for walkers in the National Park. There are possible routes on Cnoc Breac and Binn Bhán to the east, but when I was last there it was a fight through the high grass (due to absence of sheep?) and it would have been nice to see a stile over the deer fence and markers indicating an approved crossing point. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/649/comment/3192/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Diamond Hill (<em>Binn Ghuaire</em>)
Picture: Path leading to halfway point on Diamond Hill
Shine Bright Like a Diamond
by shaneanddearbh 13 Jan 2013
We climbed Diamond Hill on a fine January Saturday morning. Three amateur's and two enthusiastic children made it up to the summit in about 1 hour and twenty minutes. The facilities at the visitor center were very good, with toilets, picnic area, cafe and car park, all free. The paths are well sign posted and the boarded walkways over the boggy areas are convenient for newbies like ourselves. I am sure the purists would not be happy but maybe they have spent too long with their heads in the clouds :) The last stretch is more difficult in places but generally the steps up are a great help. The weather was fantastic and the views are unbelievable. You will have a great view into the Bens, over looking Kylemore lake and Abbey, Letterfrack, Tully Mountain in the background and the glistening sea could not be beaten. I would recommend this climb to all, a mountain for the people. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/649/comment/14902/
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A Diamond among Bens
by Geo 9 Jun 2010
Lovely short walk while on hols in Connemara. Took about 2.5 hours to do the circuit from the National Park HQ in Letterfrack village up to the summit and return to the NP buildings. Unfortunately it was misty at the top today so I can't say just how good the views are, but from the occasional peek we got on the way up, I'm guessing this is a little gem well worth doing, even if the purists might not like the man-made path all the way to the top and over and back again. I would recommend for first-timers, or those wanting to try out hill-walking just for the amount you can get out of a small bit of work. Full marks to the National Park, and would you believe, it's free admission and free parking, Nirvana exists in Letterfrack! Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/649/comment/5865/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Diamond Hill (<em>Binn Ghuaire</em>)
katekat on Diamond Hill
by katekat 8 Jun 2007
The first peak in Ireland I have climbed up on 18.11.2006. In here I fell in love with hillwalking and I am joining irish mountains. The view from here is wonderful. You can see e.g. Twelve Bens including the highest one, Kylemore lake and Kylemore Abbey, the NP below and the sea...The peak itself is not about challenge, it is just a short walk while enjoying NP Connemara. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/649/comment/2729/
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