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Derrynasaggart Area , N: Caherbarnagh Subarea
Feature count in area: 24, by county: Kerry: 12, Cork: 14, of which 2 are in both Cork and Kerry, OSI/LPS Maps: 79
Highest Place: The Paps East 694m

Starting Places (28) in area Derrynasaggart:
Carrigallisy, Clonee, Dromiscane Castle, Fuhiry Wood, Garrane Bridge, Garries Bridge, Glannafreaghaun Lough N, Glannafreaghaun Lough S1, Glannafreaghaun Lough S2, Gortavehy Lough, Grousemount Wind Farm, Inchamore Woods N, Inchamore Woods W, Kippagh Lough, Knocknabro Wood, Knockullane, Liam Hegarty Monument, Loo River Junction, Lough Murtagh, Millstreet, Mullaghanish Transmitter Gate, Old Rail Level Crossing, Paps Walk S, River Roughty, Rossacroo na Loo Forest, Sillahertane Stream, The Mills Inn, Top of Coom

Summits & other features in area Derrynasaggart:
Cen: Knocknabro: Knocknabro East Top 530m, Knocknabro NE Top 535m, Knocknabro West Top 592m, Knocknagowan 574m
N: Caherbarnagh: Caherbarnagh 681m, Caherbarnagh East Top 549m, Caherbarnagh NW Top 668m, Claragh Mountain 452m, Curracahill 478m
SE: Mullaghanish: Ballyvouskill 401m, Knockacommeen 426m, Knockullane 462m, Knockullane East Top 408m, Mullaghanish 649m, Mullaghanish North-East Top 586.4m, Mullaghanish Far North-East Top 558.5m
SW: Coomagearlahy: Knockbwee 461m, Cummeenboy 442m, Coomagearlahy 506m, Coomagearlahy West Top 462m, Dereenaculling 303m
W: The Paps: Coolcurtoga 425m, The Paps East 694m, The Paps West 690m

Note: this list of places may include island features such as summits, but not islands as such.
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Caherbarnagh East Top, 549m Mountain An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir) A name in Irish,
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Stoukeen an extra name in English, Cork County in Munster province, in Arderin Beg Lists, Caherbarnagh East Top is the 425th highest place in Ireland.
Grid Reference W21084 87522, OS 1:50k mapsheet 79
Place visited by: 49 members, recently by: farmerjoe1, garrettd, DeirdreM, abcd, Sweeney, Ulsterpooka, Grumbler, farmerjoe, johncusack, a3642278, annem, Musheraman, dodser, Colin Murphy, madfrankie
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Longitude: -9.150662, Latitude: 52.03459, Easting: 121084, Northing: 87522, Prominence: 16m,  Isolation: 1.8km
ITM: 521051 587580
Bedrock type: Green-grey sandstone & purple siltstone, (Gun Point Formation)

  Short or GPS IDs, 6 char: ChrbEs, 10 char: ChrbrnEstT

Gallery for Caherbarnagh East Top (An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)) and surrounds
Summary for Caherbarnagh East Top (An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)): A Hidden Gem Discovered
Summary created by simon3, CaminoPat 2018-06-19 19:25:56
Park off road next to gate at the saddle between Claragh Mountain and Curracahill L Kippa (W23626 87990). There's room for 3-4 cars to park safely. Climb gate and follow rough stone track keeping forest to your right. Gradual uphill climb until you come to an electric fence in open bog land at A (W22807 87047). Turn left at fence and continue following the old stone/grass track which eventually runs out at B (W22522 86841). Below the road you should have a fine view out over Kippagh Lough. From the end of the track to the summit the walk is across open bog land covered in coarse grass and heather. The best and safest route to the summit is a line midway between a series of wind turbines on your left hand side and a post and wire fence on your right hand side which runs all the way in a north westerly direction to the summit. On a windy day stay a safe distance from the post and wire fence as steep cliffs to the north await the unsuspecting trekker. No obvious marker for the summit point.

After taking in the magnificent views from the summit across into the Blackwater River (An Abhainn Mhór) Valley, retrace steps to car park. The round trip takes 2-3 hours depending on level of fitness.
Member Comments for Caherbarnagh East Top (An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir))

   picture about Caherbarnagh East Top (<em>An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)</em>)
Starting point and use of Duhallow way marked trail
by Ulsterpooka 31 Jul 2023
Today I went to walk Caherbarnagh East Top. I parked at L GrtVehy (W206 889) and seen a "No Entry" sign. I went to the adjacent house and asked for permission to enter but was politely refused. I then went to grid reference L Murta (W19255 89215) this allowed me access on the right hand side of a house to the Duhallow way and was sign posted from the road. Once I crossed a few electric fences and went through a gate over a stile. I then walked the Duhallow way veering off and up to the 620 metre approx spot height on Caherbarnagh. This allowed me to hike to Caherbarnagh East Top. Once I done this I headed down the zig-zag track to the right and slightly below the summit. This let me rejoin the Duhallow way which completed a circular hike back to the motor which I parked tight in out of harms way so as not to cause an obstruction. The day was wet and windy with poor views. Only on reaching the bottom of the zig zag track did I see fleeting views. Linkback:
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   picture about Caherbarnagh East Top (<em>An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: Trekking to Caherbarnagh
Dull summit, good views
by Colin Murphy 17 Oct 2023
The summit is totally unremarkable and without the aid of a GPS the actual high point would be hard to define. The best thing about this mountain is the view of Caherbarnagh and if you walk about 300m NWW there is a great view overlooking Gartavehy Lough at the bottom of the steep valley that runs to the NW. Linkback:
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   picture about Caherbarnagh East Top (<em>An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: The views over the cliffs and Lough Gortavehy from just below the summit.
A worthwhile addition.
by David-Guenot 17 Apr 2019
This summit is easily reached from the main Caherbarnagh ridge and seems easy enough to get to from Curracahill as well. If coming from Caherbarnagh, best is to cross the fence just before the col as to avoid the wet ground, staying as close to the fence as possible though because of the sheer drop to your left. As you start ascending, take the time to turn back and enjoy the views over Lough Gortavehy and the cliffs E of Stoukeen. The summit itself is unremarkable and lies somewhere along the fence. Linkback:
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   picture about Caherbarnagh East Top (<em>An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: Looking down at Caherbarnagh E Top on the way down from the main ridge.
An easy stroll from Caherbarnagh.
by David-Guenot 17 Apr 2019
There is a gate to cross when coming down from the cairn at the NE end of the main Caherbarnagh ridge (I found it was actually easier to cross the fence just right of the gate). There is a faint track following the fence which makes the going really easy. Cross the fence again just before the col as to avoid the wet patches to the right, minding the sheer drop to your left. Linkback:
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   picture about Caherbarnagh East Top (<em>An Chathair Bhearnach (mullach thoir)</em>)
Picture: The unremarkable top.
An unremarkable summit, worth the visit for the views.
by David-Guenot 17 Apr 2019
The summit is unremarkable though easy to spot as it lies along the fence. Linkback:
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