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Slieve Mish Area , Cen: Baurtregaum Subarea
Feature count in area: 16, all in Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 71, EW-DC, EW-DE
Highest Place: Baurtregaum 849.7m

Starting Places (15) in area Slieve Mish:
Caherconree Scenic Route, Derrymore West Trail, Doonore South, Emlagh Cross, Emlagh Wood, Feighatidura Cove, Glanaskagheen Wood, Greenlawn Cross, Laharn Viewpoint, Lougher, Maum Cross, Maumnahaltora Cross, R561 Lissaroe, Tonavane Cross, Tonavane Walk Kerry Camino

Summits & other features in area Slieve Mish:
Cen: Baurtregaum: Baurtregaum 849.7m, Baurtregaum Far NE Top 601.2m, Baurtregaum NE Top 818.5m, Baurtregaum NW Top 723m, Caherconree 835m, Castle Hill 600m, Gearhane 792m
E: Barnanageehy: Barnanageehy 561m
W: Aughils: Beenduff 515m, Caherbla 585.2m, Emlagh 483m, Knockbrack 459m, Knockmore 565m, Lack Mountain 465m, Moanlaur 566m
W: Camp: Corrin 332m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Castle Hill, 600m Mountain An Caisleán A name in Irish,
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Ir. An Caisleán [], ‘the castle’, Kerry County in Munster province, in Arderin, Vandeleur-Lynam Lists, Castle Hill is the 289th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference Q75620 06360, OS 1:50k mapsheet 71
Place visited by: 85 members, recently by: maoris, Beti13, CusackMargaret, johncusack, a3642278, ToughSoles, chelman7, DeirdreM, Krzysztof_K, derekfanning, Hjonna, mrfleetfoot, mh400nt, Sweeney, Bunsen7
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Longitude: -9.819713, Latitude: 52.195487, Easting: 75620, Northing: 106360, Prominence: 35m,  Isolation: 1.4km
ITM: 475598 606416
Bedrock type: Quartz-pebble conglomerate, (Lough Slat Conglomerate Formation)
Notes on name: As this peak is rather far from any castle (at Castledrum or Castlemaine), it may be simply named from its commanding position. It is located in the townland of Shanakeal (par. Kilgarrylander).
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: CstlHl, 10 char: Castle Hil

Gallery for Castle Hill (An Caisleán) and surrounds
Summary for Castle Hill (An Caisleán): Commanding castellated place with sea views.
Summary created by simon3, jackill 2012-09-11 20:38:17
   picture about Castle Hill (<em>An Caisleán</em>)
Picture: From Baurtregaum
The most direct route is from one of the roads to the south, such as from around A (Q7588 0413). Ascend more or less north along the rocky southern spur of the Castle Hill. There are a series of outcrops on this ridge which, with imagination, look like fortifications. As of 2012 the heather here is relatively low and probably has been burnt within the last few years. Allow around 2.5 hours for the round trip which is of around 7km.

A route from the east is to start at Quarry Hill car park B (Q83642 07816) with room for many cars. Walk uphill and west on a track initially. After passing the deflector station the track runs out. Walk the long, but easy, ridge with a drop to the south at its end for Castle hill.

Attractions of the summit include views over Castlemaine Harbour (the inner recess of Dingle Bay) and on the other side the fields, coast and hedgerows just NW of Killorglin.
Member Comments for Castle Hill (An Caisleán)
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   picture about Castle Hill (<em>An Caisleán</em>)
Picture: Castle Hill over Dingle Bay
simon3 on Castle Hill
by simon3 20 Feb 2007
Perhaps because it is overshadowed by the other summits of the Slieve Mishes Castle Hill is seldom visited, however it has good views over Dingle Bay. This picture was taken from near the top of Baurtregaum NE Top. In the background and over Castlemaine Harbour (the inner recess of Dingle Bay) are the fields, coast and hedgerows just NW of Killorglin. Linkback:
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   picture about Castle Hill (<em>An Caisleán</em>)
Picture: Dingle bay from the Castle
jackill on Castle Hill
by jackill 19 Feb 2007
The long easy ridge from Quarry Hill car park B (Q83642 07816) passing over Barnageehy and the Iron Man, push my toes into the sandy beach surface of Glanbrack Mountain, the short sharp climb to Baurtregaum and the final jewel of Castle Hill. Castlemaine harbour reflecting silver spring sunlight , laying back in the short heather, my eyes tracing the shore out beyond Dingle bay , for a moment truly a King in His Castle. Linkback:
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   picture about Castle Hill (<em>An Caisleán</em>)
Picture: Castle Hill from the south.
Rocky west side.
by simon3 11 Sep 2012
Unusually for an Irish mountain, Castle Hill is steeper on its western side than any other as can be seen from this photo from the south. Linkback:
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   picture about Castle Hill (<em>An Caisleán</em>)
Picture: Morning glory
Morning glory
by Colin Murphy 10 Apr 2015
Pic shows a view of Castlemaine Harbour and Dingle Bay from the summit of Castle Hill, with the Iveragh mountains peeking up through the morning mist in the distance. Linkback:
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   picture about Castle Hill (<em>An Caisleán</em>)
Picture: Looking south from the saddle below Castle Hill
Going the extra mile...
by peter1 29 Apr 2015
I included Castle Hill in a round of the four Baurtregaum tops as I thought that, once high, I might as well continue along the ridge to Castle Hill. Dropping my rucsac just below the summit of Baurtregaum, I got to the top of the Hill in around 20 minutes and the views were superb! Another 50 minutes or so and I was back at my rucsac, enjoying a coffee and chocolate log. It's around 3.2k out and back with a climb of around 340m. Although this adds a fair chunk of climb to the day, its still 'better value' than climbing Castle Hill on its own from the south! I would recommend to anyone who hasn't already climbed the Baurtregaums, to include Castle Hill in their day. Linkback:
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