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Slieve Bloom Area , E: Capard Subarea
Feature count in area: 12, by county: Offaly: 8, Laois: 5, of which 1 is in both Laois and Offaly, OSI/LPS Maps: 54
Highest Place: Arderin 527m

Starting Places (1) in area Slieve Bloom:
General's Road

Summits & other features in area Slieve Bloom:
Cen: Wolftrap Mountain: Carroll's Hill 482m, Castleconor 407m, Stillbrook Hill 514m, Wolftrap Mountain 487m
E: Capard: Baunreaghcong 508.2m, Ridge of Capard 482.1m
S: Arderin: Arderin 527m, Barcam 484m, Farbreague 430m, Garraunbaun 406m
W: Kinnitty: Cumber Hill 316m, Knocknaman 337m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Ridge of Capard, 482.1m Hill
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, Laois County in Leinster province, in Carn Lists, Ridge of Capard is the 620th highest place in Ireland. Ridge of Capard is the most easterly summit and also the second most northerly in the Slieve Bloom area. Ridge of Capard is the third highest point in county Laois.
Grid Reference N34228 04545, OS 1:50k mapsheet 54
Place visited by: 119 members, recently by: grzywaczmarcin, BarnabyNutt, Moirabourke, Timmy.Mullen, John.geary, childminder05, Wilderness, TipsyDempy, markwallace, Louise.Nolan, simon3, FoxyxxxLoxy, Ulsterpooka, mrmikelennon, helloyeshi
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Longitude: -7.489873, Latitude: 53.090705, Easting: 234228, Northing: 204546, Prominence: 44.5m,  Isolation: 1.8km
ITM: 634170 704578
Bedrock type: Pale & red sandstone, grit & claystone, (Cadamstown Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: RdgofC, 10 char: RdgofCprd

Gallery for Ridge of Capard and surrounds
Summary for Ridge of Capard : Easy and interesting walk helped by boardwalk.
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2022-01-06 11:05:14
   picture about Ridge of Capard
Picture: The Stoney Man
This is a relatively easy walk assisted in part by a substantial boardwalk. There is a large car park at A (N364 065). The boardwalk begins here and runs SW for the best part of 1km across an otherwise heather-coated and often muddy landscape. The incline is gentle. The continuous boardwalk ends, but you will find small sections traversing the boggiest areas. The route continues along a muddy track (very poor in wet conditions) and you may have to negotiate your way around several particularly bad patches. After 1km you will see the first and smallest of three marker cairns about 100m away to the left. After 2km you will see a second, much larger and sharply pointed cairn again to the left. At B (N348 047) you will reach the largest cairn - the substantial structure known as The Stoney Man. A narrow track leads away from this towards the high point 500m away, the way disappearing occasionally then reappearing, but eventually leading all the way to the top, which is unmarked except for a slightly elevated bump in the heather. All told it is an 8km round trip, but a gentle slope almost the entire way.
Member Comments for Ridge of Capard
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   picture about Ridge of Capard
Picture: Bluebells Capard Wood April 2019
Bluebells April 2019
by melohara 29 Mar 2020
The Slieve Blooms have a few redeeming features - one of them is the carpet of bluebells in Capard Wood during late April or early May.
Video on you tube at Linkback:
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   picture about Ridge of Capard
Picture: The Stoney man
Old friend
by ewen 9 Mar 2019
Everyone has a hill they go to for a Sunday blast and the ridge of Capard is mine. I usually start from the car park at C (N364 065) and head along the boardwalk. On a clear day you can see the stoney man cairn in the distance which you are heading for. The board walk soon ends and you are on the slieve bloom way which can be very cut up and boggy.
Once at the stoney man a bearing of 234 will take you in the direction of the top. There is the beginnings of a path that you can follow from the stoney man but this soon peters out and it seems to be mainly used by deer. The top isn't obvious. I take it to be hillock as this is closest to bearings I have taken and the aforementioned path goes right past it.
From there I usually go south west towards baunreaghcong. At a deep cut in the hill, almost a road, you will see the rusted sat receiver dish. Go left (south) down this cut. It follows old boundary fence posts to the forest at D (N343 042). You can the follow the slieve bloom way back to the car park via the stoney man.
I Linkback:
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   picture about Ridge of Capard
Picture: View north across Glenbarrow
AnnaK on Ridge of Capard
by AnnaK 10 May 2007
Feel like a bit of a cheat adding this as a first comment as clearly everybody who's climbed Baunreaghcong has come this way. Even though the walk is easy and part of the Slieve Bloom way, and the Slieve Blooms are not exactly alpine, you do get a magnificent view over the midlands. It's a nice easy walk (if a bit damp). This picture was taken in June 2005. Linkback:
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   picture about Ridge of Capard
Picture: Capard in the foreground, Baunreaghcong behind.
csd on Ridge of Capard
by csd 4 Jan 2009
I approached this from the SE, from the entrance to the forest tracks at E (N308 023). It's a straightforward matter of following the tracks up to about F (N344 040) and then heading north for the summit. This route minimises the lift-the-legs-over-heather that would otherwise be required. Capard is the usual "rounded-dome" Slieve Blooms summit. My picture shows the view in the opposite direction to AnnaK's. Linkback:
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   picture about Ridge of Capard
Picture: Ridge of Capard satellite dish
paddyhillsbagger on Ridge of Capard
by paddyhillsbagger 6 Jul 2009
Following on from other comments, I'm surprised nobody mentioned the strange abandonned satelitte dish and tin hut plonked on the walk from Baunreaghcong to Ridge of Capard. It certainly stands out in a terrain of featureless bog and heather. Wicklore has divulged many stories about the hills and has climbed this top, so is there any information on this Laois Listenning Post? Linkback:
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