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West Cork Mountains Area , N: Conigar Subarea
Feature count in area: 62, by county: Cork: 45, Kerry: 24, of which 7 are in both Cork and Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 78, 79, 85, 86, 88, 89
Highest Place: Knockboy 704.8m

Starting Places (47) in area West Cork Mountains:
Barley Lake North, Barrboy, Caha Pass, Carranmore, Carrigacappeen, Carriganass Castle, Castle Donovan Car Park, Clearagh House, Coolkellure House, Coomhola Bridge, Corrigatirra, Cousane Gap, Cummer Lough East Road, Derreencollig Wood, Esk Boreen, Fuhiry Wood, Garinish Island Pier, Glasagarav River Bridge, Glasnacummeen Stream, Glengarriff, Glengarriff Nature Reserve CP, Gorteeniher Drimoleague Heritage Walk CP, Gortloughra River Road, Gougane Barra Oratory, Gougane Barra Park CP, Grousemount Wind Farm, Kealkill Village, Knockanuha, Knockbrack South, Lough Atooreen N, Lough Nambrackderg North, Lough Nambrackderg Wood, Lough Nambreacdearg, Mealagh Bridge, Molly Gallivan's Visitor Centre, Nowen Hill West Road, Owvane River Bridge, Pookeen North Top Road, Pooleen Wood Car Park, Priests Leap, Reenroe Bridge, River Roughty, Shandrum Concrete Silo, Sillahertane Stream, Slaheny River Horseshoe, Top of Coom, Turner's Rock Tunnel

Summits & other features in area West Cork Mountains:
Cen: Maughanaclea: Maughanaclea Hills East Top 470m, Maughanaclea Hills West Top 452m
Cen: Shehy More: Shehy More 545.6m, Shehy More SW Top 446m
E: Clearagh: Clearagh Hill 287m
E: Currane: Currane Hill 228m
N Cen: Douce: Douce Mountain 476m, Doughill Mountain 471m
N: Carran: Barnastooka 497m, Bealick 537m, Carran 604m, Carran Far NE Top 561m, Carran Far North Top 506m, Carran NE Top 555m, Carran South Top 567m, Knockantooreen 450m
N: Conigar: Conigar 566m, Conigar SW Top 566m, Foilastookeen 540m
N: Coomataggart: Carrigalougha 423m, Coomataggart 530m, Coomataggart SW Top 509m, Derrineanig 304m, Lackabaun 472m, Mweelin 487m
NE Cen: Carrigarierk: Carrigarierk 343m
NW: Barraboy: Barraboy Mountain 460m, Barraboy Mountain Far East Top 456m, Barraboy Mountain SE Top 409m, Derroograne 468m, Turners Rock 420m
NW: Knockboy: Caoinkeen 692.8m, Caoinkeen South-East Top 553.5m, Coomhola Mountain 472m, Knockboy 704.8m, Knockboy North Top 651.2m, Knockboy South Top 533.3m, The Priest's Leap 519m
NW: Knocknamanagh: Bird Hill 412m, Coomclogherane Top 449m, Gullaba Hill 603m, Knockbrack 440m, Knockbrack South Top 458m, Knocknamanagh 637m, Knocknamanagh NE Top 625m
S Cen: Dunmanway Hills: Cashloura 296.8m, Coolsnaghtig 295.8m, Inchanadreen 310m
S Cen: Nowen: Milane Hill 354.4m, Mullaghmesha 494.3m, Nowen Hill 535.2m, Nowen Hill Far West Top 405.2m, Nowen Hill SW Top 509m, Pookeen North Top 319m
S: Leap Hills: Carrigfadda 311.7m, Killeigh Hill 229m, Knockarudane Hill 169m, Knockscagh 195m
S: Skibbereen: Barryroe Hill 156m, Lick Hill 158m
W Cen: Knockbreteen: Knockbreteen 239m
W: Bantry: Knocknaveagh 282m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Conigar SW Top, 566m Mountain
Place Rating ..
, Cork County in Munster province, in Arderin Beg Lists, Conigar SW Top is the 376th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference W05971 62908, OS 1:50k mapsheet 85
Place visited by: 30 members, recently by: mountainmike, DeirdreM, learykid, Grumbler, CusackMargaret, johncusack, a3642278, annem, simoburn, Wilderness, Ulsterpooka, John.geary, Colin Murphy, madfrankie, dodser
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Longitude: -9.364098, Latitude: 51.811089, Easting: 105971, Northing: 62908, Prominence: 19m,  Isolation: 1.2km
ITM: 505941 562972

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: CngrSW, 10 char: CngrSWTp

Gallery for Conigar SW Top and surrounds
Summary for Conigar SW Top : Approach from SW.
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2022-05-31 18:20:40
   picture about Conigar SW Top
Picture: The mountain from the SW.
One approach is from Gougane Barra, taking in Foilastookeen and Conigar itself. An alternative is to approach from the SW, parking at A (W04035 60935), just north of a religious grotto. Walk up the road (north) about 400m and you will see a track up through farmland on the right at B (W04203 61392). As this is a farm track, you may need to ask permission if there is anyone about. After about 200m go over a gate on the left onto a slightly rougher track , which continues for about 0.5km. Leave it anywhere suitable and continue NE up the spine of the mountain. The terrain is a little rough in places but generally passable - grass and some heather. Continue ascending NNE for about 2 km to reach the summit, which is just a slightly raised mound of earth and rock.
Member Comments for Conigar SW Top

   picture about Conigar SW Top
View from the summit.
by hivisibility 28 Jul 2020
Summit area of Conigar SW Top looking towards Bantry Bay and Whiddy Island. Linkback:
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   picture about Conigar SW Top
Unremarkable summit with nice views of the Borlin Valley
by ilenia 30 Dec 2020
Low level hike after Storm Bella. Still very windy with hail and sleet showers throughout the day. 
Parked in Kealkill at Cg'ass Cas (W04820 56498) and headed north past Carriganass Castle and Lough Atooreen and then up the Kilgarvan road in the Borlin Valley. For a shorter walk you can drive up instead. 
I left the main road at C (W04866 62461), a 2 hour walk from Kealkill, to head across the open hillside. I reached the summit after an hour but it would take much less in nicer weather. I followed the fence most of the way up and handrailed it on the way down when the ground was too slippy. The ground is boggy which is pretty common in this area and the summit is unmarked.
I had tried to get here from Gougane Barra back in October but the ground was waterlogged and I stuck to the Beara Way instead. Nice to end an awful year by visiting my last Arderin Beg. Linkback:
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   picture about Conigar SW Top
Picture: The lough just NE of the summit.
Spring wildflowers abloom...
by Colin Murphy 31 May 2022
The hills in the area were carpeted with a multitude of spring wildflowers, including furze, marsh clover, heather, colourful mosses and veritable football pitch sized spreads of bog cotton. Linkback:
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