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Ox Mountains Area , N: Knockalongy Subarea
Feature count in area: 18, by county: Sligo: 17, Mayo: 1, OSI/LPS Maps: 16, 24, 25, 31, 32, 33
Highest Place: Knockalongy 544m

Starting Places (13) in area Ox Mountains:
Belra, Glen Wood, Glenwood CP, Kingsmountain Wind Farm, Knockalongy, Largan Hill, Lough Achree, Lough Easkey, Masshill School, Queen Maeve's Grave, Rathcarrick Wood, Slishwood CP, Union Woods CP

Summits & other features in area Ox Mountains:
Cen: Annatoran: Annatoran 512m, Cloonacool 440m, Meenamaddo 330m, Sruffaungarve Top 400m
Cen: Talt: Knocknasliggaun 417m, Largan Hill 413m, Larganmore 276m
Cen: Tobercurry: Knocknashee 276m, Mucklety Hill 217m
N: Knockalongy: Cloonagh 349m, Knockalongy 544m, Knockalongy North-East Top 541m, Knockalongy South-West Top 521m
N: Sligo Hills: Doomore 272m, Killerry Mountain 293m, Knocknarea 327m, Slieve Daeane 275m, Slieveward 199m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Knockalongy South-West Top, 521m Mountain Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas) A name in Irish,
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For origin of name, see Knocknalongy. Knockacappul an extra name in English, Sligo County in Connacht province, in Arderin Beg Lists, Knockalongy South-West Top is the third highest mountain in the Ox Mountains area and the 504th highest in Ireland.
Grid Reference G49564 26957, OS 1:50k mapsheet 25
Place visited by: 33 members, recently by: Carolineswalsh, Grumbler, srr45, annem, oreills8, Wilderness, Colin Murphy, Geo, Ulsterpooka, david bourke, eflanaga, ilenia, Bernieor, madfrankie, Fergalh
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Longitude: -8.773423, Latitude: 54.189114, Easting: 149564, Northing: 326957, Prominence: 23m,  Isolation: 1km
ITM: 549521 826962
Bedrock type: Semi-pelitic, minor psammitic, schist, (Carrick OHara Formation)
Notes on name: Knockacappul is the name of a townland on the SE side of this peak, whose name is from Ir. Cnoc an Chapaill, 'hill of the horse'. The name may well originally refer to this peak.
  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: Knc521, 10 char: KncklnSthW

Gallery for Knockalongy South-West Top (Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)) and surrounds
Summary for Knockalongy South-West Top (Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)): Approach from the south.
Summary created by Colin Murphy 2022-04-28 13:36:16
   picture about Knockalongy South-West Top (<em>Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: The summit area is marked by peat hags.
Usually done in conjunction with Knockalongy, but if doing this in isolation the best approach is probably from the forestry roads to the south. There is a drivable forest track (with no barrier to worry about) that will allow you to reach a fork at A (G51868 25303), where there is room for a couple of cars. Take the track to the right (this is also drivable as far as B (G49827 25767) if you're so inclined). Continue on up the track to C (G50194 25975) and then locate a spot on the left to access the trees. Continue up through the mature trees (easily navigable) in a NW direction for about 50m to emerge on open hillside. Initially it is firm and grassy underfoot, but as you ascend you'll encounter large areas of peat hags, which make progress more difficult. Continue NW for 1km to reach the summit, which is just a broad area of peat hags. What appears to be the tallest of these has been marked with a small collection of rocks. Views are limited.
Member Comments for Knockalongy South-West Top (Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas))

   picture about Knockalongy South-West Top (<em>Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Summit Area with Knockalongy in background.
Peaty Summit..
by sandman 28 Sep 2015
Parking beside the forest barrier located at D (G52017 25305) will allow you access following the forest tract to the right continuing uphill to C (G50194 25975) turn left and an easy walk thru the trees will bring you to open hillside directly in line with the summit. I now continued over to the main summit of Knockalongy with its trig and onward to the non distinct summit of Knockalongy N E Top . Linkback:
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   picture about Knockalongy South-West Top (<em>Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Dial before you dig
There's energy around this summit
by Geo 13 Oct 2021
Third summit of my round of track no 3323.
Nothing to report as the top is a "pays ya money, and takes ya choice" type of peat hag festooned lump that needs a GPS to find.
Great fun on the western col as you head for the badlands of the Annatoran massif where you are warned to keep your spade to yourself or risk having a bit of a frazzle with a 20kv powerline! Linkback:
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   picture about Knockalongy South-West Top (<em>Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Go with the flow
Bag it, forget it.
by Colin Murphy 28 Apr 2022
I'd rank this summit as among the worst Arderin Begs in Ireland (Mullaghdoo in the Sperrins also comes to mind) in that it is a seemingly interminable trudge through peat hags with little scenic merit and a barely discernible summit. I did it on a beautiful day, so I can only imagine the misery of doing it in poor conditions. The only consolation I found was that the approach along the long forest road to the south was enjoyable as it runs right next to a tributary of the Owenboy River. Other than that, this one if purely a bagging exercise. Linkback:
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Beware of the barrier
by madfrankie 23 Apr 2019
We followed sandman's route to the summit which is probably the best way to explore Knockalongy and its satellites. Gentle gradients but many eroded peat hags. Worth noting that the forest barrier was open when we arrived, but closed when we returned to our cars (thankfully parked on the right side!), so probably best to drive no further than this point. Linkback:
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   picture about Knockalongy South-West Top (<em>Cnoc na Loinge (mullach thiar theas)</em>)
Picture: Knockalongy SW Top's broad eroded summit
Choose your highest point
by madfrankie 23 Apr 2019
Whichever turfy outcrop is the highest point now may not be in 10 years time. Linkback:
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