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Knockmealdown Mountains Area , Cen: Central Knockmealdowns Subarea
Feature count in area: 17, by county: Tipperary: 11, Waterford: 11, of which 5 are in both Tipperary and Waterford, OSI/LPS Maps: 74, 82, EW-K
Highest Place: Knockmealdown 792.4m

Starting Places (16) in area Knockmealdown Mountains:
Bay Lough CP, Bay Lough Hairpin, Clogheen South, Crow Hill, Kilballyboy Wood, Kingston Bridge, Knockadullaun, Knockeenanooneen, Knockmeal Mountain Road, Knocksculloge, Liam Lynch Trailhead, Mount Melleray Abbey, R669 Rough Glen River, Spital-Land, Sugar Loaf Horseshoe Viewing Point, The Vee

Summits & other features in area Knockmealdown Mountains:
Cen: Central Knockmealdowns: Crohan West 521m, Knockmeal 559.5m, Knockmealdown 792.4m, Knockmoylan 767.1m, Knocknafallia 666.5m, Knocknagnauv 655.1m, Sugarloaf Hill 662.7m
E: East Knockmealdowns: Broemountain 430.4m, Knocknanask 486m, Knocknasheega 430.4m, Knocksculloge 432.6m
S: Araglin: Knockadullaun 352.2m
W: West Knockmealdowns: Crow Hill 516.8m, Farbreaga 518m, Knocknalougha 629m, Knocknalougha South Top 518.6m, Knockshanahullion 653.3m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Knockmeal, 559.5m Mountain Seisceann na Maoile A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Seisceann na Maoile [OSI], 'marsh of the bare hill'), Maol Mór, Tipperary/ Waterford County in Munster province, in Arderin Lists, Knockmeal is the 398th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference S10247 08341, OS 1:50k mapsheet 74
Place visited by: 252 members, recently by: Ianhhill, Carolineswalsh, Petecal423, Leatra, ConMack23, Nailer1967, Tuigamala, Kaszmirek78, jollyrog, DeirdreM, MichaelG55, Moirabourke, PrzemekPanczyk, westside, Jonesykid
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Longitude: -7.850767, Latitude: 52.227213, Easting: 210248, Northing: 108341, Prominence: 57.9m,  Isolation: 1.2km
ITM: 610195 608395
Bedrock type: Medium grained pink-purple sandstone, (Knockmealdown Sandstone Formation)
Notes on name: Another possible interpretation is 'sedge of the hornless cow' as maol is feminine in this name. However, note that this peak is in the townland of Meoul, which actually suggests Ir. meall, 'lump', rather than maol.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Knc560, 10 char: Knockmeal

Gallery for Knockmeal (Seisceann na Maoile) and surrounds
Summary for Knockmeal (Seisceann na Maoile): A fine view of the eastern hills
Summary created by jackill 2011-12-29 21:13:01
   picture about Knockmeal (<em>Seisceann na Maoile</em>)
Picture: As seen from Knocksculloge
Park on the roadside at A (S112 083) on the Mellary to Newcastle road just after you cross the border to Tipperary and an abandoned farmhouse. There is room here for 5-6 cars.
You will notice there are two tracks running side by side uphill , take the right hand one and follow it uphill and west.
After 0.75 kms follow this track left and around the side of Knockmeal for about 1km.
When the track turns left again and slightly downhill to the col with Knocknafallia you will reach a wall running up Knockmeal and to the northeast.
Follow this wall until it turns left (north ), leave the wall and cross to the summit cairn.
Member Comments for Knockmeal (Seisceann na Maoile)
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   picture about Knockmeal (<em>Seisceann na Maoile</em>)
simon3 on Knockmeal
by simon3 8 May 2006
Knockmeal is the most easterly of the 500m mountains in the Knockmealdowns. From it there is a view to most of the east of the range where there is Knocknasculloge (432m) and Knocknanask (486m). Our photo shows the modest cairn and the view to the west, along the north face of the main ridge. Claude Wall said of the Knockmealdowns “The traverse along the principal summits is a grand rough moorland walk of about twelve miles.” From Knockmeal you can see much of the walk. In the midground of the picture you can see the high prow of Knocknagnauv around just left of the middle of the picture. On the skyline you can see Knockmoylan (768m) just to the right of Knocknagnauv. To the right of Knockmoylan is a spur known as Knockshane. Knockmealdown, the highest mountain of the range, is obscured by Knocknagnauv. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockmeal (<em>Seisceann na Maoile</em>)
jackill on Knockmeal
by jackill 1 Nov 2004
Knockmeal from the side of Knocknafallia.
The woods you see are the corner at B (S079 098).
You can also see the county wall heading up Knockmeal,
the higher up track of the 2 visible goes all the way around Knockmeal at approx 500 mtr level to meet the track on the map that starts at C (S083 112)
This is a good starting/end point for a traverse of the range. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockmeal (<em>Seisceann na Maoile</em>)
csd on Knockmeal
by csd 29 Nov 2006
For my eastern approach of Knockmeal, I parked my car on the road up from Newcastle at the start of a rough track (A (S112 083). From there it's a straightforward hike up to the summit of Knockmeal. There are quite a few new forestry tracks not shown on Sheet 74, so take care in poor visibility lest you end up somewhere unexpected on the way back down again. After a steep (but fairly short) slog up the eastern slopes, the rounded dome of the summit area presents itself to you. I then headed on to Knocknafallia. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockmeal (<em>Seisceann na Maoile</em>)
jackill on Knockmeal
by jackill 24 Oct 2004
View of Knockmeal from C (S083 112). Followed the track(there are two side by side) for approx. 0.75 km. The track then swings around to the south west (not shown on map) just above the trees in the photo towards Knocknafallia.- I didn't follow this track but went straight ahead 0.5 kms over bog and heather to the summit cairn of Knockmeal. From Knockmeal I followed the wall as marked on the map over to Crohan West. Very wet afternoon - at least I tested the new jacket ! Linkback:
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SDillmore on Knockmeal
by SDillmore 7 Feb 2005
Simple walk following the wall from Crohan West, even considering that I walked 25m to the east to avoid the erosion of the path near the wall. It gets steep on the last 150m up to the cairn, but then it flattens out considerably, and on a clear day you are rewarded with nice views of the higher peaks to the west. Not a nice place for lunch on a windy day, though, as the peak invites mighty wind gusts. I took the edge of the forest east following the county line down to the road, and followed the road back to D (S115 104) where my car was parked. I should have planned the route better to avoid the 2 km walk on pavement. Linkback:
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