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Donegal Islands Area
Feature count in area: 60, all in Donegal, OSI/LPS Maps: 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2, 3, 6, 7
Highest Place: Gull Island 95m

Starting Places (19) in area Donegal Islands:
Altawinny Bay Road, Burtonport Pier, Cnoc Fola Carpark, Coshia, Crockadillisk Bend, Crocknamarrow, Cruit Golf Pier, Doherty's Dún, Five Fingers Strand, Glasagh Road, Glassagh Beach, Gola Island Ferry Pier, Mevagh Cross, Mullagh, Port Pier, Stella Maris Meevagh, Teach Dixon, Trá na Rossan, Trá na Rossan Hostel

Summits & other features in area Donegal Islands:
Allagh Island 8m, An Bhuidéal 45m, An tOileán leathan 20m, Bo Island 13m, Calf Island (1) 5m, Cruit Island 32m, Edernishree 11m, Edernish 11m, Eighter Island 24m, Fall Island 11m, Gola Island 68m, Garvan Isles Green Isle 16m, Garvan Isles Middle Isle 5m, Garvan Isles White Isle 5m, Glashedy Island 35m, Go Island 5m, Gull Island 95m, Illanarva 5m, Illancarragh 20m, Illancrone SE 5m, Illannanaff 11m, Illanngall 23m, Iniscoo 15m, Inishal 6m, Inishbarnog 16m, Inishbeg 22m, Inishbofin (1) 33m, Inishcoole 13m, Inishdooey 38m, Inishduff 22m, Inisheane 5m, Inishfree Lower 25m, Inishfree Upper 14m, Inishillintry 21m, Inishinny (2) 16m, Inishinny (1) 27m, Inishkeel 19m, Inishkeeragh (1) 6m, Inishmeal 5m, Inishmeane 33m, Inishsirrer 23m, Inishtrahull 49m, Island Reagh 12m, Island Roy 15m, Mullaghtan 10m, Duck Island (1) 5m, Rathlin O'Birne Island 26m, Roaninish 9m, Rutland Island 20m, Tor Beg 5m, Torglass 25m, Tor More 35m, Toralayden 84m, Torhonadoogha 20m, Tornacolpagh Island 21m, Tory Island 83m, Tramore Point 5m, Tullyillan 11m, Tullavane Island 5m, Umfin Island 42m

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Gola Island, 68m Island Gabhla A name in Irish,
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Ir. Gabhla [GÉ], meaning uncertain Cnoc an Choillín an extra name in Irish, Donegal County in Ulster province, in Irish Islands Lists
Reachable "On Foot " N
Grid Reference B76500 27600, OS 1:50k mapsheet 1
Place visited by: 11 members, recently by: miriam, Fergalh, leader1, jlk, Aongus, Niamhq, Welder, DavidWalsh, magicstep, bryanjbarry, markmjcampion , Island visited by 19 members.
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, I visited this island: NO
Longitude: -8.368867, Latitude: 55.095112, Easting: 176500, Northing: 427600,
ITM: 576454 927582,   Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: GlI68, 10 char: GlIslnd

Notes on name: Gola is situated 2 km offshore from Magheragallon in Gweedore Bay. It has sea-cliffs which are popular with rock-climbers and is surrounded by several sea-stacks. The highest point on the island is named Knockaculleen on the 6" map. This is explained as Ir. Cnoc an Choillín, 'hill of the little wood' at logainm.ie.
Linkback: https://mountainviews.ie/island/2008/
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Member Comments for Gola Island (Gabhla)

            MountainViews.ie picture about Gola Island (<em>Gabhla</em>)
Picture: trees on Gola
Trees on Gola
by magicstep 8 Jun 2017
It's a rarity to see trees on Irish islands.
The hill on the right is Cnoc Fola (Bloody Foreland). Linkback: mountainviews.ie/island/2008/comment/19548/
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            MountainViews.ie picture about Gola Island (<em>Gabhla</em>)
Picture: There's a welcoming painting on the wall and information board and a bench next to the eastern pier.
Can get busy in the summer.
by magicstep 8 Jun 2017
Visited in 2014. Gola is prepared for tourists, lot's of informative signs, a tiny shop in the middle, there was even a holiday house to rent. Good views towards the mainland and all around there are islands and islets. Highest points are to the west with spectacular cliffs, the island is a bit split into northern and southern part so you have to descend to the lake in the middle before climbing to the other part. There's a beach west from the lake. Walking is easy and there are lot's of places to see.
During summer there's a ferry from the nearest pier GolaPr (B79271 26635) Linkback: mountainviews.ie/island/2008/comment/19533/
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