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Maamturks Area , S: Maumturks S Cen Subarea
Feature count in area: 27, all in Galway, OSI/LPS Maps: 37, 38, 44, 45, EW-CON
Highest Place: Binn idir an dá Log 702m

Starting Places (42) in area Maamturks:
An Móinín Mór, Bealanabrack River Tributary, Bundorragha Estuary Cross, Cannaclossaun, Carraig Bar, Connemara Mountain Hostel, Delphi Resort, Dernasliggaun, Drehidanookera Bridge, Failmore River, Fee Lough SW, Glashmore Bridge, Glencraff Road End, Gleninagh River, Gowlaunlee Lake, Illaunroe South, Killary Boat Tour Pier W, Knocknafaughy SW, Kylemore River, Leenane, Leenane Hotel, unuseableLeenane R336, Lehanagh Lough N, Lehanagh Lough SE, Lough Fee East, Lough Nacarrigeen S, Lough Shindilla S, Maum Bridge Road Lower, Maum Bridge Road Mid, Maum Bridge Road Upper, Maumwee Lough, Nambrackkeagh Lough, Oorid Lough, Owenwee River, Pas Mám Éan CP, Rinavore East, Rinavore SW, Shanvally, Tawnabeg Lough North, Tooreennacoona River, Western Way Cnoc na hUilleann, Western Way Inagh Cottages

Summits & other features in area Maamturks:
N: Leenaun: Maumturkmore 488m, Búcán 550m, Leenaun Hill 618m, Leenaun Hill Far North-West Top 556m, Lettershanbally 324m, Meall Cheo 578m, Taobh Dubh 422m
N: Maumturks N Cen: Barrlugrevagh 558m, Letterbreckaun 667m, Letterbreckaun NE Top 603m, Knocknahillion 607m, Knocknahillion North Top 541m, Cúlóg 435m
S: Maumturks S Cen: Binn Chaonaigh 633.5m, Binn idir an dá Log 702m, Binn idir an dá Log SE Top 659.3m, Binn Mhairg 612.4m, Knocknagur 310m
S: Maumturks South: Binn Mhór 660.6m, Binn Mhór NE Top 641.2m, Binn Mhor West Top 595.8m, Binn Mhor East Top 631.3m, Lissoughter 401m, Corcogemore 610.1m, Mullach Glas NE Top 432m, Lackavrea 396m, Mullach Glas 621.3m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Binn Chaonaigh, 633.5m Mountain
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(Ir. Binn Chaonaigh [TR], 'peak of moss'), Galway County in Connacht province, in Arderin, Vandeleur-Lynam Lists, Binn Chaonaigh is the 231st highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference L90033 51558, OS 1:50k mapsheet 37
Place visited by: 378 members, recently by: rhw, andalucia, BarnabyNutt, orlaithfitz, PiotrR, maoris, SeanPurcell, Carolineswalsh, Kaszmirek78, Oscar-mckinney, Carolyn105, maitiuocoimin, Timmy.Mullen, Krzysztof_K, therealcrow
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Longitude: -9.657998, Latitude: 53.502707, Easting: 90034, Northing: 251558, Prominence: 110m,  Isolation: 0.5km
ITM: 490008 751580
Bedrock type: Pale quartzites, grits, graphitic top, (Bennabeola Quartzite Formation)
Notes on name: Walks: for a route along the ridge, taking in Binn Chaonaigh and Binn idir an dá Log , see Kevin Corcoran, West of Ireland Walks, 81-92.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: BnChng, 10 char: BnChngh

Gallery for Binn Chaonaigh and surrounds
Summary for Binn Chaonaigh : The first of the second stage
Summary created by wicklore 2011-08-08 19:50:28
   picture about <em>Binn Chaonaigh</em>
Picture: rock, rock and more rock!
Binn Chaonaigh is the first mountain on the second stage of the traditional Maamturks walk if approaching from the south. This involves a 400 metre climb up from Maumeen, which is tough enough going directly from the car park, let alone after a traverse from Corcogemore several kms away. The upper few hundred metres of these mountains are pure quartzite, so good footwear is needed to walk on the fields of shattered stone and follow the sandy trails carved out by countless boots.

The approach from the south to Binn Chaonaigh can be started from the car park at A (L893 495). From the car park it is a climb of 530 metres to the summit, which includes an initial 130 metre walk up to the col. Follow the good track up to the col between Binn Mhòr and Binn Chaonaigh, known as Maumeen, where there is a Chapel and Holy Well. Turn left to climb 400 metres up to Binn Chaonaigh over initial steep grassy slopes and then shattered rock. Care is needed throughout the walk as some sections are steep.

Any walk in the Maamturks should be undertaken with care as there are few escape options if bad weather descends or you get tired. Even in good weather you need to be confident in your navigation as there are sections where you are surrounded by rock and you need to be able to pick your route.
Member Comments for Binn Chaonaigh

   picture about <em>Binn Chaonaigh</em>
Silver on Binn Chaonaigh
by Silver 16 Mar 2005
At Gr (B (L890 530)) looking back at Binn Mhairg and Binn Chaonaigh Linkback:
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   picture about <em>Binn Chaonaigh</em>
Silver on Binn Chaonaigh
by Silver 16 Mar 2005
This is the decent to Mam Ochoige with view of Knocknahillon/Cnoc Na HUilleann mountain and Letterbreckaun/Binn Bhriocain mountain in distance.

On bottom left of photo on decent is cliffs. Walk along edge to right and search for a steep path/gully which swings to the left is hidden by overhanging rock. Walk down to the left of Loch Mham Ochoige.
[ Editor's Note: While what Silver says about the route to Mham Ochóige is possible, it isn't safe particularly in bad weather. One year a number of us saw a woman fall a serious distance above the Loch on the organised Maumturks Walk. Go towards the left of the ridge, starting from probably around where the pic was taken at a bearing of around 277 magnetic. ] Linkback:
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   picture about <em>Binn Chaonaigh</em>
Silver on Binn Chaonaigh
by Silver 16 Mar 2005
Picture of Binn Dhoire Chlair, Binn Chorr and Bencorrbeg in distance taken from descent from Binn Chaonigh Gr(C (L896 518)) with Binn idir an da Log to the front right of picture Linkback:
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   picture about <em>Binn Chaonaigh</em>
Silver on Binn Chaonaigh
by Silver 16 Mar 2005
This photo was taken from Binn Idir an Da Log with the route I took. In far distance is Binn Mhor, Binn mhairg is to the middle left with a walk along the ridge to Binn Chaonaigh on right of photo, decend down Binn Chaonaigh there is a path of cruncy quartzite gravel running down the gap before ascent the gap to Binn Idir an da Log Linkback:
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   picture about <em>Binn Chaonaigh</em>
Picture: Binn idir an dá Log SE Top from main summit
brblos on Binn Chaonaigh
by brblos 29 Aug 2007
hi, this weekend we went to connemara with 2 plans: maumturks and bens. in maumturks we wanted to make a walk from mam ean to maum turc, but the weather was quite bad on sat, clouds from 200m with continuous rain and wind, so we turned back in maum ean as we didnt dare to go up in those conditions and came back just after 5pm. cloud were bit higher - bout 450m - and with no rain, or radher significant one :o)

of course we walked just to maum ochoige due to late start. all the way the ridge was in clouds with poor visibility so we did unplanned detour from Binn Chaonaigh to Binn Mhairg and found out just when the ridge finished with drops. so just little hint. if you pass 2 big cairns on the top of Binn Chaonaigh, dont continue in their direction to north, even though there is visible path. you have to turn left just in between those 2 cairns and after few meters you will find a path going your desired direction.

finally we were rewarded with some views from Binn idir an dá Log (picture is showing Binn idir an dá Log SE Top from main summit )

and thanks to explained route down to lake in maum ochoige on the descend was without any problems even in our visibility (of course with map and compass).
the second day in bens was gorgous. Linkback:
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