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Mourne Mountains Area , E: Binnian Subarea
Feature count in area: 58, all in Down, OSI/LPS Maps: 20, 29, EW-CLY
Highest Place: Slieve Donard 849m

Starting Places (33) in area Mourne Mountains:
Alex Steddom Tree, Aughrim Airstrip, Ben Crom Dam, Bloody Bridge Car Park, Carlingford Greenway, Carrick Little, Crocknafeola Wood, Crotlieve Mountain, Donard Car Park Newcastle, Drummanmore Picnic, Fofanny Reservoir, Forest Office CP, Gamekeepers Lodge CP, Happy Valley Trassey Rd, Hen Mountain CP, Leitrim Lodge CP, Mayo Road Corner, Meelmore Lodge, Newcastle Harbour, Ott CP, Red Bog Road, Rourkes Park, Sandy Brae, Silent Valley Reservoir Head Rd, Slieve Donard Trail Head, Slieve Foye Viewing Point, Slievefoy Forest CP, Spelga Dam E, Spelga Dam N, Spelga Dam S, Trassey Car Park, Two Mile River CP, Yellow Water Park

Summits & other features in area Mourne Mountains:
Cen: Loughshannagh: Ben Crom 526m, Carn Mountain 585.2m, Carn Mountain North Top 553.7m, Doan 592.6m, Ott Mountain 526.8m, Slieve Loughshannagh 617m, Slieve Muck 670.4m, Slievenaglogh 445m
E: Binnian: Slieve Binnian 745.9m, Slieve Binnian East Top 639m, Slieve Binnian North Top 678m, Slieve Binnian North Tor 682.5m, Wee Binnian 460m
E: Donard: Chimney Rock Mountain 656m, Crossone 540m, Millstone Mountain 460m, Rocky Mountain 524m, Slieve Donard 849m
E: Lamagan: Cove Mountain 654.8m, Slieve Beg 595.9m, Slievelamagan 702.2m
N: Bearnagh: Slieve Bearnagh 739m, Slieve Bearnagh North Tor 680m, Slieve Meelbeg 701.9m, Slieve Meelmore 687m
N: Castlewellan: Slievenalargy 280m, Slievenaslat 272m
N: Commedagh: Slieve Commedagh 767m, Slieve Corragh 640m, Slievenaglogh 586m, Slievenaglogh East Top 575m
N: Croob: Cratlieve 429m, Slieve Croob 534m, Slievegarran 391m, Slievenisky 446m
N: Rathfriland: Knockiveagh 235m
S: Kilkeel: Knockchree 306m
S: Rostrevor: Crenville 460m, Finlieve 578m, Slievemartin 485m, Slievemeel 420m, Slievemeen 472m
W: Hilltown: Gruggandoo 382m, Slieveacarnane 296m
W: Slievemoughanmore: Crotlieve Mountain 347m, Eagle Mountain 638m, Rocky Mountain 404m, Shanlieve 626m, Slievemoughanmore 560m, Tievedockaragh 473m, Wee Slievemoughan 428m
W: Spelga: Butter Mountain 500m, Cock Mountain 504m, Cock Mountain South-West Top 505m, Hen Mountain 354m, Pigeon Rock Mountain 534m, Pigeon Rock Mountain South Top 530m, Slievenamiskan 444m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Slieve Binnian East Top, 639.0m Mountain Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir) A name in Irish,
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For origin of name, see Slieve Binnian., Down County in Ulster province, in Arderin Beg, Vandeleur-Lynam Lists, Slieve Binnian East Top is the 220th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference J32659 23164, OS 1:50k mapsheet 29
Place visited by: 428 members, recently by: Paddym99, chelman7, michaelseaver, therealcrow, itsaroadmap, miriam, bagoff, farmerjoe, Krzysztof_K, derekfanning, osullivanm, Seamy13, Leona-S, Arcticaurora, Lucky1
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Longitude: -5.970899, Latitude: 54.140431, Easting: 332659, Northing: 323165, Prominence: 24.5m,  Isolation: 0.6km
ITM: 732579 823171,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Slv639, 10 char: SlvBnnEstT
Bedrock type: Granite granophyre, (Mourne Mountains granite)

Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/summit/230/
Gallery for Slieve Binnian East Top (Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)) and surrounds
Summary for Slieve Binnian East Top (Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)): Short walk to the first of Binnian's four Tops
Summary created by Harry Goodman 2011-11-07 11:59:04
            MountainViews.ie picture about Slieve Binnian East Top (<em>Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: Binnian E Top (left) at start of climb along wall. N Tor can be seen top right.
For most hillwalkers climbing Slieve Binnian from Carrick Little, the East Top, though only a sort way off the route, is a diversion seldom taken yet it can act as a first top of four in a fine circuit of the mountain. To climb the East Top start at Carrick Little car park Carrick (J345 219) and walk N up the adjacient track. After crossing a stone stile, leave it at an appropriate point and follow the stone wall NW uphill. Where the ground starts to level out watch for a wooden stile on the left. Cross over and walk gently up SE to the top crowned by a number of small rocky tors. While it is possible to access the top earlier by crossing the wall at an appropriate point on the way up the use of the stile is the recommended option in the interests of preserving the wall. Return by way of ascent. If time allows when there, it is very worthwhile continuing up to Slieve Binnian and then along the ridge to Binnian N Top and the nearby and much more dramatic N Tor. From there descend down the newly constructed stone "staircase" (2011) to the Binnian/Lamigan col where a right turn leads along the track SE, past the Blue Lough, back to Carrick Little.
Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/230/comment/4990/
Member Comments for Slieve Binnian East Top (Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir))

            MountainViews.ie picture about Slieve Binnian East Top (<em>Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: East Top
The green green grass of.......
by gerrym 28 Sep 2010
Start from Carrick Little carpark (where i left my camera on the bonnet of the car and found it still there 5 hours later) take the idylic laneway flanked by towering walls of mourne stone. The surrounding lush green fields give a clue to the origin of the stone for the walls.

A characterful rock stile brings an information board detailing the stupendous views up into the Annalong Valley ringed by high hills. Follow the wall left from the track onto the hillside. This has seen heavy traffic and is well eroded in places.To the left the sun was shining through the gaps in the stone walls which looked as though they had been put together by children. A snow capped Comedagh looked suitably impressive at the nead of the valley, with the scar of the Brandy Pad impossibly high up from this lowly point.

As the climb levels can cross the wall and take the short walk to the summit. This has a number of little rock tors, dwarfed by the real deal on Binnian proper. They were big enough to shelter me from a strong breeze as the sun melted what was left of a morning hail shower. The views from the top are pretty good, especially out to sea where the shadows of clouds created the illusion of islands to compliment the Isle of Man and the east wind created plenty of surf along the shoreline. The shore continues to the mouth of Carlingford Lough and the backing of the Cooley mountains in view. Looking up the valley the clouds continued to cast thier shadow as they rose and fell over Donard. Slieve Croob and the further distant Belfast Hills were also in the frame.

An easy walk brings the heights of Slieve Binnian and the endless exploration of the tors along its length - as well as the endless views. I dropped down and climbed Lamagan and descended from the col with Cove to the rough track into the valley and back to the carpark and my camera! Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/230/comment/3185/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Slieve Binnian East Top (<em>Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: Painted Stone on Summit
Super Nat Mountain
by Bunsen7 20 Sep 2020
Cursing the lack of Brown Dots on the OSNI Mournes Map and my own failure to mark the exact location of Slieve Binnian's 4 VLs I was lucky to make the approach in clear weather from Carrick Little and sense that perhaps this slight detour from the wall before tackling the main summit met the criteria.

It was touch and go in all honesty and looking at the figures now I see that this top only barely has a prominence of 15 metres. It certainly feels that way on the approach - minimal effort from the col with the summit proper.

Anyway it's a fine place for a cup of tea and a biscuit for those of us that like to savour the views on clear days (and will use any excuse to postpone the real work that lies ahead).

I was interested by what looked like litter at the "summit" cairn only to find at closer quarters that it is a painted stone bearing the words "Super NAT Mountain".

Although I am generally against any traces or objects on mountains (the laughing Budda on Galtymore being the obvious exception) - I figured this little memento might have meaning to someone.

A quick google tells me the story of a young autistic man from the locality named Nathan Pierson who raised a lot of money for the Mournes Mountain Rescue team and who was instrumental in getting Lidl to offer up a site to the MMRT in Newcastle. This appears to have earned him the moniker of SuperNat. I can only assume he or someone else who appreciates him has put this stone on Slieve Binnian East Top.

As a stranger to these parts it was nice to learn a bit of his story.

Now if only I could find out who the Melon Man of Camenabologue is (at least 10 separate pieces he had left up there months ago, it was like Hansel and Gretel, and then I find another one on Slieve Lamagan). Or Bananaman and the Clementine Kid, I'd have a few choice words for those guys! Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/230/comment/20892/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Slieve Binnian East Top (<em>Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)</em>)
GWPR on Slieve Binnian East Top
by GWPR 21 Feb 2004
Slieve Binnian East Top as viewed from Slieve Binnian. Descending from Binnian follow Mourne Wall east to reach wooden stile. Cross over and short climb to East Top. Return to stile and follow Mourne Wall East to reach track to Carrick Little. Tried to continue east from East Top but met a high granite wall with barbed wire on top. It seems to be a secondary wall and not the Mourne Wall proper. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/230/comment/851/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Slieve Binnian East Top (<em>Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: Minature Tors on E Top overlooking Kingdom of Mourne.
Great Bonus On Fantastic Walk
by Aidy 2 Oct 2014
After starting out at the Carrick Little car park, I had gone to Slieve Binnian first, then on to Slieve Binnian North Top and North Tor, leaving this summit for the return leg, dropping down the short descent from Binnian. It is well worth the little effort required, as there are new perspectives on the south and west coasts of Co. Down and beyond. As I was doing it on the way back to Carrick Little, my route also took me down its eastern flank where I wandered through what must be the quarry remains mentioned by gerrym. There were heaps of stones covering a wide area, some of which may even have been the remains of buildings, although it was hard to tell. An interesting extra on the mountain all the same. If you're going to Binnian from Carrick Little, I would definitely recommend making the short diversion to take in this summit. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/230/comment/17703/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Slieve Binnian East Top (<em>Sliabh Binneáin (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: The view south to Slieve Foye from the summit of Binnan East Top.
csd on Slieve Binnian East Top
by csd 9 Oct 2005
We tackled Slieve Binnan East Top last in a North - South loop of Slieve Binnan's four summits. Access from Slieve Binnan proper was easy -- just follow the wall down and hang a right at the col between Binnan and East Top. Nice views south to Slieve Foye as it stands over Carlingford. After savouring the views we headed ENE to pick up the wall, which we followed down to Carricklittle car park. Linkback: mountainviews.ie/summit/230/comment/1991/
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