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Sperrin Mountains Area , SW Cen: Glenelly South West Subarea
Feature count in area: 64, by county: Derry: 34, Tyrone: 39, of which 9 are in both Derry and Tyrone, OSI/LPS Maps: 12, 13, 6, 7, 8
Highest Place: Sawel 678m

Starting Places (21) in area Sperrin Mountains:
Altinure Road, Banagher Glen Nature Reserve, Barnes Gap Car Park, Crocknakin, Drumnaspar Picnic CP, Glenchiel Road, Glenedra Bridge, Glenelly Road, Parkreagh, Goles Road, Lough Ouske, Moneyneany Village, Moydamlaght Forest, Moydamlaght Road, Mullaghmore, Mullaghbane, Spaltindoagh, Sperrin Hamlet, Sperrin Heritage Centre, Sperrin Heritage Centre W, Sperrin Road, Barnes Top, Sperrin Road, Glashagh Bridge, Sperrin Road, Sperrin

Summits & other features in area Sperrin Mountains:
E: Magherafelt Hills: Slieve Gallion NE Top 493.6m
E: Magherafelt Hills: Slieve Gallion 526.6m
N: Claudy Hills: Crockdooish 321m, Curradrolan Hill 270m, Eglish 277m, Letterlogher 249m, Mullaghmeash Hill 244m, Slieveboy 259m, Straid Hill 303m
NE Cen: Glenelly North East: Barnes Top 456m, Craigagh Hill 460m, Crockbrack 526.1m, Knockanbane Mountain 441m, Meenard Mountain 620m, Meenard Mtn W Top 480m, Mullaghaneany 627m, Mullaghash 480m, Mullaghsallagh 485m, Oughtmore 569m, Spelhoagh 568m
NE: Glenshane North: Benbradagh 465m, Boviel Top 454m, Carn Hill 448m, Carntogher 464m, Moneyoran Hill 414m
NE: Glenshane South: Bohilbreaga 478m, Coolnasillagh Mountain 423m, Corick Mountain 430m, Crockalougha 407m, Mullaghmore 550m, White Mountain 537m
NW Cen: Glenelly North West: Dart Mountain 619m, Dart Mountain North-West Top 525m, Learmount Mountain 489m, Learmount Mountain South Top 492m, Mullaghasturrakeen 581m, Mullaghcarbatagh 517m, Mullaghclogha 635m, Mullaghclogher 572m, Mullaghdoo 568m, Sawel 678m
NW: Maheramason Hills: Clondermot Hill 220m, Gortmonly Hill 218m, Slievekirk 370m
SE Cen: Glenelly South East: Carnanelly 562m, Carnanelly West Top 503.4m, Mullaghbane 467m, Mullaghturk 416m
SE: Cookstown Hills: Cregganconroe 300m, Fir Mountain 362m, Oughtmore 382m
SW Cen: Glenelly South West: Clogherny Top 408m, Craignamaddy 385m, Crocknamoghil 335m, Mullaghbolig 442m, Spaltindoagh 420m
SW: Mullaghcarn: Curraghchosaly Mountain 416m, Mullaghcarn 542m, Mullaghcarn South Top 525m
SW: Newtownstewart Hills: Bessy Bell 420m, Mullaghcroy 242m
W: Strabane: Balix Hill 403m, Knockavoe 296m, Owenreagh Hill 400m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Mullaghbolig, 442m Hill
Place Rating ..
, Tyrone County in Ulster province, in Carn Lists, Mullaghbolig is the 761st highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference H56894 89412, OS 1:50k mapsheet 13
Place visited by: 34 members, recently by: Colin Murphy, Paddym99, garybuz, dino, Kilcoobin, Hoverla, trostanite, dregish, mallymcd, pmeldrum, eamonoc, muschi, Fergalh, MichaelG55, LorraineG60
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Longitude: -7.117257, Latitude: 54.749432, Easting: 256894, Northing: 389412, Prominence: 127m,  Isolation: 2.4km
ITM: 656830 889403
Bedrock type: Psammite & semipellite, (Glenelly Formation)
Notes on name: Named as Mulloghbollgee in the Civil Survey.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Mlghbl, 10 char: Mlghblg

Gallery for Mullaghbolig and surrounds
Summary for Mullaghbolig : Relatively easy ascent aided by track most of the way.
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2023-12-07 16:42:19
   picture about Mullaghbolig
Picture: The track from Barnes Gap.
Simplest approach is from Barnes Gap, parking at A (H55173 89565). Proceed up the track for about 1.3km to B (H56313 89301) where you will see a line of trees running east next to a grassy field. At this point you are just 500m and about 120 ascent from the top. Go through field, cross a barbed wire fence, and proceed up through rougher ground – tussocky grass, some heather, but no real impediment. The heather takes over at the very top, and the high point is a junction of fences with three thick fence posts. Roughly 1 hour 20 minutes return journey.
Member Comments for Mullaghbolig

   picture about Mullaghbolig
Picture: mullaghbolig
gerrym on Mullaghbolig
by gerrym 19 Mar 2008
Started from the handy carpark mentioned. Two roads head uphill towards Barnes Gap, take the one with the Central Sperrins Way marker. Farm life abounds with sheep, dogs and tractors competing with the sounds of birds, water and wind (not mine). From this higher road are able to look down into the deep cleft that is Barnes Gap and wonder at the forces which shaped this area in the past. There is a rather ornate farm gate just before track continuing the Central Sperrin Way - i crossed this and followed the fence steeply uphill. Views are limited here with Mullaghcarn dominating to the S. With much puffing and panting behind the views open out on the crest of the hill as the Donegal mountains and the higher line of Sperrin hills to the N appear.
The fence is a failsafe guide and a little veer to the R will bring the top in 45 mins. No grand markers greet the walker - only the more than grand views. The view E is only revealed with the last few steps to the top - to Carnakilly and S. Gallion with the Belfast Hills only just getting a look in between. The whole line of the Mournes was laid out from sea level to the height of Donard and then a jagged ride with deep drops into Hares and Windy Gaps. A cloud topped Muckish and Derryveagh mtns joined thier neighbours in the Bluestacks in my visual party. The biggest present was the whole line of the N Sperrins with the variable weather providing sun kissed tops beside those in darkness or light mist. For its modest height this hill has monstrous views from one side of Ireland to the other. Definitely a case of less being more. I headed on along the central spine of the Sperrins in what turned into an 18.5 mile tramp around Glenlark. Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaghbolig
Picture: View SE from Mullaghbolig to Greenan Hill and Spaltindoagh
Harry Goodman on Mullaghbolig
by Harry Goodman 26 Mar 2010
(For the start of this walk see my comments on Craignamaddy). We started the second loop of our Central Sperrins walk to Mullaghbolig and Clogherny Top at A (H55173 89565), the same start point as for Craignamaddy, the first loop in our figure of eight. We took the good track going SE up and around the western flank of Mullabolig for some 1.4k to the gate (near a large boulder) mentioned by three5four0. On the way we had for some time the company of well over 100 sheep streatching back behind us in a long line along the track. The gate is at B (H56313 89301) and leads into a field bounded on the right and left side by a narrow line of pine trees. Indeed this field and the two lines of trees are in view some distance ahead when you come to the high point in the track and it starts to flatten out in a long arc around the hill. From the gate we went diagonally up the grass to cross a fence and then on up the heathery hillside to the top of the hill (C (H56894 89412)), near to or at a fence junction marked by three closely set posts. The exact position depends on which clump of heather you feel is the highest. From here for anyone wishing to go back to the start the loop can be completed by following the fence NW and then W back to the road. In our case we wished to continue NE and then E along the fence line to Clogherny Top some 3k away. Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaghbolig
Easy Terrain and Great Views
by dino 12 Jul 2022
I came here with very heavy boots full of water and soaked far to far up my thighs having fallen into a hidden stream on my descent from Craignamaddy via Mullaghbane. I was glad this was a relatively simple 4.5km, mostly track and well grazed open hillside.

Following Track 2159 I was busy enjoying the scenery and managed to walk past the easiest access option for the hill. Backtracking it was a distinctive gate (open today) at the end of a long row of conifers.

Inside the gate there was an indistinct but recognisable trail created by a tractor used to gain access to the hill. Following this kept me out of the heather and heading in the right direction on soggy but good ground. Eventually I headed off this track directly to the fence line and followed that the last few hundred metres to the summit. This was harder going with a mixture of deep grass and heather.

I'm true Sperrins style the summit is marked by the meeting of fence lines and nothing else but has great 360 views of most of the Sperrin range.

I stayed here long enough to make a cup of tea and enjoyed watching a heavy shower come up the valley below Mullaghcarn.

I took a slightly more direct line off the hill to the earlier faint trail and retraced my steps back to Barnes Gap. The shower I watched earlier now caught up with me but didn't dampen the spirits on such a warm late afternoon.

At the end of the gravel track I'd highly recommend taking the lower Gorticashel Road as this descends right through Barnes Gap and is very picturesque as well as avoiding the noisy dogs at the bottom of the quieter waymarked road.

Total distance was 16.5km including Craignamaddy and highly recommended.

Detailed report and photos on my blog:
Video on my YouTube channel:
. Linkback:
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   picture about Mullaghbolig
Picture: Mullaghbolig summit with Central Sperrins ridge in background
eflanaga on Mullaghbolig
by eflanaga 24 Dec 2007
Part of a Central Sperrins ridge walk starting at Barnes Gap carpark I BarnsGp (H55121 90470) and taking in all tops from Mullaghbolig to Corratary Hill ID (H63802 92749) , finishing at Tourist information board IE (H64272 93712) on mountain road off Corramore Road, south of Sperrin, a distance of 12k. First 2K on Magherabrack Road and track starting at IF (H55167 89566) around southwestern side of Mullaghbolig's western spur before breaking onto open hill and making way onto it's spine and short walk alongside fence to summit. Summit is marked by intersection of three fences. From here the remainder of the walk across the top of this central ridge is in clear view (see picture). Walking is relatively easy along sheep tracks close to fence, although from time to time it is necessary to veer a few metres south of fence to avoid wet areas. Going remains good until near end of walk on approach to Corratary Hill where the ground becomes wetter, heavier and boggier. There is only minimal loss of height to contend with between the various tops. In fact there is little more than 420m of ascent across the length of the walk. The ridge itself is rather featureless but the views - north across the beautiful and verdant Glenelly Valley to the High Sperrins, where Sawel, Dart and the 'Mullagh's form a wonderful backdrop and - south towards the Sperrin's lower hills and ridges are excellent. (Picture of yours truly on right and club colleague, Jim) Linkback:
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three5four0 on Mullaghbolig
by three5four0 22 Dec 2008
Started from the same car park as gerrym & eflanaga for Mullaghbolig, but kept to the Central Sperrins Way for a further km after Barnes Gap, to a gate at G (H563 893), beside an enclosed field. Where it was a short walk to the summit of Mullaghbolig. Continued on following the fence out to Clogherny Top, crossing several more fences and soft ground on the way. Returned the same way as the ascent, in a mixture of rain, sleet then snow, with the only other tops being visible being the ones on the fence posts. Followed the Central Sperrins Way back to Barnes Gap and then round the southern flank of Mullaghbane. (see Craignamaddy for the continuation of this walk) Linkback:
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