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East Clare Area , Cen: Slieve Bernagh Subarea
Feature count in area: 9, by county: Clare: 8, Galway: 1, OSI/LPS Maps: 52, 58
Highest Place: Moylussa 531.6m

Starting Places (6) in area East Clare:
Ballycuggeran Forest, Clarisford Park, Crag Bridge CP, Glenagalliagh, Glenwanish, Two Mile Gate CP

Summits & other features in area East Clare:
Cen: Slieve Bernagh: Ballykildea Mountain 412m, Cragnamurragh 526m, Glennagalliagh Mountain 446m, Moylussa 531.6m
N: Slieve Aughty: Cappaghabaun Mountain East 378m, Cashlaundrumlahan 358m, Maghera 400m
S: Sixmilebridge: Knockanuarha 309m, Woodcock Hill 310m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Cragnamurragh, 526m Mountain
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, Clare County in Munster province, in Arderin Lists, Cragnamurragh is the second highest mountain in the East Clare area and the 489th highest in Ireland. Cragnamurragh is the second highest point in county Clare.
Grid Reference R62881 74949, OS 1:50k mapsheet 58
Place visited by: 126 members, recently by: Grumbler, maitiuocoimin, NualaB, Arcticaurora, Timmy.Mullen, Krzysztof_K, PrzemekPanczyk, GerSomers, Ulsterpooka, Wilderness, mlmoroneybb, maryblewitt, Lao.se, annem, JohnRea
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Longitude: -8.551349, Latitude: 52.824556, Easting: 162881, Northing: 174949, Prominence: 51m,  Isolation: 1.2km, Has trig pillar
ITM: 562840 674986,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Crg555, 10 char: Crgnmrgh
Bedrock type: Fine & some coarser greywacke, (Slieve Bernagh Formation)

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/401/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cragnamurragh
Sparkey on Cragnamurragh
by Sparkey 21 Oct 2004
Cragnamurragh can also be accesses from various roads & paths. You can cross from Moylussa through very boggy & wet ground loosely following a bog road opened up by machinery or you can access it from behind the village of Broadford . From the village of Broadford … Look out for the East Clare way signposts just off the R465 Map 58 GR A (R567 743). Park the car here or follow the road up a couple of Kms .Follow the East Clare way through forestry until you can see a small "lough" to your left called Poulalougha .Here you will see the slope of Slieve Bearnagh on your left and before the path starts to fall away veer left and start climbing along a distinct path past a Megalithic tomb shown on Map 58 . Heading up towards through heather to Lough Avullig there is excellent views here of County Limerick & Co Clare ….From here and with the lake to your left …. veer off to the right across calf high heather towards Cragnamurragh & it's triangulation point Here you can decide to back track or optionally if you had a second car you could have parked either at Rinanna Point GR B (R688 760) …….The second optional car could be reached by walking back along the saddle to Moylussa and down again to rejoin the East Clare way ( Try to aim for the 200mts boggy track that runs parallel to the tree line at GR C (R657 756) as this is far easier than roaming across KM's of heather) Once back on the forest track it is a nice relaxing end to the walk through Ballycuggaran woods to Rinnanna Point …..OR ….. alternatively park your second car in Kilbane village and aim to drop down from the saddle between Cragnamurragh & Moylussa heading to a distinct track at Coumbrack GR D (R644 745) . About 30 minutes from the start of the track you will see gate where you can see Lackareagh with it’s Ariel above you to the left. Turn right here at the gate and walk the 3km + back to your car . Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/401/comment/1268/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cragnamurragh
Picture: The view over to the Shannon Estuary from the summit
Stunning views from Craganamurragh
by csd 18 Apr 2010
I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much from Cragnamurragh. Comments regarding scars on the landscape and unrelenting bog put me in a rather negative frame of mind. In the event, however, I was pleasantly surprised. I came over from Moylussa, following the bog road/scar thing, and after our unusually dry winter and early spring it was almost completely dry. I can see how things would be different in the wet, though. The other thing that surprised me was how fantastic the views were. A broad sweep of the country was visible, from Dromineer and the northern half of Lough Derg, to Thomond Park and Limerick city, the Shannon Estuary and Moneypoint, all the way to the mountains of Kerry looming in the distance. Fantastic, and for this reason I suggested Cragnamurragh as a top 100 summit. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/401/comment/4641/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cragnamurragh
Picture: Cragnamurragh from Glennagalliagh
Easy route using tracks
by wicklore 4 Jun 2010
This approach first takes you over nearby Glennagalliagh. Considering the amount of comments commenting about the boggy nature of these hills, this route is quite straightforward and mostly along tracks. Starting at E (R63954 72575) on Map 58, follow the access track 1.5kms up to the summit of Glennagalliagh. (For information – it’s possible to drive to the summit in jeep type vehicles as turf cutting takes place there). From the summit look north down into the saddle below Glennagalliagh. A white track carved out of the bog should be visible. This track leads for 1km up to the col between Cragnamurragh and Moylussa.

There are single strand wire fences in the vicinity of the summit of Glennagalliagh. These could be electric, although I did not see signs to this effect. There are signs however stating ‘Please use the Gate’. This gate is just next to the summit. Pass through the gate and head NE down to a small track a couple of hundred metres away. Note that it is also easy to duck under the single strand fence. Aim for F (R63781 74261) where there is a gap in another potential electric fence giving access onto the white track leading up to Cragnamurragh. Follow this track and ascend 75 metres over 1km up to the col. From here turn left and follow a muddy, quadbike-churned track for about 1km to the trig pillar at the summit of Cragnamurragh at G (R62883 74950)

A local walker told me that many people believe that Cragnamurragh is the highest point of Clare because there is a trig pillar on Cragnamurragh while there is none on nearby Moylussa. He said that the highest point in the county would surely have this pillar? I pointed out that it had to do with the Ordnance Survey and lines of sight etc but I didn’t convince him!

csd has described the views nicely in his comment, so I can only echo that there is a great expanse to the range of the views from the summit. To return simply retrace your steps to the col and the track back over Glennagalliagh. There is also an option to extend the walk easily to Moylussa. As highlighted by others, there is a wide track leading from the col up to Moylussa 1.5kms away. This track ranges from dry and passable to waterlogged and scary. It’s just a case of walking on the heather next to the track at the dodgy bits. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/401/comment/5854/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Cragnamurragh
Picture: Boggy track to the top ( from the East )
aburden on Cragnamurragh
by aburden 11 Apr 2005
Followed Sparkys directions - thanks
Very boggy, beautiful views it will take a while but I will go back... Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/401/comment/1642/
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madfrankie on Cragnamurragh
by madfrankie 14 Sep 2005
Approached from Moylussa with poor visibilty and unrelenting rain. Normally I would regard the wide boggy track running SE as a scar on the landscape, but today it was a useful guide, bringing us practically to the summit trig pillar.
I won't bore you with the details of our descent down the southern spur, involving as it did, awkward hummocky slopes, impenetrable foliage and an unnecessary 8 km roadwalk.
Very, very glad to get back to the car. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/401/comment/1944/
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