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Midlands SW Area , W: Keeper Hill Subarea
Feature count in area: 44, by county: Tipperary: 36, Limerick: 8, OSI/LPS Maps: 52, 53, 54, 58, 59, 60, 65, 66
Highest Place: Keeper Hill 691.6m

Starting Places (31) in area Midlands SW:
Ballincurra Hill South, Ballyhourigan Wood Loop Walk, Barnane Lodge, Castlewaller Wood Forest Road, Coillte Knockanroe, Commanealine Wood, Commaun Beg North, Cullaun South, Cummer South, Curreeny Wood, Doonane Forest Carpark, Foildhine Mulkeir Rivers, Glenaneagh Park, Glenstal Wood CP, Gortagarry Hill West, Greenan Cross, Knockadigeen Hill SW, Knockanora East, Knockanully, Knockaviltoge East, Knockfune Wood Bend, Knockmaroe Wood, Knockmehill South, Knockteige SW, Nicker, Raven's Rock, Ring Hill West, River Doonane, The Lookout, Tobernagreana, Upperchurch

Summits & other features in area Midlands SW:
Cen: Mauherslieve: Cummer 405m, Foilduff 400m, Knockmaroe 411m, Mauherslieve 543m
E: Upperchurch Hills: Knockalough 427m, Knockaviltoge 364m
N: Knockshigowna: Knockshigowna 212m
NE: Devilsbit: Benduff 455m, Black Hill 228m, Devilsbit Mountain 480m, Gortagarry 458m, Kilduff Mountain 445m, Knockanora 433m
NE: Templederry: Ballincurra Hill 403m, Commaun Beg 403m, Cooneen Hill 467m, Coumsallahaun 320m, Knockadigeen Hill 402m
NW: Arra Mountains: Corbally Hill 339m, Tountinna 457m
NW: Silvermine Mountains: Silvermine Mountains East Top 479m, Silvermine Mountains Far East Top 410m, Silvermine Mountains West Top 489m
SE: Hollyford Hills: Falleennafinoga 388m, Foildarg 440m, Glenaneagh 420m, Gortnageragh 418m, Knockastanna 444m, Knockbane 433m, Lackenacreena 413m, Ring Hill 426m, Tooreen 457m
SW: Slieve Felim: Cullaun 460m, Derk Hill 236m, Knockroe 204m, Knockseefin 235m, Slieve Felim 427m, Slieve Felim East Top 423m, Slieve Felim South Top 407m
W: Keeper Hill: Bleanbeg 368m, Boolatin Top 446.6m, Keeper Hill 691.6m, Knockane 411m, Knockfune 452m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Knockfune, 452m Hill An Cnoc Fionn A name in Irish,
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(Ir. An Cnoc Fionn [OSI], 'the white hill'), Tipperary County in Munster province, in Carn Lists, Knockfune is the 730th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference R84510 64439, OS 1:50k mapsheet 59
Place visited by: 32 members, recently by: Arcticaurora, chelman7, Colin Murphy, Krzysztof_K, garrettd, LiamG1951, maryblewitt, mlmoroneybb, sarahryanowen, JohnRea, MichaelG55, LorraineG60, FrankMc1964, wicklore, thomas_g
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Longitude: -8.230508, Latitude: 52.730885, Easting: 184510, Northing: 164439, Prominence: 68m,  Isolation: 2.2km
ITM: 584431 664446
Bedrock type: Greywacke, siltstone & grit, (Hollyford Formation)
Notes on name: Previously Knockfune E Top in MV.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Knckfn, 10 char: Knockfune

Gallery for Knockfune (An Cnoc Fionn) and surrounds
Summary for Knockfune (An Cnoc Fionn): Long walk to so-so summit.
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2023-11-09 19:15:09
   picture about Knockfune (<em>An Cnoc Fionn</em>)
Picture: Summit area.
One approach is from A (R85381 65206), where there is room for several cars to park. Continue up the west to B (R84533 65108) and then continue along the trail to the NNW until C (R83585 65836). Take the sharp turn to the south and continue along this for 2km, ignoring all turns on right. At D (R84380 64523) you will be within 50m of the summit. A short walk though the mature trees (no real obstacles) will lead to a clearing with a fallen tree, although the precise the high point is difficult to determine. Allow 2.5 hours up and down.
Member Comments for Knockfune (An Cnoc Fionn)
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   picture about Knockfune (<em>An Cnoc Fionn</em>)
Picture: Slight track near the summit.
simon3 on Knockfune
by simon3 8 Mar 2009
One way, not necessarily the best, of reaching this summit is to park at Knockfune Wood Bend (R82340 63991) where there is space for a few cars. Walk into the forest following the tracks (marked reasonably accurately on the 1:50k at this point) until you get to E (R836 641). Go east across the stream and reach the track. Follow the track towards the summit. There are two possible tops. One which probably is the higher is in the trees and can be reached by going to a foresters path cut through the trees starting at F (R84547 64474) which is at the NE edge of the forest. The summit is about 70m SW of this point along the forester's track.

The other candidate summit is at G (R8448 6470) and has the advantage of being in the open with some sort of view.

Perhaps it would be easier to reach this summit from somewhere else such as what appears as a forest entrance at H (R854 652)

It is possible to go from the summit to Knockane some 2.1km north however the route we found was difficult and circuitous taking us through briars, young forest, wet felled areas etc until we found the track marked on the map which skirts the summit to the south and turns for the top at I (R8440 6633). Perhaps someone else knows a better way. Linkback:
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For peak baggers only?
by aidand 4 Jul 2011
There is a new forest road running across the top of Knockfune. Coillte seems to be preparing for both harvesting and replanting. There is also a large aerial perhaps 300 meters from the very top. This was erected some years ago, probably to assess windspeeds for a windfarm that was never developed. It is hard to pinpoint the exact summit of Knockfune. A much better view is available just to the north outside the forest. It is now easy to link up both Knockfune and nearby Knockane using the forest roads and the Slieve Felim Way.

Overall Knockfune is not too exciting, and as it is close to much higher hills is easy to ignore. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockfune (<em>An Cnoc Fionn</em>)
Picture: View of Keeper Hill from near summit of Knockfune
tricky trees section
by Fergalh 10 Jan 2023
I parked at (J (R85368 65210)) and i walked up track to where it turned right at this point there is a rough track that runs uphill......follow this and after 50 metres turn left (K (R84696 65189)) and struggle through trees uphill for 200 metres or so than you will reach fence cross this to rough ground and proceed to the top. There is wonderful view of Keeper Hill from near the summit Linkback:
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