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Glenbeigh Horseshoe Area , Cen: Glenbeigh Horseshoe Subarea
Feature count in area: 20, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 70, 78, 83, EW-R
Highest Place: Coomacarrea 772m

Starting Places (24) in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Ballaghasheen Coilte, Ballaghasheen Pass Viewpoint, Cahernaman, Caunoge Boreen, Cloon Lough NE, Cloon Lough SE, Coolnahornan Bridge, Coomaclarig Bridge, Coomaglaslaw Outflow, Coomasaharn Lake, Coosatemple Cove, Coulagh Bridge Road, Drung Hill Layby, Gleensk Forest, Gleensk Viaduct, Glenbeigh Village, Lissatinnig Bridge Boreen, Lough Brista Wood, Lough Cappanlea OEC, Lough Caragh SW, River Behy Road, River Ferta Source, River Owroe Source, Roads Lough

Summits & other features in area Glenbeigh Horseshoe:
Cen: Glenbeigh Horseshoe: Been Hill 651m, Beenmore 660m, Beenreagh 495m, Coomacarrea 772m, Drung Hill 640m, Keamconneragh 593m, Macklaun 607m, Meenteog 715m, Mullaghnarakill 665m, Teeromoyle Mountain 760m
N: Glenbeigh: Callahaniska 219m, Coolroe 414m, Curra Hill 275m, Seefin 493m
S: Caunoge: Caunoge 502m
S: Knocknagapple: Colly 679m, Knocknagapple 466m, Knocknagapple NW Top 458m, Meenteog South-East Top 565m
W: Mount Foley: Mount Foley 355m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Coomacarrea, 772m Mountain Com an Charria A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Com an Charria [UR*], 'hollow of the stag') An Sagart an extra name in Irish, Kerry County in Munster province, in Arderin, Vandeleur-Lynam, Irish Highest Hundred Lists, Coomacarrea is the highest mountain in the Glenbeigh Horseshoe area and the 61st highest in Ireland.
Grid Reference V61131 82528, OS 1:50k mapsheet 78/83
Place visited by: 228 members, recently by: orlaithfitz, maoris, ToughSoles, Moirabourke, Krzysztof_K, Arcticaurora, SeanPurcell, overthehill67, bagoff, Beti13, Superterence, Oscar-mckinney, NualaB, Blackstar, Carolyn105
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Longitude: -10.021694, Latitude: 51.977902, Easting: 61131, Northing: 82528, Prominence: 457m,  Isolation: 1.1km
ITM: 461117 582579
Bedrock type: Purple mudstone & siltstone, (Valentia Slate Formation)
Notes on name: As with many names beginning with com, this name originally applied to a deep hollow on the side of the mountain. According to Seán Ó Súilleabháin the peak is also known as An Sagart. A cliff on the north-east side is named Leam a Soggorth, an anglicisation of Ir. Léim an tSagairt, 'leap of the priest' , a name which probably preserves a memory of a tale of a priest escaping from pursuing soldiers in Penal times, much like the Priest's leap between Bonane and Coomhola, near Glengarriff. On the Discovery map no. 78 the Irish name of the summit is An Tráigh [OSI], 'the strand'. Perhaps this is a humorous name for the large stony patch without turf cover near the summit. For further information on the name, see Paul Tempan, Some Notes on the Names of Six Kerry Mountains, JKAHS, ser. 2, vol. v (2005), 5-19.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Cmcr, 10 char: Comacarea

Gallery for Coomacarrea (Com an Charria) and surrounds
Summary for Coomacarrea (Com an Charria): High, grassy summit with massive corries in a remote and rugged part of Kerry.
Summary created by markmjcampion, simon3, paddyhillsbagger 2023-08-18 16:12:25
   picture about Coomacarrea (<em>Com an Charria</em>)
Picture: Coomacarrea from the east.
Coomacarrea is the highpoint of the remote Glenbeigh hills which incorporate a clutch of dramatic corries in their northern grasp. The terrain is grassy/boggy with immense views over Iveragh, the Reeks and Corca Dhuibhne. Take care in mist or wind as the ground is v steep to the N.

NE. This mountain can be climbed as part of the Glenbeigh Horseshoe either from Meentog to Drung Hill or in reverse taking in seven 600m+ tops and a sub 600 if you wish. At the end of a minor road out of Glenbeigh, there is parking for either route beside a ruined cottage by the head of Coomasaharn Lake at CumSah L (V63625 85122) . Head up the steep slopes of Knocknaman and continue on to Meentog before heading W on grassy, broad slopes to the col at A (V61996 82453). There are some fences and stony paths near here. Continue W up the shoulder where a fence takes a meandering line up to broad, unmarked grassy summit. If doing the full horseshoe see track/1966 - this also takes in Macklaun and is a long, tough but exhilarating 26k loop that would probably take 9 - 11 hrs.

From the same starting point, for a shorter but equally stunning loop ascend or descend via the Keamconneragh ridge - see track/3095 for a profile of this 4h+ 13k circuit.

SW A less dramatic route starts at CulnHorn Bge (V57456 77887) and takes in Caunoge before heading up the SW spur of Coomacarrea. 2.5hrs+ to summit.

W. Park near Cula Brg (V56896 83074) and following track/3301 head up the SW ridge of Teeromoyle before turning SE for Coomacarrea. 2.5hrs+
Member Comments for Coomacarrea (Com an Charria)

   picture about Coomacarrea (<em>Com an Charria</em>)
Picture: Coomasaharn Lake from Coomacarrea
A Fine Horseshoe
by JohnFinn 23 Aug 2022
Five of us did the Horseshoe on the 20th August 22 using Track 3095 (with a few slight deviations due to weather conditions). It was very windy which caused some of the group concern about traversing the narrow ridge between Keamconneragh and Teeromoyle. In the event the concern was misplaced as crossing it presented no problems. We reached the summit of Teeromoyle in driving rain but thereafter visibility improved. The descent from Meenteog as per the Track was steep but straightforward and we completed the 13 kilometre hike in 6 hours. A fine horseshoe trek and one that I would like to revisit on a clear day. Linkback:
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   picture about Coomacarrea (<em>Com an Charria</em>)
Picture: An illusion of closeness.
simon3 on Coomacarrea
by simon3 5 Jan 2006
Take a look at these lakes. Coomasaharn Lake stretches from the top of the picture, with Loughacummeen below it in the picture. This view from 500m east of Coomacarrea at B (V61607 82566) seems to bring them close, however in fact they are 430m apart on the map and differ in height by 340m. A remarkable sight. Linkback:
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   picture about Coomacarrea (<em>Com an Charria</em>)
Picture: Coomacarrea from the east.
simon3 on Coomacarrea
by simon3 20 Feb 2006
On the east side of Coomacarrea, at the col with Meenteog a road has been hacked out leading south. There are piles of buckled or worn looking mast sections and coils of rusting wire. In the picture you will also be able to see a white object, which is a large concrete block. Less visible in the picture is a nasty series of gashes in the hillside leading right to the top of Coomacarrea at the top of the fence.

It's testing for a wind power station, though it is outside the Kerry Co Co designated area for such (if that matters). As of Dec 2005 there was a mast on top of Coomacarrea. Were windmills to be put up here they would be at by far the highest site in Ireland. Coomacarrea is at 772m and the top of the windmills could be at 930m. They would be visible from much of the Dingle Peninsula, from much of the Iveragh Peninsula and even the Beara Peninsula as well as far inland in the Killarney region. The road access would inevitably bring scramblers or quads to further damage the landscape. Whether you are in favour or not about windpower (personally I am) this is not the place. Linkback:
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