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Galty Mountains Area , W: West Galtys Subarea
Feature count in area: 24, by county: Tipperary: 18, Limerick: 8, of which 2 are in both Limerick and Tipperary, OSI/LPS Maps: 66, 74, EW-G
Highest Place: Galtymore 917.9m

Starting Places (19) in area Galty Mountains:
Aherlow House Hotel, Annaslinga, Attychraan Loop Trail, Cahirabbey Upper, Carrigeen, Clydagh Bridge, Combaun Woods CP, Combaun Woods Track, Galtyway Climb Black Rd, Glengarra Woods, Kilmoyler Railway Boreen, Kings Yard, Lake Muskry Trailhead, Lissantrelick Paradise Hill, Lisvernane, Pigeonrock Behanagh Rivers fork, Scaragh Reservoir, Scarragh Wood S, Scarragh Wood W

Summits & other features in area Galty Mountains:
Cen: Central Galtys: Cush 641.2m, Galtybeg 799.2m, Galtymore 917.9m, Greenane 801.3m, Greenane West 787m, Knockastakeen 581.6m, Knockeenatoung 601.3m, Lough Curra Mound 600.4m, Seefin 446.6m, Seefin North Top 444.1m
E: East Galtys: Laghtshanaquilla 629.4m, Laghtshanaquilla North-East Top 598m, Slieveanard 437.8m, Slieveanard NE Top 448.5m, Sturrakeen 541.7m
N: North Galtys: Slievenamuck 369m
W: West Galtys: Benard 479.5m, Carrignabinnia 822.9m, Knockaterriff 691.6m, Knockaterriff Beg 679.3m, Lyracappul 824.9m, Monabrack 630.1m, Slievecushnabinnia 774.8m, Temple Hill 783.1m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Lyracappul, 824.9m Mountain Ladhar an Chapaill A name in Irish,
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(Ir. Ladhar an Chapaill [OSI], 'fork/confluence of the horse'), Gowla, Limerick County in Munster province, in Arderin, Vandeleur-Lynam, Irish Highest Hundred Lists, Lyracappul is the second highest mountain in the Galty Mountains area and the 30th highest in Ireland. Lyracappul is the second highest point in county Limerick.
Grid Reference R84561 23177, OS 1:50k mapsheet 74
Place visited by: 437 members, recently by: jollyrog, paulbrown, Moirabourke, Padraigin, Enda66, Cunn2000, SmirkyQuill, Sarahjb, JohnHoare, Kaszmirek78, westside, bagoff, CusackMargaret, deirdre007, marymac
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Longitude: -8.227349, Latitude: 52.360412, Easting: 184562, Northing: 123177, Prominence: 100.2m,  Isolation: 0.7km
ITM: 584514 623228,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Lyrcpl, 10 char: Lyracappul
Bedrock type: Thick-bedded pale-red sandstone, (Galtymore Formation)
Notes on name: This peak may be named after the channels on its north-western slopes. The glen here is named Lyraveg Glen.
Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/29/
Gallery for Lyracappul (Ladhar an Chapaill) and surrounds
Summary for Lyracappul (Ladhar an Chapaill): Scenic lofty peak at western end of Galtee range
Summary created by markmjcampion, jackill 2023-08-17 11:40:36
            MountainViews.ie picture about Lyracappul (<em>Ladhar an Chapaill</em>)
Picture: Lyracappul from Carrignabinnia
Lyracappul is a grassy steep-sided mt at the W end of the well-defined Galtees’ ridge. The regular routes present no danger although it’s a steep pull-up from the W. Navigational help is provided by the substantial Galtee Wall. Extensive views from the summit incl the Knockmealdowns, Comeraghs and much of the lower plains to the N and W.

SE. Park at King’s Yard King Yd (R87525 19961) and follow a track to the north. At A (R87411 21078) either follow the stream N to the Galtee Wall at B (R86399 23980) or head first for the summit of Galtymore before following the wall west to L.

SE. Park at Cargeen (R86902 19633) and follow the track NNW, hopping a fence after a few hundred m and following the forest boundary before heading directly for the summit of Monabrack. Next stop is Carrignabinnia before heading SW for Lyracappul. [allow 2hrs] Descend via the Knockaterriffs or backtrack to B (R86399 23980) before dropping into the S facing valley, following the stream all the way back to King’s Yard from where a series of tracks will take you back to the start point.

W. Find somewhere to park near PardiseHl (R80498 21696) and follow track/3508 first to Paradise Hill and eventually out of the forest all the time following the western ridge until you veer NE for the summit of Temple Hill close to the 700m contour line. From here it’s an easy walk to K’terriff Beg and on to L. [2.5 hrs]

Notable tracks incl. track/4249, track/3651 and track/4533
Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/29/comment/4789/
Member Comments for Lyracappul (Ladhar an Chapaill)

            MountainViews.ie picture about Lyracappul (<em>Ladhar an Chapaill</em>)
mneary34 on Lyracappul
by mneary34 26 Oct 2004
This photo taken on 23/10/04 from Temple Hill when it seemed to have been raining everywhere else in the country shows the impressive southern approach to Lyracappul from Knockateriff Beg which is to the right foreground and not in picture. Descending to the col from Temple Hill be careful not to lose more height than you need to. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/29/comment/1277/
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Lyracappul from the south
by Declan Foley 6 Dec 2022
Climbed it on Saturday, May 8, 2004, a beautiful sunny day with little or no wind. Started from the end of the boreen (turn left off the main Cork - Dublin road just after Kilbeheny - look out for the Coillte sign) and took the sloping track up the left hand side of the valley, emerging on the col between Knockaterriff and Lyracappul befort turning sharp right to summit of Lyracappul. Just over 2 hours from the car to the top (out of practice!). No other walkers in sight - just myself and the hares for company. Descended to Bengower and back to the valley floor via the 'Zig Zag'. A lovely walk, easy access from Cork. A good walk for those of us 'mere mortals' who are emerging from the winter hibernation and need a few easy but interesting walks to get back into practice. Anyone have any background on the history of the area, all those amazing stone walls? Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/29/comment/965/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Lyracappul (<em>Ladhar an Chapaill</em>)
Picture: The way that we went
From the west
by jackill 6 Dec 2022
Pat crossing a snow drift on the top of Lyracappul in March 2004- started at woods carpark ComBan Wd (R819 185) on to Temple Hill (where we met the Bishopstown Hillwalking Club- hello to all) then Lyracappul (note wall to left of photo which appears on the map but is nearly obscured by placenames - you can follow it all the way to the County boundry wall C (R85431 23607)) Carraignabinnia, Slievecushnabinnia,then bearing 20 degrees to D (R868 258), bearing 90 degrees across stile to Lough Curra signpost to finish at Clydagh carpark. 15 km - 5.25 hours Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/29/comment/1068/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Lyracappul (<em>Ladhar an Chapaill</em>)
Picture: Panorama from Lyracappul
jackill on Lyracappul
by jackill 27 Oct 2005
I was looking through some photos from last year (December I think) and, with the newly discovered miracle that is photoshop, managed to come up with this panorama from the summit of Lyracappul. From the left is Galtymore, Lyracappul South East top, Knockaterriff , Knockaterriff Beg, and Temple Hill on the extreme left. One of the less trodden routes you can take here involves climbing up Lyracappul South East top, over to Lyracappul and down via Knockaterriff. On this route you may seek out the "crop-circle"sheep pen on the side of Lyracappul South East top, the masterpiece of stonework that is the wall beside the track that runs along the Blackrock river, the ruined booley houses on the side of Knockaterriff and the sheer face of exposed rock in Pigeonrock Glen. Lyracappul has always given me a sense of splendid isolation when standing on top of it. Steep drops on three sides,good shelter crouching behind the county wall for the oxtail soup and the ham sandwich, with the countryside stretching out below. Paradise indeed. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/29/comment/2020/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Lyracappul (<em>Ladhar an Chapaill</em>)
Picture: Lyracappul summit cairn with Galtymore in background.
A simply splendid mountain top.
by Harry Goodman 22 Jul 2011
After a day and a half of mist enveloped mountains it was a pleasure on 10 10 10 to climb Lyracappul as our first "clear" top on a round that also included Temple Hill, Knockaterrif Beg, Carrignabinnia and Monabrack (See my comments on Knockaterrif Beg for previous part of the route). From the coll below the S spur of the mountain E (R84300 22400) we climbed steadily up N to the rocky SW end of the ridge leading to the summit. From the top F (R84562 23179), with its high stone cairn, we had a view back SW across to Temple Hill, a top visited but not seen, earlier in the day. We also got our first glimpse of Galtymore (also topped, but not seen, on the previous day) as it poked up out of a heavy white cloud base into a clear blue sky. Sitting having our break on this fine ridge above the Glen of Agherlow to the NW and the Golden Vale to the SE was simply beautiful. Reluctantly we shouldered the ruckstacks and pressed on along the ridge and then down NE towards our next top, Carrignabinnia. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/29/comment/6419/
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